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 +Directions using Text
 +Take 35 North toward Duluth, exit at Hwy. 8 going East.
 +Follow that the whole way. It jogs around a bit after Barron, but as long as you stay on Hwy 8 East, you are good to go. 
 +In Cameron you will take a right turn at the light to stay on 8 East. From there, it's 13.2 miles to Cranberry Lake road on your left. That's where you leave 8 East. 
 +Left on Cranberry lake road takes you 4-way stop/​crossroads. Take a left at the crossroads. Follow that road until you see a lake on your left. That's Bass Lake. Take the small dirt road right behind the Bass Lake Inn into the woods and the Filipczak sign should be about 6 houses in, on the left. 
 +If you hit Weyerhauser,​ you've gone about 3 miles too far. Ask directions there to Bass Lake. 
 +[[http://​tinyurl.com/​6q3ujk|see also...]]
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