Mentalism Spells


Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Anticipate Missle*1 missle 100'U
2Anticipate Blow*1 attack 10'U
3Guess*caster selfI
4Anticipate Spell*1 spell 10'I
5Intuitions Icaster selfI
6Anticipate Hostility10'R 10'I
8Dream IcastersleepselfI
9Room Feel I1'R/lvlvaries100'I
10Anticipations*caster 100'Fm
11Intuitions IIcaster selfI
12Room Feel II1'R/lvlvaries100'I
13Anticipate hostility True10'R/lvl (C)1 min/lvl (C)10'/lvlI
14Dream IIcastersleepselfI
15Spell Anticipation*caster 100'Fm
16Room Feel IIIcastervaries100'I
17Dream IIIcastersleepselfI
19Room Feel Truecastervaries100'I
20Intuitions Truecaster selfFm
25Anticipations True*caster 100'Fm
30Dream VcastersleepselfI
50Spell Anticipation True*caster 100'I
Attack Avoidance
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Turn missle*1 missle selfU
2Turn Blade*1 attack selfU
3Shield*caster/front selfU
5Deflect I*1 missle selfU
6Bladeturn I*1 attack selfU
8Aim Untrue I*1 missle selfU
10Still Air*1R/lvl1 min/lvlselfU
11Deflect II*2 missles selfU
13Spell Deflect I*1 spell selfU
15Bladeturn II*2 attacks selfU
18Deflect III*3 missles selfU
20Spell Deflect II*2 spells selfU
25Bladeturn III*3 attacks selfU
30Spell Deflect III*3 missles selfU
50Deflect True*3 attacks selfU
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Projected Light50' beam10 min/lvlselfE
2Glowcaster1 min/lvlselfE
3Light I10'R10 min/lvltouchE
4Self Auracaster10 min/lvlselfU
5Light Eruption10'R 100'F
6Shock Bolt1 target 100'DE
7Darkness I10'R10 min/lvltouchE
8True Auracaster10 min/lvlselfU
10Light V50'R10 min/lvltouchE
11Darkness V50'R10 min/lvltouchE
13Hue1000 cu'10 min/lvltouchU
15Beacon5 mi RCselfE
16Greater Darkness100'R/lvl10 min/lvltouchE
18Utterlight100'R1 min/lvltouchE
19Utterdark100'R1 min/lvltouchE
20Sunfires1 pointC500'E
25Sunfires True1 pointC500'E
30Hand of Fire1 point1 rnd/lvl6DE
50Hand of Fire True1 pointC6DE
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Blur*caster1 min/lvlselfU
2Shadowcaster10 min/lvlselfU
3Unseen1 object24 hourstouchU
4Cloaking I1 target1 min/lvl (C)10'/lvlFm
5Facades Icaster1 hr/lvlselfE
6Cloaking III3 targets1 min/lvl (C)10'/lvlFm
7Cloaking Sphere I10'RCselfFm
8Cloaking V5 targets1 min/lvl (C)10'/lvlFm
9Cloaking Sphere II20'RCselfFm
10Shadow Mentalist Ivaries1 min/lvl100'F
11Facades IIcaster1 hr/lvlselfF
12Cloaking X10 targets1 min/lvl (C)10'/lvlFm
13Cloaking Sphere III30'RCselfFm
14Displacement Icaster1 min/lvlselfF
15Camouflagecaster10 min/lvlselfF
16Cloaking XX20 targets1 min/lvl (C)10'/lvlFm
18Cloaking Sphere Vcaster1 min/lvlselfF
19Cloaking Sphere V50'RCselfFm
20Shadow Mentalist II 1 min/lvl100'F
25Displacement IIIcaster1 min/lvlselfF
30Camouflage Truecaster10 min/lvlselfF
50True Cloaking1 target/lvl1 min/lvl (C)variesFm
Damage Resistance
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Heat Resistance*caster1 min/lvlselfU
2Cold Resistance*caster1 min/lvlselfU
5Unpain I*caster1 min/lvlselfUs
6Stun Relief*caster selfUs
7Resist Poison I*casterCselfUs
10Unpain II*caster1 min/lvlselfU
11Stun Relief III*caster selfUs
12Neutralize Poison*castervariesselfUs
14Awake*caster selfUs
15Unpain III*caster1 min/lvlselfU
17Heat Resistance True*caster1 min/lvlselfU
18Cold Resistance True*caster1 min/lvlselfU
20Unpain IV*caster1 min/lvlselfU
25Neutralize Poison True*castervariesselfUs
30Awake True*caster selfUs
50Unpain True*caster1 min/lvlselfU
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Item Feel1 object touchI
2Detect Powervaries1 min/lvl (C)touchI
3Origins1 object touchI
5Detect Curse1 object touchI
6Power Lore1 object touchI
7Rock Lore1 rock touchI
8Item Vision1 objectvariestouchI
10Delving1 object touchI
11Past Vision IvariesvariestouchI
13Item Lore1 object touchI
15Death's MemoryvariesvariestouchI
17Past Hold1 spellvariesselfI
19Item Analysis1 object 6I
20Past Vision IIvariesvariestouchI
25Past Vision IIIvariesvariestouchI
30Past Vision IVvariesvariestouchI
50Past Vision TruecastervariestouchI
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Detect 5'R1 min/lvl (C)50'P
2Detect Essence5'R1 min/lvl (C)50'P
3Detect Channeling5'R1 min/lvl (C)50'P
4Detect Emotion5'R1 min/lvl (C)50'P
5Detect Invisible5'R1 min/lvl (C)50'P
6Detect Evil5'R1 min/lvl (C)50'P
7Detect Traps5'R1 min/lvl (C)50'P
8Perceive Power I5'R1 min/lvl (C)50'P
10Power Typing5'R1 min/lvl (C)50'P
11Perceive Power II10'R1 min/lvl (C)100'P
13See Invisible5'R1 min/lvl (C)50'P
15Detect Spell5'R1 min/lvl (C)50'P
16Perceive Power III50'R1 min/lvl (C)500'P
18Spell Typing5'R1 min/lvl (C)50'P
20Perceive Power True300'R1 min/lvl (C)1 mileP
25Locationcaster 500'P
30Detect True5'R1 min/lvl (C)50'P
50Awarenessvaries1 min/lvl (C)50'P
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Bending1000 cu'10 min/lvl100'E
3Light/Sound Mirage10'R1 min/lvl50'E
5Illusion II10'R1 min/lvl50'E
6Phantasm I10'R1 min/lvl (C)100'E
7Light Galmour1 object1 day/lvl50'E
8Illusion III10'R1 min/lvl50'E
10Waiting Illusion I10'Rvaries50'E
11Illusion IV10'R1 min/lvl50'E
12Phantasm II10'R1 min/lvl (C)100'E
14Waiting Illusion II10'Rvaries50'E
15Illusion V10'R1 min/lvl50'E
17Phantasm III10'R1 min/lvl (C)100'E
19Waiting Illusion III10'Rvaries50'E
20Illusion VII10'R1 min/lvl50'E
25Waiting Illusion V10'Rvaries50'E
30Illusion X10'R1 min/lvl50'E
