January 2016

Religious zealot's long to be within the company of their deities here upon the mortal world and work feverishly to call them forth their manifestations. Religious scholar, though, warn that these mortal world manifestations, no matter their true nature, all eventually grow hungry; insatiably, unquenchably, inhumanly hungry.

  • Everyone +2,000
  • Bodie and Barimont +6,000

The Story of Forestwynd and Peresphone of Tristen Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue.

Starting in 2248 the Ten-Year Offerings were a truce between the Wood Elves and the great worm Arrow. Every ten years the Wood Elves would bring the great fell beast tribute. In return Arrow refrained from destroying the four human kingdoms.

In 2338 Forestwynd the Wood Elf was chosen to deliver the Offering. Forestwynd had secretly been visiting his beloved Princess Persephone of Tristen and on his way to delivering the Offering, he was met by Persephone. She broke off the relation, to fulfill her duty to the kingdom. Forestwynd's heart was crushed, and he hid the Offering before meeting Arrow. The great dragon slew Forestwynd in a fiery blast that brought daylight to the night sky, and then laid waste to the four kingdoms. Sadness consumed Persephone and her spirit eventually left her as the ruler of the wastelands. Even today Persephone and her “sister” reign over the Fellstone Fields.

The Story of Cicely Thyrus If I die young, bury me in satin Lay me down on a bed of roses Sink me in the river at dawn Send me away with the words of a love song.

Princess Cicely Thyrus is the daughter of Romos Thyrus of the Thyrus Family. He was heir to the Duchy of Thyrus crown. She was lost at the Coronation of Emperor Rohan White'Eagle III, after being sucked through a gate.

She died at the hands the Family Lazerus along the Seven Bridges Road and is now an undead spirit. She was later captured by Wayfaring and imprisoned at Stonefeather Keep. Her only desire is to return home.

  • Bodie and Barimont +3,000

April 2015 to November 2015

To him who is in fear everything rustles. - Sophocles

The Singing Towers

The Heirs of Grimmsveldt head east over Many Winds Pass, learning to managed the frequent encounters with Gloombirds. At the pass they find the two ancient towers abandoned, acknowledging that few travelers now pass this way. Hearing a song they search the towers.

  • Everybody +3,500
  • Willie, for managing the Gloombirds +1,500

Passing Teegan's Stockade

The Heirs descend into the eastern lands, the home of the foresters, the lasts once ruled by Thryus (aka. Drakewort). Before reaching the River Erin the Heirs left the road, passing by an mining camp before finally reaching the River.

Many memories flooded back to Willie as they crossed over lands marred by unsustainable logging practices. Near Willie's childhood home at Oak Hall the party discover Teegan's Stockade, a hive of scum and villainy, they avoided it.

  • Everyone +4,000

Oak Hall

Oak Hall is now in the hands of Ash Hall. Willie's family is long gone. The grounds of Oak Hall are occupied by the Dragonborne, who were in the area from Thyrus to meet with the leaders of Teegan's Hall.

  • Everyone +4,000
  • Willie +2,000 for dealing with the emotional trauma of returning home.
  • Bodie and Barimont +3,000 for search the tent of the Dragonborne commanders.

Meeting Drafvine

The Heirs, following Iora the Squirrel leave the River Erin and Oak Hall and venture into the dark forests of Vaalea Enkeli Koti (aka, the place where elves frolic). The discover Foresters and eventually meet Drafvine. They party.

  • Everyone +2,000
  • Barimont +2,000 for learning a bunch about Rheyah

A Night at Empress and Emerald Roadhouse

Drafvine tells the Heirs that reforging the Tristanblade would be way cool, and could lead to the gates reopening to Vaalea Enkeli Koti (and eventually to the Fey Kingdoms). He also tells them that he knows of but one flame hot enough to reforge the sword. Iora the Squirrel disappears. The Heirs head towards the Fellstone Fields. They meet up with travelers along the road, choosing to travel in numbers to avoid the wrath of Wayfaring. Willie discovers that one of the travelers is a slaver.

  • Everyone +5,000
  • Willie +4,000 for being true to yourself
  • Bodie +3,200 for being the tank.

The Fort at Gray Watch, Better Here than in Thyrus

After a night at the Empress and Emerald Roadhouse the Heirs make their way to the Fort at Gray Watch. This bare bones fort on a plateau above the Fellstone Fields in under continual assault from the forces of Fellstone. Strange clouds seep in nightly, while horrible constructs beat upon the walls. It provides a foreshadowing of what the Heirs will find in Fellstone. The Heirs also find out that many of the troops here prefer it over living under the control of Golong Primary and the Dragonborne.

