Grondle character page

Known historical events
  1. Illegitimate son of the (mostly) human woman Belloie and the forest elven Lord Gambollark
  2. Inherited a significant trust from his human grandfather's fortune.
  3. Suffered death by the sword of a wraith in the Tomb of Gort.
  4. Was brought back to life by Asher Thorpe using a miraculous life-giving herb.
  5. Spent a year recovering his resurrection at the Fish Friar's monestary
Physical description
  1. Medium height (around 6 feet 6“ tall).
  2. Half elf.
  3. Ruddy, tanned skin.
  4. Blue eyes and blond hair with a slight stubble of just a few hairs sticking out of his chin.
  5. Prefers leather pants and shirt with a huge floppy leather hat.
  6. Always seems to have a weed or piece of grass hanging out of his mouth.
Other features / qualities
  1. Prefers the outdoors, especially light woods and forests.
  2. Loves taunting, torturing, slaying, and picking on orcs in any way possible.
  3. Terrified of caves.
  4. Has been known to “talk” with animals.
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