50Phantasm V10'R1 min/lvl (C)100'E
Self Healing
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
2Clot I*castervariesselfUs
4Clot III*castervariesselfUs
5Pain Relief I*casterCselfUs
6Fracture RepaircastervariesselfU
7Cut Repair I*caster selfU
8Muscle/Tendon Repair*castervariesselfU
10Minor Nerve RepaircastervariesselfU
11Eye/Ear RepaircastervariesselfU
12Vein/Artery Repair*castervariesselfU
13Pain Relief II*casterCselfUs
15Self Keeping*castervariesselfUs
17Self Joining*castervariesselfUs
20Pain Relief True*casterCselfUs
25Limb RegenerationcastervariesselfU
30Organ RegenerationcastervariesselfUs
50Regeneration TruecastervariesselfUs
Spell Resistance
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Protection Icaster1 min/lvlselfU
2Cancel 1 spellCselfF
4Cancel Essence1 spellCselfF
5Protection IIcaster1 min/lvlselfU
6Cancel Channeling1 spellCselfF
8Mind ShieldcasterCselfU
10Essence ShieldcasterCselfU
11Protection IIIcaster1 min/lvlselfU
13Channeling ShieldcasterCselfU
15Spell Shield IIcasterCselfU
17Protection Vcaster1 min/lvlselfU
19Spell Shield TruecasterCselfU
20Mentalism ResistancecasterCselfU
25Essence ResistancecasterCselfU
30Channeling ResistancecasterCselfU
50Resistance TruecasterCselfU


Gas Manipulation
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Condensation1 cu' waterPtouchE
2Warm Air1 cu'/lvl24 hourstouchF
3Fog I10'R1 min/lvl100'E
5Air Stop I10'RCtouchF
6Vacuum I5'R 100'F
7Fog V50'R1 min/lvl100'E
8Unfog V50'RP100'F
9Curved Airwall10'x20'x3'C10'E
10Airwall True10'x10'x3'1 min/lvl10'E
11Fog X100'R1 min/lvl100'E
12Air Stop V50'RCtouchF
13Unfog X100'RP100'F
14Vacuum II10'R 100'F
17Whriling Winds10'RCtouchE
18Vauum IV20'R 100'F
25Fog True100'/lvl1 hr/lvl100'E
30Unfog True100'/lvlP100'F
50Cloud Mastery1000'R/lvlCselfF
Liquid Manipulation
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Boil Water1 cu'/lvlP2'F
2Freeze Water1 cu'/lvlP2'F
3Clear Water1 cu'/lvlP2'F
5Desalination1 cu'/lvlP2'F
7Evaporation1 cu'/lvlP2'E
8Water Corridor I100'x3'x10'C10'F
9Water Bolt1 target 100'DE
10Curved Waterwall10'x20'x1'CtouchE
11Calm Water100'RC10'F
13Waterwall True10'x10'x1'1 min/lvl10'E
15Water Corridor III300'x4'x50'C10'F
17Whirlpool20'R (200'R)C300'F
18Wave(1'x10')/lvl 100'F
19Water Bubble10'RCselfE
20Calm water True100'R/lvlC10'F
25Water Corridor True100'/lvlx6'x100'C10'E
30Water Bubble True20'RCselfE
50Water Masteryvaries1 rnd/lvl10'/lvlU
Mind Mastery
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Storing1 spellvariesselfU
2Presence* •20'RCselfU
3Inner Wall Icaster1 min.lvlselfU
6Misfeel Kind •casterCselfU
7Observationcaster1 roundselfU
8Inner Wall IIcaster1 min/lvlselfU
9Misfeel Calling •casterCselfU
11Misfeel Power •casterCselfU
13Inner Wall IIIcaster1 min/lvlselfU
15Unpresence •casterCselfU
16Inner Wall Vcaster1 min/lvlselfU
17Total RecallcastervariesselfU
18Misfeel •casterCselfU
19Inner Wall Truecaster1 min/lvlselfU
20Observation TruecastervariesselfU
25Correlation TruecastervariesselfU
30Resolve TruecastervariesselfU
Mind's Door
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
2Leave Item I1 object-50'U
4Long Door Item I1 object-10'U
5Leaving Icaster-selfU
6Leave Item III1 object-50'U
7Long Door Item V1 object-50'U
8Leaving IIIcaster-selfU
9Leave Item V1 object-50'U
10Minor Long Doorcaster-selfU
11Leaving Vcaster-selfU
12Long Door Icaster-selfU
13Long Door Item X1 object-100'U
15Lord Leavingcaster-selfU
16Long Door IIIcaster-selfU
18Long Door Vcaster-selfU
20Mind's Door Icaster-variesU
25Leaving Truecaster-selfU
30Mind's Door IIcaster-variesU
50Mind's Door Truecaster-variesU
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Leaping*caster1 ndselfU
3Levitation Icaster1 min/lvlselfU
4Wind Driftcaster1 min/lvlselfU
5Underwater Movementcaster10 min/lvlselfU
6Fly Icaster1 min/lvlselfU
7Levitation Vcaster1 min/lvlselfU
8Long Dive*caster-selfU
10Mergingcaster10 min/lvlselfU
11Fly IIcaster1 min/lvlselfU
12Landing True*caster-selfU
13Levitation XXcaster1 min/lvlselfU
14Passingcaster1 min/lvlselfU
15Fly IIIcaster1 min/lvlselfU
17Great Mergecaster10 min/lvlselfU
20Merge Truecaster10 min/lvlselfU
25Fly IVcaster1 min/lvlselfU
30Passing Truecaster1 min/lvlselfU
50Master of Movementcaster1 min/lvlselfU
Sense Mastery
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Sly Earscaster10 min/lvlselfU
2Nightvisioncaster10 min/lvlselfU
3Sidevisioncaster10 min/lvlselfU
4Detect Illusion5'R-100'U
5Watervisioncaster10 min/lvlselfU
6Scentcaster10 min/lvlselfU
7Fogvisioncaster10 min/lvlselfU
8Touchcaster10 min/lvlselfU
9Darkvisioncaster10 min/lvlselfU
10Mentalist Earcaster1 min/lvl (C)100'/lvlU
11Mentalist Eyecaster1 min/lvl (C)100'/lvlU
12Disillusion100'R1 min/lvlselfU
13Detect Illusion True5'R1 min/lvl (C)100'U
14Visioncaster10 min/lvlselfU
15Nightvision Truecaster10 min/lvlselfU
17Disillusion True100'R1 min/lvlselfU
18Watervision Truecaster10 min/lvlselfU
19Fogvision Truecaster10 min/lvlselfU
20Vision Truecaster10 min/lvlselfU
25Mentalist Ear Truecaster1 min/lvl (C)1 mile/lvlU
30Mentalist Eye Truecaster1 min/lvl (C)1 mile/lvlU
50Sensory MergecasterCunlimitedFm
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
3Face Shiftingcaster10 min/lvlselfU
5Waterlungscaster1 min/lvlselfU
7Change to Kindcaster10 min/lvlselfU
8Gaslungscaster1 min/lvlselfU