  • Everyone +2,000

The Forge at Laughing Dog

Crossing the Fellstone Fields results in the Heirs encountering various constructs and evils. They eventually reach the Laughing Dog where they meet Hammerthral. He and Bodie reforge the Tristanblade while Barimont deals with the lost souls for Fellstone. Barimont attunes to the Tristanblade,

  • Barimont +7,500
  • Bodie +5,000
  • Willie +2,500

The Stone Tree

The Heir of Grimmsveldt leave the safety of the Laughing Dog and head south into the heart of the Fellstone Fields, their perceived source of the Gloombirds. The face tentacles, chains, deadly mists before reaching a petrified tree on a hill. Barimont brings the fucking tree back to life. Willie sires a sapling.

  • Everyone +3,000
  • Barimont +3,000
  • Willie +1,500

December 2014/March 2015

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there. - Lewis Carroll

The Demise of Recherd Halfwight The Heirs of Grimmsveldt as interrupted in the evening by a fast flying, Heliotrope the Woodwind Faerie. the village of Palisades was under attack by frog-like creatures. As they raced towards the village they ran across a misty barrier between the fae world and nothingness. Villages are running in fear. Willie blows his ocarina. Reaching Palisades, they find the village being ravaged by gratars and living trees. Atop the Branch & Barrel Roadhouse is one powerful gratar with a glowing green rod. Gratars killed, Rod destroyed, Sword recovered, Recherd killed.

  • Everyone - 5,000 for battling their way through Palisades and finally defeating Recherd Halfwight
  • Willie - 1,000 for ocarina attempt
  • Bodie - 2,000 for rallying the troops
  • Barimont - 1,000 for something I cannot read in my notes

Twig and Gloom Birds Returning to Grimmsveldt Manor the Heirs find gloom birds attacking villagers. They meet Twig, a young gypsy woman and serving wench. She tells them of the other gypsies departure and offers the Heirs shelter in her well-stocked home.

  • Everyone - 3,500 for meeting Twig the Gypsy and rescuing the townsfolk
  • Willie - 2,200 for delving into the the secrets of his whistle

The Story of the Tristanblade Back at Grimmsveldt the Heirs talk with Cedarwynd and get an important history lesson.

  • Everyone - 3,000 for learning the history of the Tristanblade and Recherd Halfwight.
  • Everyone - 1,200 for shock points when the Heirs discover Cedarwynd is the grandmother of Recherd.
  • Barimont - 1,000 for seeking knowledge on repairing the Tristanblade.

The Missing Road The Heirs find a gloom bird trapped within a amber circle in a crevasse. Willie finds a goblet, drinks from the stream. The also find a 10-pin.

  • Everyone - 2,500
  • Willie - 1,000 for drinking and possibly learning something

November 2014

The Druids held the trees as very sacred. - Enya

The Angry Tree Bodie and Barimont return to the the cave and make their way to the top of the bluff to find a massive oak tree partially surrounded a wall of thick smaller trees. They battle the tree. Gratars escape into the woods.

They meet Cedarwynd, the Circle Priestess of the Circle of the White Moon.

  • Everyone - 3,000 for succeeding in destroying the tree
  • Bodie and Barimont - 5,000 for the battle

September/October 2014


Finding a Friend Bodie rescues wing wolf from New Wolf Order

The Cave The Heirs of Grimmsveldt follows small creek to a cave. The sneak in, attack hired guards, rescue a gnome, discovers caged frog-warriors, tangled with a living root, avoided another leaper.

* Everyone - 5,000 for having a plan * Bodie - 1,200 for entering * Willie - 1,200 for entering * Barimont - 1,000 for staying back

Wayfarer's Birds The Heirs of Grimmsvelt head out towards the passes and hear Wayfarer's cry. Scary birds feed on their fear. Discover an camp of New Wolf Order followers heading for Streamhead when the camp is attacked. Heirs chase horseman into the mountains. Encounters bandits and clay orc golems. Tense moments as the Heirs split up over decisions.

* Everyone - 3,200

Changing Palisades The Heirs return through Palisades with three clay orc golems (COGs) in tow. The whip up the inn and battle the New Wolf Order. On the way back to Grimmsveldt they see an angry creature near the mouth of the creek. The Heirs return to creek and find a large living tree thing above the cave.

