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-SubjectThree Drunk Women +http://www.overheardintheoffice.com/
- +
-  +
- +
-Three women have a very late night drinkingThey leave in  +
-the early morning hours and go home their separate waysThe  +
-next day, they all meet and compare notes about who was drunkest the  +
-night before. +
- +
-The first girl claims that she was the drunkest, saying,  +
-"I drove straight home and walked into the house. As soon as I got  +
-through the door, I blew chunks for 10 minutes."​ +
- +
-The second says, "You think that was drunk? Hell, I got  +
-into my car and wrapped it around the first tree I saw. I don't even  +
-have insurance!"​ +
- +
-The third says, "No, I was the drunkest by far. When I got  +
-home, I got into a big fight with my husband, knocked over a  +
-candle, and burned the whole house down!"​ +
- +
-She begins to cry. The room falls silent. Finally, the  +
-first girl speaks up: "I don't think you understand... Chunks is my  dog!"​ +
 +worth checking from time to time to confirm that the world is populated mostly by idiots. ​
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