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-====== Amber Campaign ====== 
-The Amber Campaign is a trilogy of stories: 
-**Under the Darkening Moon** - Game Years 1 - 4 
-//Beginning with the kidnapping of Princess Caledonia Wolfsbane and ending with the disappearance of the Empress Caledonia, the death of Emperor Rohan III (aka King of World incarnate) and the crumbling of the Throne Empire.// 
-**In the Light of a Pale Sun** - Game Years 5 - ? 
-//Beginning with Wolfsbane and the Throne Empire in turmoil...//​ 
-**Filling the Empty Sky** - Game Years ? - ? 
-[[Amber Time & Space]] 
-[[Grimmsveldt Staff]] 
-**[[The Henchpeople of Grimmsveldt]]** 
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