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 ====== PlayGround ====== ====== PlayGround ======
-**Date:** unknown 
-**Location:​** unknown 
-**GM:** For a moment, everything was dark, then it was light again. A storm is whirling around you. Not a normal storm, but an elemental storm. Your exposed flesh feels hot and cold at the same time. The air is popping with static electricity. Around you an army of elemental ghouls are transforming into one great storm. They appear to be ignoring the two of you as they roll towards a large gray castle upon a nearby ridge. The vanguard of the storm has already reached the outer walls of the castle. With a sound that is best described as live cats being gutted, the vanguard is being deflected from off the walls. In the middle of the storm, the shadowy shape of a giant is marching forward. Swirling about his feet are fragments of the Shadowbox. As a lightning elemental flashes, you check sight of shiny black disk laying upon the whitish sand. 
-If you have //Power Perception//​ roll it. Actions? 
-Tholis & Field - //Power Perception//​ roll 
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