* Everyone - 3,000

August 2014

I the heir of all the ages, in the foremost files of time.

Streamshead in Malaise The Heirs of Grimmsveldt arrive to the region once controlled by the Lords of Grimmsveldt. It has drifted into the frontier, feeling much further from the Kingdom of Roggenwolf (Wolfsbane) that a crow's flight distance would indicate. Each arrive at the Olive Key (inn) in Streamshead with a letter and a key.

  • Everyone - 2,200

Grimmsveldt Awakens The Heirs make their way to Grimmsveldt Manor, a place that fell off the maps some years back. It appears to be in disrepair, though still well guarded by fey trapped by the closure of all gates. They meet Ginkgo BridgeDweller the trow, and Marta the cook. The Heir also receive “gifts” left for them by previous residents of Grimmsveldt.

  • Everyone - 3,000
  • Willie - +1,000 for dealing with your fears

Bad Sallie, Sitting in a Tree Shredded cloth hanging from trees and other clues lead the Heirs to a pine grove where they encounter the black annis known as Bad Sallie, sitting in a tree. Brodie ends her terrorist reign and the Heirs find her back of goodies.

  • Everyone - 3,000
  • Willie - +2,500
  • Brodie - +3,000 for punching out one bad fey

The New Wolf Order Speaks Representatives from the New Wolf Order speak at Peabody's Inn. The innkeeper at the Olive Key is missing. Tattered rags attack. Brodie is chosen to join.

  • Everyone - 2,200
  • Barimont - +3,000 for he who questions the New World Order
  • Willie - +1,500

In the Company of Wolves Brodie faces off with a wolf. Convinces it not to shred him, then smacks his gift, creating Grumpy the Clay Orc.

  • Everyone - 1,000
  • Brodie - +2,000 for talking to the wolf
  • Barimont - +1,500 for the struggle to let Brodie do what Brodie had to do.

To Touch the Bleeding Vein The Heir return to Grimmsveldt with many unanswered questions. Ginkgo liquifies Grumpy. Barimont remains branded with the Rune of the Bleeding Vein. They rest.

  • Everyone - 1,500


Beginnings are always messy. - John Galsworthy

Meeting McFly

Briefly negotiating, followed by hacking & slashing & biting

  • JQ and Zakar: +2000
  • Argent: + 3000 for the defense of McFly and good new character entry
  • Tholis : +3000 for good new character entry

A Night in the Ever Ancient Grove

Meeting Saffron, battling bullywags, Milfoil and the storm

  • Everyone involved: +4500

Village & Crypt

“Calming” the village fears, hypothesizing of Kareena's fate

  • JQ & Zakar : +2500
  • Arget & Tholis : +2000

In the Shadow of Hiram

…and being ambushed on the trail

  • JQ, Argent, Tholis & Zakar: +1500,
  • Butternutsquash Happydancingwings (or whatever Bob's character's name is, sorry, I forgot): +3000 for good new character entry and being so happy

The First Battle at the Oil of the Grove Inn

Defending against the bullywugs, standing stones & Kelloc the shadow, the Huntsman

  • Argent: +6000 (Man, ya killed the Huntsman!)
  • JQ: +3000
  • Butternutsquash Happydancingwings: +4500 (includes rasslin' with the bad old rooster)
  • Tholis: +3000

The Tunnel, the Stream & the Standing Stones

Finding the secret hidden grotto then returning to the Inn

  • Everyone +1500

The Second Battle at the Oil of the Grove Inn

Defending against bullywugs, death of Milfoil,

  • Argent: +5000
  • JQ: +5000
  • Butter…… +5000
  • Tholis: +5500 (you should make our mana minions the shape of walking broomsticks.)


  • Argent: +23,500
  • Butternutsquash Happydancingwings: +14,000
  • JQ: +20,000
  • Tholis: +21,000
  • Zakar: +10,500


Many a good hanging prevents a bad marriage. - William Shakespeare

I think I owe you all some experience for the Raid on King Ambroise's secret underground hideout and your apparently successful rescue of the fair priestess and future Mrs. King Ambroise, Kareena of Nu.

