Orgg Hammerhead character page

Historical points of interest
  1. True Lord of Grimsveld
  2. King of the Mountain Orcs
Physical characteristics and abilities
  1. Half-orc fighter
  2. Big (for a half-orc) at 6' tall and 195 lbs
  3. Extrely well-disciplined - regimented practice of body exercises and sparring
  4. Heavily covered in ritual scars and tatoos
  5. Deep scar from mountain lion (Murgg) claw across chest and abdomen
  6. Elf slayer (does slaying crits to elves)
  7. Elf-sensitive (subject to slaying crits from elves)

Orgg's Haiku

King Orgg, his anger

Mercifully quick, his star

the red poem of night.

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