10Greater Face Shiftingcaster1 hr/lvlselfU
11Changing Lungscaster1 min/lvlselfU
13Changecaster10 min/lvlselfU
15Solid Formcaster1 min/lvlselfU
18Shapechangingcaster10 min/lvlselfU
20Waterformcaster1 min/lvlselfU
25Mistformcaster1 min/lvlselfU
30Form Mastercaster1 min/lvlselfU
50Change Mastercaster1 min/lvlselfU
Solid Manipulation
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Warm Stone1 cu'/lvl24 hrstouchF
2Warm Metal6 cu/lvl24 hrstouchF
3Warm Solid1 cu'/lvl24 hrstouchF
4Heat Stone1 cu'/lvl1 min/lvltouchF
5Heat Metal6 cu/lvl1 min/lvltouchF
6Heat Solid1 cu'/lvl1 min/lvltouchF
7Cool Solid1 cu'/lvl24 hrstouchF
9Chill Solid1 cu'/lvl1 min/lvltouchF
10Cracks Call10'x10'x10'-100'F
11Melt Solid1 cu'/lvl1 min/lvltouchF
14Bowbreak1' dia wood-100'F
15Stone Door3'x6'x1'PtouchF
16Metal Door3'x6'x1'PtouchF
17Bladebreak3 dia metal-100'F
18Lockbreak1 lockPtouchF
19Solid DoorvariesPtouchF
20Mold Stone1 cu'PtouchF
25Mold Metal1 cu'PtouchF
30Mold Solid1 cu'PtouchF
50Solid Manipulation1 ozPtouchF
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Run*caster10 min/lvlselfU
2Speed Readingcaster10 min/lvlselfU
3Speed I*castervariesselfU
5Speed II*caster2 rndselfU
6Haste I*caster1 rndselfU
7Speed III*caster3 rndselfU
8Sprint*caster10 min/lvlselfU
9Haste II*caster2 rndselfU
10Fast Swim*caster10 min/lvlselfU
11Speed V*caster5 rndselfU
12Haste III*caster3 rndselfU
15Haste V*caster5 rndselfU
17Fast Sprint*caster10 min/lvlselfU
20Speed X*caster10 rndselfU
25Haste X*caster10 rndselfU
30Speed True*casterspecialselfU
50Haste True*casterspecialselfU
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Telekinesis I1 lb1 min/lvl (C)100'F
2Staying II5 lbs1 min/lvl100'F
3Telekinesis II5 lbs1 min/lvl (C)100'F
4Staying III25 lbs1 min/lvl100'F
5Greater Staying IIvaries1 min/lvlvariesF
6Greater Telekinesis IIvaries1 min/lvl (C)variesF
7Telekinesis III25 lbs1 min/lvl (C)100'F
8Staying IV50 lbs1 min/lvl100'F
9Telekinesis IV50 lbs1 min/lvl (C)100'F
10Hurling I1 lb-10'E
11Staying V100 lbs1 min/lvl100'F
12Telekinesis V100 lbs1 min/lvl (C)100'F
13Hurling II5 lbs-10'E
14Staying VI200 lbs1 min/lvl100'F
15Greater Staying IIIvaries1 min/lvlvariesF
16Greater Telekinesis IIIvaries1 min/lvl (C)variesF
17Telekinesis VI200 lbs1 min/lvl (C)100'F
18Hurling III25 lbs 10'E
19Staying True20 lbs/lvl1 min/lvl300'F
20Telekinesis True20 lbs/lvl1 min/lvl (C)300'F
25Greater Hurling IIIvaries-variesE
30Hurling IV50 lbs-10'E
50Telekinesis Masteryvaries1 rnd/lvl300'U

Metalist Base

Mind Attack
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Jolts I1 target1 rnd/10 fail100'Fm
2Hesitation1 target1 rnd/10 fail100'Fm
3Minor Pain1 target-100'Fm
4Shock A1 target-100'Fm
5Jolts III1 target3 rnd/10 fail100'Fm
7Paralyze I1 target1 rnd/10 fail100'Fm
8Shock B1 target-100'Fm
9Major Pain1 target-100'Fm
10Mind Shout I*10'R1 rnd/10 failselfFm
11Jolts V1 target5 rnd/10 fail100'Fm
12Paralyze III1 target3 rnd/10 fail100'Fm
13Shock C1 target-100'Fm
15Mind Shout II*50'R1 rnd/10 failselfFm
16Shock D1 target-100'Fm
17Paralyze V1 target5 rnd/10 fail100'Fm
18Jolts X1 target10 rnd/10 fail100'Fm
19Mind Shout III*varies1 rnd/10 failselfFm
20Shock E1 target-100'Fm
25Great Shout*50'R1 rnd/10 failselfFm
30Mind Shout True*300'R1 rnd/10 failselfFm
50Shout True*50'RvariesselfFm
Mind Control
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Question1 target-10'Fm
2Sleep1 target-50'Fm
3Charm Kind1 target10 min/lvl50'Fm
4Calm1 target1 min/lvl100'Fm
5Confusion1 target1 rnd/5 fail100'Fm
6Fear1 target1 min/10 fail100'Fm
7Suggestion1 targetvaries10'Fm
8Hold Kind1 targetC50'Fm
9Emotions1 target1 min/lvl100'Fm
10Master of Kind1 target10 min/lvl10'Fm
11Coma1 target1 day/10 fail100'Fm
12True Charm1 target10 min/lvl50'Fm
14Hold True1 targetC50'Fm
15Geas1 targetvaries10'Fm
16Hold Kind True1 targetC50'Fm
18Mind Break1 targetP50'Fm
20True Sleep1 target1 min/10 fail100'Fm
25True Geas1 targetvaries10'Fm
30Mind Control True1 target1 min/lvl (C)300'Fm
50Mind Master1 targetP (C)300'Fm
Mind Merge
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Empathy1 target/rnd1 rnd/lvl (C)10'Pm
2Read Emotions1 target/rnd1 rnd/lvl (C)50'Pm
3Merge w/Mentalistcaster+1 tgtCtouchU
4Force MergecasterCselfU
5Thoughts1 target/rnd1 rnd/lvl (C)100'Fm
6Mind Merge Icaster+1 tgtCtouchU
7Prepare MergecasterCselfU
8Mind Merge IIcaster+1 tgtC100'U
10Inner Thoughts1 target/rnd1 rnd/lvl (C)100'Fm
11Ready Merge*caster+1 tgtC100'/lvlU
13Mind Switchcaster+1 tgt1 daytouchFm
15Mind Scan1 target/rnd1 rnd/lvl (C)100'Fm
18Mind Merge Truecaster+1 tgtC50'/lvlU
20Mind Probe1 target/rnd1 rnd/lvl (C)100'Fm
25Mind Switch Truecaster+1 tgtvariestouchFm
30Thought Steal1 target1 rnd/lvl (C)100'Fm
50Ready Merge Truecaster+1 tgtCunlimitedU
Mind Speech
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Mentalist Tongue*caster+1 tgtC100'Fm
2Prepare Mind IcasterCselfU
3Mind Tongue I*caster+1 tgtC100'Fm
4Focus MindcasterCselfU
5Prepare Mind IIcasterCselfU
6Mind Tongue II*caster+1 tgtC500'Fm
8Prepare Mind IIIcasterCselfU
9Mind Speech I*10'RCselfFm
10Mind Tongue III*caster+1 tgtC1000'Fm
11Prepare Mind IVcasterCselfU
12Mind Speech II*100'RCselfFm
13Friend Speech*10'RCselfFm
14Prepare Mind VcasterCselfU
15Mind Speech III*300'RCselfFm
16Waiting Tongue*10'Rvaries100'Fm
17Prepare Mind TruecasterCselfU
18Mind Tongue IV*caster+1 tgtC1 mileFm
