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 |**Color:​**|Red| |**Color:​**|Red|
 |**Feast Day:​**|Tenth Day of each season| |**Feast Day:​**|Tenth Day of each season|
-|**Temples:​*8|Usually temporary tents located near festivals and gypsy encampments|+|**Temples:​**|Usually temporary tents located near festivals and gypsy encampments|
 |**Followers:​**|Gypsies and entertainers| |**Followers:​**|Gypsies and entertainers|
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 |**Color:​**|None| |**Color:​**|None|
 |**Feast Day:​**|None| |**Feast Day:​**|None|
 |**Followers**|anarchists everywhere| |**Followers**|anarchists everywhere|
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