Points for those of you that were there (I believe that was everyone but JQ):

  • Everyone: +2000 for Sneaking in along the enchanted stream, pass the guardian stones
  • Tholis: +1500 points for fortifying the Legend of the Magic One-Shot Crossbow
  • Everyone: +3000 points for the battle at the bridge and reaching the over viewing platform, triggering the trap, and finding the secret passage.
  • Argent: +2000 points for actions at the pit trap and the resulting carnage in the dog-protected cages below the viewpoint
  • Everyone: +1500 points for planning phase one of the assault while hold up in the spiral staircase.
  • Everyone: +1500 points for the tunnel run to the distant guard tower.
  • Everyone: +4000 points for battling the barrels in the basement of the bastian
  • ??: +2000 points for killing the giant, Jack-in-Irons (I can't remember which one of you earned the title of giant killer)
  • Everyone: +7500 points for returning to Ambroise's bachelor party, killing only a minimal number of the guests and one mean-ass shrub, stealing the bride (and not killing her in the process), and getting all out alive (though without Goldenrod, the whacko, single-minded fey huntress). LEAVE NO FAERIE BEHIND!
  • Field (I believe): +1500 points for continuing the Legend of the Magic One-Shot Crossbow.
  • Zakur: +2200 points for falling in love repeatedly with anything fey that happens to wave her plague-infested claws at him.

Total for the Group:

  • +19,500 (not including individual efforts)

If there is anything else I've forgotten, let me know.


Experience Points for September's Rescue of Kareena Part II, or Field Somewhereovertherainbowitchwithcheese Goes to the Big City:

Resting at the Inn at the Crossings

Dealing with the pig-headed patrons, pig-headed Haddock guards, pig-headed barkeep, two nobles and one or two pig-headed party members – with utmost discretion and minimal loss of life

  • Party: +2200

Battling & defeating Mr. Elk and Mr. Seal both within and outside of the vine-covered inn

  • Party: +5800.
  • Argent's rooftop assault: +1200
  • Field's full, but brief frontal assault: +1500
  • JQ's and Zakar's efforts keeping the “peace” inside the inn: +1000
  • Tholis's selfless protection of the priestess (and staying outside of her void blast range): +1000

On the Road

For facing off with the Amalgamation of Cerberus and saving the life of Edgar of the White Guard

  • Party: +4000
  • Argent, “leave no soldier behind”: +2000
  • Field, “fey can't die”: +1200
  • Zakar “two blades are better than one, but three blades are even better than two, and four blades…….”: +1500
  • JQ “I just cast the spell, Bree decides if its evil”: +1000
  • Tholis “and Thing One and Thing Two”: +3600 (includes the little trick of reading Edgar's journal)

The City Known as Wolfsbane

For making it through the city without starting a riot - or ending a riot

  • Party: +1200.

On the Island of Misfit Toys, I mean On the Island of the Real Cool Temple

Succeeding at getting Kareena to a sanctuary

  • Party: +5000


  • Tholis +22,800
  • Argent +21,400
  • JQ +20,200
  • Zakar +20,700
  • Field +20,900


So here, to the best of my recollection is what happened so long ago in a place called Wisconsin during a time called October. Let me know how much I forgot:

The Return of Jericho (or Jade, or CrazyChick, or Whoever)

Based on Edgar the injured White Guard's secret diary, the party headed for Gypsy Hollow to meet with Edgar's contact known as Jade. The meeting was to take place at the HHH (The Hog & Hammer House). Things were going great and according to “plans” when Jade, the waitress freaked out and demanded that Zakur return Milton the sword to her. Her obsessive behavior exposes her as Jericho, the first-daughter of the Kirin King and blows her cover with the anarchist underground known as the Anti-Lords. Fearing for her life, and desperate to reunite with Milton, she convinces the party (less Field) to escape. Next door in the Ill-Boar Inn the anarchists start hunting for Jericho and the party.

  • Everyone: +3,000

Barfight and Basements

Making a tactical position change, the party with exits the Hog and Hammer ahead of the angry Anti-Lords. Street skirmishes take place involving crossbows, shields, etc… Meanwhile, Field wanders into the Ill-Boar Inn and finds a trapdoor leading to a stash of weapons, which he takes. When Field returns to the Hog and Hammer he encounters two strangers, one being Orcish in blood. The are apparently looking for some elf woman. Field inadvertently directs them to the right place (Bad, bad Field). Meanwhile, the hide-n-seek street battle continues.