19Friend Speech II*100'RCselfFm
20Mind Speech True*2000'RCselfFm
25Mind Tongue True*caster+1 tgtC1 mile/lvlFm
30Waiting Speech*variesvariesselfFm
50Far Mind Speech*10'RC1 mile/lvlFm
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Presence • *10'R/lvlCselfU
2Feel I*1 target-10'/lvlPm
3Mind Store*1 target-10'/lvlPm
4Transfer Mind Store1 target-touchU
5Feel III*3 targets-10'/lvlPm
6Mind Typing*1 target-10'/lvlPm
7Finding IcasterC100'/lvlPm
8Direction Icaster-1000'/lvlPm
9Presence True*50'RCselfPm
11Direction IIcaster-1 mile/lvlPm
12Long Feel*1 target-100'/lvlPm
13Feel V*5 targets-10'/lvlPm
14Mass Feel*1 target/rndC10'/lvlPm
15Mind Typing True*1 target-100'/lvlPm
18Finding IIcasterC1 mile/lvlPm
19Feel X10 targets-10'/lvlPm
20Awareness True*casterC10'/lvlPm
25Finding IIIcasterC5 miles/lvlPm
30Direction Truecaster-unlimitedPm
50Finding TruecasterCunlimitedPm
Sense Conrol
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Distraction1 targetC100'Fm
2Numbing1 targetC100'Fm
3Blur Vision1 targetC100'Fm
4Minor Sense Control1 targetC100'Fm
5Audio Attack1 target1 rnd/10 fail100'Fm
6Audio Control1 targetC100'Fm
7Fumble1 target-100'Fm
8Vision Control1 targetC100'Fm
9Vision Attack1 target1 rnd/10 fail100'Fm
10Nerve Stun1 target1 rnd/10 fail100'Fm
11Hallucination1 targetC100'Fm
12Taunting Hallucination1 targetC100'Fm
13Sense Control II1 targetC100'Fm
15Sensory Overload1 target1 rnd/5 fail100'Fm
16Sense Control III1 targetC100'Fm
18Sense Control IV1 targetC100'Fm
19Sensory Deprivation1 target1 day/10 fail100'Fm
20Sense Control V1 targetC100'Fm
25Long Control1 targetC300'Fm
30Sense Control True1 target10 min/lvl300'Fm
50Private World1 targetP (C)100'Fm

Lay Healer Base

Blood Mastery
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Flowstop III1 target-touchU
2Clotting I1 target-touchU
3Cut Repair I1 targetPtouchU
4Clotting III1 target-touchU
5Minor Vessel Repair1 targetPtouchU
6Cut Repair III1 targetPtouchU
7Vein Repair1 targetPtouchU
8Arterial Repair1 targetPtouchU
9Joining*1 targetPtouchU
10Flowstop True1 target-touchU
11Suspend Life I*1 target1 hr/lvltouchU
12Clotting True1 targetPtouchU
13Unclotting1 targetPtouchU
15Cut Repair True1 targetPtouchU
17Suspend Life II*1 target1 day/lvltouchU
19Unclotting True1 targetPtouchU
20Joining True*1 targetPtouchU
25Regulations1 target1 min/lvltouchU
30New Blood1 targetPtouchU
50Blood Repair True1 target1 rnd/lvltouchU
Bone Mastery
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Bone Lore1 target-touchI
2Minor Fracture Repair1 targetPtouchU
3Cartilage Repair1 targetPtouchU
4Major Fract. Repair1 targetPtouchU
5Limb Preservation*1 target1 day/lvltouchU
6Skull Repair1 targetPtouchU
7Joint Repair1 targetPtouchU
8Minor Fract. Repair True1 targetPtouchU
9Joining*1 targetPtouchU
10Cartilage Repair True1 targetPtouchU
11Major Fract. Repair True1 targetPtouchU
12Skull Repair True1 targetPtouchU
13Bone Transplant1 targetPtouchU
14Shatter Repair1 targetPtouchU
15Joint Repair True1 targetPtouchU
17Rapid Bone Transplant1 targetPtouchU
18Rapid Shatter Repair1 targetPtouchU
20Joining True*1 targetPtouchU
25Cartilage Regeneration1 targetPtouchU
30Bone Regeneration1 targetPtouchU
50Skeletal Regeneration1 targetPtouchU
Concussion Mastery
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Healing I1 targetPtouchU
2Stun Relief I*1 target-touchUs
3Frost/Brun Relief I1 target-touchU
4Regeneration I*1 targetCtouchUs
5Awakening1 target-touchU
6Frost/Burn Relief II1 target-touchU
7Healing V1 targetPtouchU
8Stun Relief III*1 target-touchUs
9Frost/Burn Relief III1 target-touchU
10Regeneration II*1 targetCtouchU
11Healing X1 targetPtouchU
12Frost/Burn Relief IV1 target-touchU
13Stun Relief V*1 target-touchUs
14Long Stun Relief*1 target-100'U
15Regeneration III*1 targetCtouchUs
17Healing XVII1 targetPtouchU
19Stun Relief X*1 target-touchUs
20Healing XX1 targetPtouchU
25True Healing1 targetPtouchU
30Frost/Burn Relief True1 target-touchU
50Stun Relief True*1 target-touchU
Muscle Mastery
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Sprain Repair1 targetPtouchU
2Muscle/Tendon Lore1 target-touchI
3Muscle Repair I1 targetPtouchU
4Tendon Repair I1 targetPtouchU
5Limb Preservation*1 target1 day/lvltouchU
6Muscle Repair III1 targetPtouchU
7Tendon Repair III1 targetPtouchU
8Muscle Repair True1 targetPtouchU
9Joining*1 targetPtouchU
10Tendon Repair True1 targetPtouchU
11Soft Structure Repair1 targetPtouchU
12Muscle Transplant1 targetPtouchU
14Muscle Regeneration1 targetPtouchU
15Tendon Regeneration1 targetPtouchU
17Rapid Muscle Transp.1 targetPtouchU
18Rapid Muscle Regen.1 targetPtouchU
19Rapid Tendon Regen.1 targetPtouchU
20Joing True*1 targetPtouchU
25Muscle Regen. True1 targetPtouchU
30Tendon Regen. True1 targetPtouchU
50Soft Structure Rep. True1 targetPtouchU
Nerve and Organ Mastery
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Nerve/Organ Lore1 target-touchI
2Numbing1 target10 min/lvltouchU
3Minor Nerve Repair1 targetPtouchU
4Minor Ear/Nose Repair1 targetPtouchU
5Organ Preservation1 target1 day/lvltouchU
6Minor Eye Repair1 targetPtouchU
7Major Nerve Repair1 targetPtouchU
8Major Ear Repair1 targetPtouchU
9Joining*1 targetPtouchU
10Major Eye Repair1 targetPtouchU
11Suspend Life I*1 target1 hr/lvltouchU
12Nerve Repair True1 targetPtouchU
