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Jonathan Quicksilver was born and raised in a farming community across the ocean in the kingdom of Landfeld (spelling?) which is the home land of the famous Blue Mage Mein Cooper, Lord of Grimsveld. Not much is know concerning his childhood. What we do know is that various strange afflictions involving dizzy spells, headaches, strange dreams, and visions often kept him from working in the fields. He is known to be the seventh son of a seventh son and it was not surprising to anyone in the village that he “had the sight” and would often have premonitions of events that would come to pass or impressions of events verified to have happened in the past. It was for this reason he was looked upon with some fear by the more superstitious villagers.

It took the knowledge of a travelling priest of Bree to recognize that Jonathan had been blessed by the Goddess with gifts involving sensitivities to fluctuations in space-time and event streams leading forwards and backwards in time. With permission from his parents, Jonathan agreed to follow the priest on his travels and take up the studies required to become a priest of Bree. His tutelage lasted approximately a decade. Jonathan learned skills and spells that sharpened his abilities and enabled him to withstand the physical and mental exertions endured by those having space-time and reality warp sensitivities. As his power grew, he gained limitied abilities to consciously manipulate time and space in the small but precise ways required of a priest of Bree. At the age of 27, at a small and humble ceremony at a cross-roads on a lonely country road, during a rare rainbow-blessed sun shower, Jonathan took his final vows and rainbow scarf and received his priestly vestments. It is known that at this point in time he took leave of his tutor and began to travel alone as a priest of Bree, spreading blessings to travelers at crossroads and inns across the land and protecting the innocent from predations of creatures created by Bree's evil twin Goddess Shipwrecker and from members of the undead hord.

Known Historical Events
  1. Survived an encounter with Tick-Tock the time dragon.
  2. Fought along side the Lords of Grimsveld, the Empress, and Zakar the Barbarian and the Shoggoth Battle over
Physical Description
  1. Medium height (around 6 feet tall).
  2. Dark brown skin.
  3. Short black afro-curls and beard highlighted with silver streaks.
  4. Piercing silver eyes (not natural - color changed from brown to silver during an encounter with time dragon Tick-Tock).
  5. Wears recognized priestly vestments (robes, rainbow scarf, staff) of Bree.
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