13Organ Transplant1 targetPtouchU
14Organ Repair1 targetPtouchU
15Minor Brain Repair1 targetPtouchU
16Paralysis Cures1 targetPtouchU
17Suspend Life II*1 targetPtouchU
18Rapid Organ Transp.1 targetPtouchU
20Joining True*1 targetPtouchU
25Nerve Regeneration1 targetPtouchU
30Organ Regeneration1 targetPtouchU
50Brain Regeneration1 targetPtouchU
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
2Mold Woodcaster1 hr/lvl (C)selfU
3Fit WoodcasterPselfU
4Animation I1 target8 hrstouchU
5Mold Glasscaster1hr/lvl (C)selfU
6Fit GlasscasterPselfU
7Animation II1 target24 hrstouchU
8Mold Normal Metalcaster1 hr/lvl (C)selfU
9Fit Normal MetalcasterPselfU
10Artificial Fleshcaster1 hr/lvl (C)selfE
11Animation III1 target1 weektouchU
13Fit Enchanted MaterialscasterPselfU
15Animation IV1 target1 monthtouchU
17Animation V1 target3 monthstouchU
19Animation VI1 target6 monthstouchU
20Artificial Flesh Truecaster1 hr/lvl (C)selfE
25Animation VII1 target1 yeartouchU
30Animation VIII1 target1 yr/lvltouchU
50Animation True1 targetPtouchU


Assasination Mastery
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Concealed Object I1 object10 min/lvltouchE
2 Study Patsycaster-selfP
3 Well-Aimed Attack IcastervariesselfU
4 Open Ambush IcastervariesselfU
5 Targetting IcastervariesselfU
6 Create Evidence Icaster-10'E
7 Concealed Object II1 object10 min/lvltouchE
8 Well-Aimed Attack IIcastervariesselfU
9 Open Ambush IIcastervariesselfU
10 Targetting IIcastervariesselfU
11 Lightning Reactions *caster-selfU
12 Create Evidence IIvaries-10'E
13 Well-Aimed Attack IIIcastervariesselfU
14 Open Ambush IIIcastervariesselfU
15 Targetting IIIcastervariesselfU
16 Concealed Object True1 object10 min/lvltouchE
17 Study Victim1 targetvaries50'P
18 Create Evidence IIIvaries-10'E
19 Well-Aimed Attack TruecastervariesselfU
20 Slaying Attackcaster1 min/lvlselfU
25 Open Ambush TruecastervariesselfU
30 Targetting TruecastervariesselfU
50 Slaying Attack Truecaster1 min/lvlselfU
Disguise Mastery
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Study Disguisecaster-500I
2 Light Glamour1 object1 day/lvltouchE
3 Facade Icaster1 hour/lvlselfE
4 Shadow AssassincastervariesselfE
5 Misfeel KindcasterCselfE
6 Facade IIcaster1 hour/lvlselfE
7 Disguise Icaster10 min/lvlselfU
8 Unknown AssassincastervariesselfE
9 Facade IIIcaster1 hour/lvlselfE
10 Disguise IIcaster10 min/lvlselfU
11 Misfeel CallingcasterCselfE
12 Mind Tonguecaster+1 targetC20'Fm
13 Disguise IIIcaster10 min/lvlselfU
14 Facade Vcaster1 hour/lvlselfE
15 Misfeel Power *casterCselfE
16 Disguise IVcaster10 min/lvlselfU
17 UnpresencecasterCselfE
18 False AssassincastervariesselfE
19 Disguise Vcaster10 min/lvlselfU
20 Misfeel-casterCselfE
25 NondetectcasterCselfE
30 Misfeel True *caster10 min/lvlselfE
50 Disguise MasterycastervariesselfU
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Locklore1 lock-touchI
2 Unlock I1 lock-touchU
3 Ungagvaries-touchU
4 Leave Item I1 object-50'U
5 Unlock II1 lock-touchU
6 Untievaries-touchU
7 Minor Long Doorcaster-selfU
8 Unlock III1 lock-touchU
9 Unbindvaries-touchU
10 Leaving Icaster-selfU
11 Passingcaster1 min/lvlselfU
12 Long Door Item I1 object-50'U
13 Unlock IV1 lock-touchU
14 Long Door Icaster-selfU
15 Unbind Truevaries-touchU
16 Leaving IIcaster-selfU
17 U
18 Flatteningcaster10 min/lvlselfU
19 Long Door IIcaster-selfU
20 Passing Truecaster1 min/lvlselfU
25 Portal3'x6'x3'1 rnd/lvltouchU
30 Unlock True5'R/lvl-selfU
50 Teleport Icaster-selfU
Gathering Secrets
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Copy Ivaries1 min/lvl (C)varies
2 Listencaster1 rnd/lvl (C)10'/lvl
3 Duplicate Ivaries1 min (C)touch
4 Sensory MarkercasterPtouch
5 Copy IIvaries1 min/lvl (C)varies
6 Far Sense Icaster1 min/lvl (C)10'/lvl
7 Locate Evidence Icaster-500'/lvl
8 Watchcaster1 rnd/lvl (C)10'/lvl
9 Duplicate IIvaries1 min (C)touch
10 Copy IIIvaries1 min/lvl (C)varies
11 Far Sense IIcaster1 min/lvl (C)10'/lvl
12 WoodsightcasterCself
13 Locate Evidence IIcaster-500'/lvl
14 Duplicate IIIvaries1 min (C)touch
15 Copy IVvaries1 min/lvl (C)varies
16 Greater Far Sense Icaster1 min/lvl (C)10'/lvl
17 StonesightcasterCself
18 Locate Evidence IIIcaster-500'/lvl
19 Greater Far Sense Truecaster1 min/lvl (C)10'/lvl
20 IronsightcasterCself
25 Long Far Sense Icaster1 min/lvl (C)100'/lvl
30 Copy Vvaries1 min/lvl (C)varies
50 Copy Truevaries1 min/lvlvaries
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 False Credentials1 target1 min/lvl50'Fm
2 Unseen I1 object24 hourstouchU
3 Eyewitness III3 targets1 min/lvl100'Fm
4 Cloaking III3 targets1 min/lvl (C)10'/lvlFm
5 Misleading I1 target1 min/10 fail100'Fm
6 Unseen II2 objects24 hourstouchU
7 Cloaking V5 targets1 min/lvl (C)10'/lvlFm
8 Eyewitness V5 targets1 min/lvl100'Fm
9 Cloaking Sphere I10'RCselfFm
10 Misleading III1 target1 min/10 fail100'Fm
11 Cloaking X10 targets1 min/lvl (C)10'/lvlFm
12 Displacement Icaster1 min/lvlselfU
13 Eyewitness X10 targets1 min/lvl100'Fm
14 Cloaking Sphere II20'RCselfFm
15 Misleading V1 target1 min/10 fail100'Fm
16 Cloaking XX20 targets1 min/lvl (C)10'/lvlFm
18 Mass Eyewitness1 target/lvl1 min/lvl100'Fm
19 Cloaking Sphere III30'RCselfFm
20 Misleading True1 target1 min/10 fail100'Fm
25 Displacement IIcaster1 min/lvlselfU
30 True Cloaking1 target/lvl1 min/lvl (C)variesFm
50 Eyewitness Truevaries1 min/lvlspecialFm
Poison Mastery
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Poison Lorecaster-selfI
2 Poison Resistance Icaster10 min/lvlselfU
3 Apply Poison I1 poisonvariestouchU
4 Work Poison V1 poisonvariestouchU
5 Poison Analysis1 poison-selfI
6 Delay Poison *caster1 hour/lvlselfUs
7 Transfer Poison I1 poisonPtouchF
8 Apply Poison II1 poisonvariestouchI
9 Neutralize PoisoncasterCselfU
10 Work Poison X1 poisonvariestouchU
11 Venom1 poisonPtouchU
12 Apply Poison III1 poisonvariestouchU
13 Neutralize Poison TruecasterCselfU
14 Transfer Poison II1 poisonPtouchF
15 Venom's Touch1 target10 min/lvltouchF
16 Work Poison True1 poisonvariestouchU
17 Apply Poison IV1 poisonvariestouchU
18 Contact Poison1 poisonPtouchU
19 Transfer Poison III1 poisonP10'F
20 Venom's Breathcaster10 min/lvlselfF
25 Venom's Glare1 target10 min/lvl100'F
30 Venom's Cloudvaries10 min/lvl10'E
50 Venom's Sight1 target10 min/lvl10'/lvlF

Bard Base

Controlling Songs
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Calm Song1 targetC50'Fm
2Holding Song1 targetC50'Fm
3Stun Song1 targetC50'Fm
5Sleep Song1 targetC50'Fm
6Charm Song1 targetC50'Fm
7Fear's Song1 targetC50'Fm
8Calm Song True1 targetC (x2)50'Fm
9Stun Song True1 targetC (x2)50'Fm
10Forgetting Song1 targetP50'Fm
11Charm Song True1 targetC (x2)50'Fm
12Panic's Song1 targetC50'Fm
13Song of Mastery1 targetC50'Fm
15Sleep Song True1 targetC (x2)50'Fm
17Panic's Song True1 targetC (x2)50'Fm
19Song of Seeking1 targetvaries50'Fm
20Song True1 targetC (x3)50'Fm
25Song of Mastery True1 targetC (x2)50'Fm
30Song of Coma1 targetvaries50'Fm
50Slaying Song1 targetvaries50'Fm
Entertainment Ways
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Spotlightcaster10 min/lvl (C)selfE
2Dim Lights10'R/lvl10 min/lvlselfE
3Hush10'R/lvl10 min/lvl (C)selfE
4Fanfare10'R1 rnd/lvlselfE
5Showman Icaster10 min/lvlselfU
6Legerdemain1 target1 min/lvltouchF
7Enthrall I1 target1 min/lvl10'Fm
8Hidden Pockets1 object1 min/lvltouchU
9Lightshow5'R1 rnd/lvltouchE
10Showman IIcaster10 min/lvlselfU
11Music5'R1 min/lvltouchE
12Enthrall V5 targets1 min/lvl10'Fm
13Volenteer f/t Audience1 target1 min/lvl10'Fm
14Lovely Assistant1 target10 min/lvltouchU
15Showman IIIcaster10 min/lvlselfU
16Orchestra5'R10 min/lvltouchU
17Enthrall X10 targets1 min/lvl10'Fm
18Disappear1 target1 min/lvl10'U
20Showman IVcaster10 min/lvlselfU
25Mass Enthrall1 target/lvl1 min/lvl100'Fm
30Disappear Truevaries1 min/lvl10'U
50Showman Truecaster10 min/lvlselfU
Item Lore
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1Jewl/Metal Assessment1 object-touchI
2Item Assessment1 object-touchI
3Detect Power1 object1 rnd/lvl (C)touchI
4Item Analysis I1 object-touchI
5Assessment True1 object-touchI
6Significance1 object-touchI
7Item Analysis II1 object-touchI
8Origins1 object-touchI
9Item Vision1 object-touchI
10Item Analysis III1 object-touchI
11Detect Curse1 object-touchI
13Significance True1 object-touchI
15Item Analysis IV1 object-touchI
16Death's Lore1 object-touchI
17Item Vision True1 object-touchI
18Item Analysis V1 object-touchI
20Item Analysis VI1 object-touchI
25Origins True1 object-touchI
30Item Analysis VII1 object-touchI
50Item Analysis True1 object-touchI
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
2Learn Language IIcasterCselfU
3Language Lorecaster-selfI
4Mind's Lore I1 target1 rnd/lvl (C)50'Fm
5Study IIcasterCselfU
7Learn Language IIIcasterCselfU
8Mind's Lore III1 target1 rnd/lvl (C)50'Fm
10Study IIIcasterCselfU
11Passage OrigincasterCselfI
12Learn Language IVcasterCselfU
13Mind's Lore V1 target1 rnd/lvl (C)50'Fm
15Study VcasterCselfU
17Study XcasterCselfU
18Mind's Lore VII1 target1 rnd/lvl (C)50'Fm
20Study TruecasterCselfU
25Learn Language VcasterCselfU
30Mind's Lore True1 target1 rnd/lvl (C)50'Fm
50Learn Language TruecasterCselfU
Sound Control
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Quiet I1'R1 min/lvlselfE
2 Sonic Law I1'RCselfE
4 Silence I10'R1 min/lvlselfE
5 Sonic Law II10'RCselfE
6 Sudden Sound1 target1 rnd/5 fail100'F
7 Deafen1 target1 rnd/5 fail100'F
8 Cracks1000 cu'-100'F
10 Silence III50'R1 min/lvlselfE
11 Sonic Law III100'RCselfE
13 Shatter Blast1 object-10'F
14 Waiting Soundvaries1 min/lvltouchE
15 Sonic Law IV10'R/lvlCselfE
16 Long Sudden Sound1 target1 rnd/5 fail300'F
18 Mind's Song *20'R1 rnd/5 failselfF
20 Crumble1000 cu'-100'F
25 Silence True100'R1 min/lvlselfE
30 Mind's Song True *50'R1 rnd/5 failselfF
50 Sonic Law True10'/lvl1 min/lvlselfE
Sound Projection
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Long Whisper I1 pointC100'E
2 Sounding IIcasterCselfE
3 Song Sounding II *1 spellvariesselfU
4 Song II *1 spellvariesselfU
5 Long Whisper III1 pointC300'E
6 Sounding VcasterCselfE
7 Great Song I *1 spellvariesselfU
8 Song Sounding IlI *1 spellvariesselfU
9 Long Whisper V1 pointC500'E
10 Song III *1 spellvariesselfU
11 Silent Song *1 spellvariesselfU
12 Song Sounding IV *1 spellvariesselfU
13 Long Whisper X1 pointC1000'E
14 Song V *1 spellvariesselfU
15 Great Song V *1 spellvariesselfU
16 Song Sounding V *1 spellvariesselfU
17 Long Whisper True1 pointC100'/lvlE
18 Song X*1 spellCselfU
20 Song Sounding VII *1 spellvariesselfU
25 Great Song True *mult. tgtsvaries100'RU
30 Song Sounding X *1 spellvariesselfU
50 Song Mastery *caster1 rnd/lvlselfU

Mystic Base

Confusing Ways
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Distraction1 targetC100'Fm
2 Confusion1 target1 rnd/5 fail100'Fm
3 Blur Vision1 targetC100'Fm
4 Fear1 target1 min/10 fail100'Fm
5 Stumble1 target-100'Fm
6 Fumble1 target-100'Fm
7 Hallucination1 targetC100'Fm
8 Spin1 target-50'Fm
9 Weapon Alteration1 target1 rnd/lvl100'Fm
10 Mirages1 targetC100'Fm
11 Blinding1 target1 rnd/10 fail100'Fm
12 Shifting1 target1 rnd/10 fail100'Fm
13 Mass Distraction1 target/lvlC300'Fm
14 Word of Fear *1 target1 min/5 fail100'Fm
15 Amnesia1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
16 Shout of Confusion *50'R1 rnd/5 fail100'Fm
17 Long Bewilderment1 targetvaries300'Fm
18 Shout of Fear *50'R1 min/5 fail100'Fm
20 Lord Bewilderment20 targetvaries100'Fm
25 Amnesia True1 targetP100'Fm
30 Parallel Reality1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
50 Bewilderment True1 target/lvlvaries300'Fm
Gas Alteration
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Condensation1 cu' waterPtouchE
2 Airwall10'x10'x3'C10'E
3 Fog II20'R1 min/lvl100'E
4 Vacuum A5'R-100'F
5 Air Stop I10'RCtouchF
6 Fog X100'R1 min/lvl10'F
7 Airwall True10'x10'x3'1 min/lvl10'E
8 Fire Bolt I1 target-100'DE
9 Vacuum B5'R-100'F
10 Airstop V50'RCtouchF
11 Fog XXX300'R1 min/lvl10'E
12 Gas-Air10'RPtouchF
13 Vacuum C5'R-100'F
14 Oxygenation50'RC100'E
15 Whirling Winds10'RCtouchE
16 Firebolt III1 target-300'DE
17 Vacuum D5'R-100'F
19 Reverse Winds100'R/lvlC100'/lvlE
20 Fog True100'R/lvl1 HR/LVL10'E
25 Vacuum E5'R-100'F
30 Cloud ShapingcloudsCselfF
50 Transmutation1000 cu' gasP20'F
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Blur *caster1 min/lvlselfU
2 Unseen I1 object24 hourstouchE
3 Shadowcaster10 min/lvlselfU
4 Silence1'R1 min/lvlselfE
5 Invisibility I1 target24 hourstouchE
6 Invisibility II1 target24 hourstouchE
7 Screens1000 sq'C100'E
8 Displacement I1 target1 min/lvlselfE
9 No Sense1 target24 hourstouchE
10 Shadow Mysticvaries1 min/lvl100'E
11Invisibility Sphere I1 target24 hourstouchE
12 Displacement IIcaster1 min/lvlselfE
13 Flatteningcaster10 min/lvlselfU
14 Mergingcaster10 min/lvlselfU
15 UnpresencecasterCselfE
16 Displacement IIIcaster1 min/lvlselfE
17 Passingcaster1 min/lvlselfU
19 Great Mergecaster10 min/lvlselfU
20 Displacement IVcaster1 min/lvlselfE
25 Nondetectcaster1 min/lvlselfU
30 Displacement Vcaster1 min/lvlselfE
50 Hiding TruecasterCselfU
Liquid Alteration
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Boil/Freeze Water1 cu'/lvlC2'F
2 Clear/Desalinate Water1 cu'/lvlC2'F
3 Evaporate Water1000 cu'/lvlP(C)2'F
4 Waterwall10'x10'x1'C10'E
5 Water Bolt I1 target-100'DE
6 Water Corridor I100'x3'x10'C10'F
7 Call Rain100'RCselfE
8 Calm Water100'RC10'F
9 Wave(1'x10')/lvl-100'F
10 Waterwall True10'x10'x1'1 min/lvl10'E
11 Water Corridor III300'x4'x50'C10'F
12 Liquid-WatervariesPtouchF
13 Whirlpool20'R (200'R)C300'F
14 Water Tunnel5'Dx100'C10'F
15 Calm Water True100'R/lvlC10'F
16 Command CurrentspecialCselfE
17 Water Bubble10'RCselfE
18 Water Bolt III1 target-300'DE
20 Water Corr. True100'/lvl x6'x100'C10'F
25 Water Tunnel True6'Dx100'/lvlC10'F
30 Stream Diversion1 streamC100'/lvlF
50 Transmutation1 cu'PtouchF
Mystical Change
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Study Formcaster-300'I
2 Face Shifting Truecaster1 hour/lvselfU
3 Change to Kindcaster10 min/lvlselfU
4 Misfeel Kind •casterCselfE
5 Enlargecaster10 min/lvlselfU
6 Shrinkcaster10 min/lvlselfU
7 Misfeel Calling •casterCselfE
8 Changing Lungscaster10 min/lvlselfU
9 Changecaster10 min/lvlselfU
10 Mystical Tongue1 targetC20'FM
11 Misfeel Power •casterCselfR
12 Impersonation Changecaster10 min/lvlselfU
13 UnpresencecasterCselfE
14 Misfeel •casterCselfE
15 Changingcaster10 min/lvlselfU
16 Great Change to Kindcaster1 day/lvlselfU
18 Great Changecaster1 day/lvlselfU
19 Misfeel True•caster10 min/lvlselfE
20 Great Imper. Changecaster1 day/lvlselfU
25 Imper. Change TruecasterunlimitedselfU
30 Holy PresencecasterCselfE
50 Submerge Selfcasterset periodselfE
Solid Alteration
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Warm Solid1 cu'/lvl24 hourstouchF
2 Heat Solid I1 cu'/lvl1 min/lvltouchF
3 Cool Solid1 cu'/lvl24 hourstouchF
4 Cracks Call10'x10'x10'-100'F
5 Door1 door-touchF
6 Woodfires1'R-touchF
8 Heat Solid II1 cu'/lvl1 min/lvl50'F
9 Chill Solid1 cu'/lvl1 min/lvl50'F
10 Wall of Ice10'x10'x2'varies10'F
11 Solid Door I3'x6'x1'PtouchF
12 Stone/Earth/Mud100 cu'PtouchF
13 Shatter1 object-10'F
14 Solid Door II4'x8'x5'PtouchF
15 Mold Solid1 cu'PtouchF
16 Break Solid1 cu'P100'F
17 Unstone100 cu'P100'F
19 Unmetal1 cu'P100'F
20 Solid Tunnel4'D x 5'/lvl1 min/lvltouchF
25 Solid Door True6'x12'x10'PtouchF
30 Solid Tunnel True3'x6'x1'/lvlPtouchF
50 Transmutation1 oz.PtouchF

Evil Mentalist

Mind Death
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Mental Block I1 targetvaries100'Fm
2 Forget I1 targetP100'Fm
3 Mind Blank I1 target1 rnd100'Fm
5 Forget X1 targetP100'Fm
6 Mental Block II1 targetvaries100'Fm
7 Mind Blank III1 target3 rnds100'Fm
9 Lord Forget1 targetP100'Fm
10 Mind Death I1 targetP100'Fm
11 Lost Experience I1 targetP50'Fm
12 Mental Block True1 targetvaries100'Fm
13 Mind Blank V1 target5 rnds100'Fm
14 Forget True1 targetP100'Fm
15 Mind Death II1 targetP100'Fm
17 Mind Death III1 targetP100'Fm
18 Mind Blank X1 target10 rnds100'Fm
19 Lost Experience II1 targetP50'Fm
20 Mind Death V1 targetP100'Fm
25 Lost Experience III1 targetP50'Fm
30 Mind Death X1 targetP100'Fm
50 Mind Blank True1 targetP100'Fm
Mind Disease
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Insomnia1 targetP100'Fm
2 Neurosis1 targetP100'Fm
3 Guilt1 targetP100'Fm
4 Paranoia1 targetP100'Fm
5 Panic1 targetP100'Fm
6 Phobia1 targetP100'Fm
7 Hallucinate1 targetP100'Fm
8 Schizophrenia1 targetP100'Fm
9 Psychosis1 targetP100'Fm
10 Catatonia1 targetP100'Fm
11 Insomnia True1 targetP100'Fm
12 Neurosis True1 targetP100'Fm
13 Guilt True1 targetP100'Fm
15 Greater Paranoia1 targetP100'Fm
17 Paranoia True1 targetP100'Fm
18 Hallucinate True1 targetP100'Fm
19 Psychosis True1 targetP100'Fm
20 Schizophrenia True1 targetP100'Fm
25 MPD1 targetP100'Fm
30 Catatonia True1 targetP100'Fm
50 Mind Disease True1 targetP100'Fm
Mind Domination
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Mind Distraction1 target1 rnd/10 fail100'Fm
2 Mind Lockcastervaries100'Fm
3 Mind InvasioncasterC100'Fm
5 Demonic Possession I1 targetvaries100'Fm
6 TransferralcastervariestouchFm
8 Domination1 targetC100'Fm
10 Demonic Possession II1 targetvaries (C)100'Fm
11 Mind Slave1 targetvaries100'Fm
13 Banishment1 targetvaries100'Fm
15 Demonic Possession III1 targetvaries100'Fm
16 Waiting Domination1 targetvaries100'Fm
18 Waiting Domin. True1 targetvaries100'Fm
19 Demonic Posession IV1 targetvaries100'Fm
20 Mind Slave True1 targetvaries100'Fm
25 Demonic Possession V1 targetvaries100'Fm
30 Transferral TruecastervariestouchFm
50 Banishment True1 targetvaries100'Fm
Mind Erosion
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Dull Mind I1 target1 mon/5 fail100'Fm
2 Dazed1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
3 Power Leak I1 target-100'Fm
4 Dull Mind II1 target1 mon/5 fail100'Fm
5 Mind Erosion I1 target1 mon/5 fail100'Fm
6 Power Leak II1 target-100'Fm
7 Dull Mind III1 target1 mon/5 fail100'Fm
8 Power Leak III1 target-100'Fm
9 Dull Mind IV1 target1 mon/5 fail100'Fm
10 Mind Erosion II1 target1 mon/5 fail100'Fm
11 Power Leak IV1 target-100'Fm
12 Dull Mind V1 target1 mon/5 fail100'Fm
13 Power Leak V1 target-100'Fm
14 Dull Mind VI1 target1 mon/5 fail100'Fm
15 Mind Erosion III1 target1 mon/5 fail100'Fm
16 Power Leak VI1 target-100'Fm
18 Mind Erosion IV1 target1 mon/5 fail100'Fm
19 Power Leak VII1 target-100'Fm
20 Dull Mind VIII1 target1 mon/5 fail100'Fm
25 Dull Mind X1 target1 mon/5 fail100'Fm
30 Mind Erosion V1 target1 mon/5 fail100'Fm
50 Mind Erosion True1 target1 mon/5 fail100'Fm
Mind Illusions
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Jumbled Text1 target1 hour/10 fail100'Fm
2 Hypochondria1 target1 day/lvl100'Fm
3 False Sense I1 target1 rnd100'Fm
4 Misleading I1 target1 min/5 fail100'Fm
5 Lesser Phantom1 target1 min/10 fail100'Fm
6 Waking Dream I1 target10 min/10 fail100'Fm
7 Mistaken Identity I1 target1 min/lvl100'Fm
8 Misleading III1 target1 min/5 fail100'Fm
9 False Sense II1 target2 rnds100'Fm
10 Minor Phantom1 target1 min/10 fail100'Fm
11 Waking Dream II1 target1 min/lvl100'Fm
12 Misleading V1 target1 min/5 fail100'Fm
13 False Sense III1 target3 rnds100'Fm
14 Mistaken Identity II1 target1 min/lvl100'Fm
15 Greater Phantom1 target1 min/10 fail100'Fm
16 False Sense IV1 target4 rnds100'Fm
17 Misleading VII1 target1 min/5 fail100'Fm
18 Waking Dream III1 target1 min/lvl100'Fm
19 False Sense V1 target5 rnds100'Fm
20 Phantom True1 target1 min/10 fail100'Fm
25 Misleading True1 target1 min/5 fail100'Fm
30 Mistaken Identity True1 targetP100'Fm
50 Waking Dream True1 targetP100'Fm
Mind Subversion
Lvl Spell Area of effect Dur Range Type
1 Suspicion1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
2 Trait Subversion I1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
3 Lying1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
4 Trait Subversion II1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
5 Cheating1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
6 Vandal1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
7 Stealing1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
8 Trait Subversion III1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
9 Pyromania1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
10 Aggravated Theft1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
11 Trait Subversion V1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
12 Random Trait Subv. I1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
13 Assault1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
14 Arson1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
15 Trait Subversion VII1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
16 Random Trait Subv. II1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
17 Maim1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
18 Trait Subversion X1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
19 Random Trait Subv. III1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
20 Homicide1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
25 Assassination1 targetvaries100'Fm
30 Trait Subversion True1 targetP100'Fm
50 Suicide1 target1 day/5 fail100'Fm
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