  • Everyone: +5,000
  • Field: +3,000
  • Zakar: +1,500
  • Tholis: +1,000
  • Argent:: +1,250

Lounging in the Sewers beneath Gypsy Hollow

Using the Tree Medallion once worn by Edgar, JQ finds a Sanctuary Door in an alley near the Hog and Hammer. The doorway leads to the sewers. Jericho continues to try and acquire Milton, attempting to poison Zakar. A few spells are thrown, no resolution. Jericho is subdued. A ways down the dank passage the party crosses paths with a White Guard corpse dangling for the end of a long slimy tentacle.

  • Everyone: +3,000
  • JQ: +1,500
  • The Zakar, Tholis & Jericho Show +2,000
  • Argent , Zakar, JQ & corpse guard +1,500

Amity with Surprises

Suddenly, the streets of Gypsy Hollow are engulfed in utter darkness. From the darkness are the sounds of battle. In the mayhem, Tholis, carrying the unconscious Jericho over his shoulder, finds himself standing next to “another” Jericho. Well, to make a long story short, Field told the two assassins where Amity lived, using illusions, the elfin hooker fled, she's carrying Rohan's child (aka. King of the World's spawn), she fears for her life, yada yada yada.

  • Everyone: +1,800
  • Tholis: +1,200

Kissing Your Milton Good-bye

Jericho continues to badger Zakar to give her Milton. Jericho lobbies for Milton with the other party members. Jericho threatens. Zakar threatens. Jericho whines, Zakar whines. It goes on and on. Zakar finally leaves the decision up to his shadowy dreamworld ancestors to decide. Zakar finally concedes and hands Milton the All-Seeing Uber-sword over to the whiny teenage princess.

Before running off to start a girl band, Jericho thanks Tholis and directs him to visit the Jewelers Guild house.

  • Everyone (for not just killing Zakar or Jericho): +1,200
  • Zakar: +3,500

Beat Ride between Life and Death

While on the Island of Healing and Life at the Temple to Yahma a couple of party members notice something floating off the shore. This becomes increasingly apparent on their boat ride back to the docks at the Long House of Boris, the god of Death, the Scales at the Balancing of Souls, aka. Judgment. The party needs to deal with some strange, floating summoned creatures.

  • Everyone: +1,000

Dining with Generals

The party stops at the large manor house of the Clan Claymore (or Haddock) and Argent discusses the situation with the leadership.

  • Everyone: +1,000
  • Argent: +1,500

Breaking and Entering

On a quiet street in the busy part of town, the party breaks into the closed up home of the Jeweler Guildmaster. He was found dead a few days earlier. While searching the main floor two waxy golems attack. They are defeated, leaving little more than a waxy residue and a couple glowing soul stones, similar to ones found while crossing the lake by boat. In the upstairs office of the guildmaster, Tholis finds a box of clockwork flies and more………

  • Everyone: +3,300
  • Tholis: +1,250


Here is the experience points for the last two sessions (December and January) based on my memory:

Allies and Alleyways

Hey, there's some chick out in the street with something interesting under her barrel

For finishing up in the Jeweler Guildmaster's office and meeting Reyna

  • Everyone +1500 points

For searching for the evil tax collectors, combat in the alley with the dirt elemental, working with the White Guard in defeating the dirt elemental, “discovering” the gate into the sewers, figuring out how the door works, sort of, and finding Zakar's unconscious body.

  • Everyone + 2400 points

Bombay's Traveling Circus

It's not a real circus unless there are dancing girls and greasy cheese curds. For getting to and exploring Professor Bombay's Traveling Circus

  • Everyone + 2800 points
  • Argent +1000 for dealing with the Shields guards in the woods
  • Argent + 500 for eating at Dragon on the Stick
  • Argent + 500 for dancing and ending up somewhere in the woods
  • Tholis + 1500 for dealing with the enchanter
  • Tholis + 500 for the vision of the Giant Fly

Let's hear it for the Z-man for taking one for the home team, oh and dying.

  • Everyone + 2500 points for dealing with the bad guy, dealing with the Juggler and doing an OK job of crowd control.
  • Zakar + 3000 for well, dying I guess.

Ok, just tie him onto the hood of the turtle and let's get him back to town before he starts to smell.

  • Tholis, JQ, Field, Argent & Reena + 2000 points for Zakar's surrealistic funeral procession (you don't see that kind of thing everyday)
  • Zakar + 0 points, Sorry dude, you were dead.
  • Tholis + 1000 for your new turtle spell, really cool

Isn't this where we leave it to the gods to sort it out?

  • Tholis, JQ, Field, Argent & Reena + 1200 points for taking on the heavy burden of weighing Zakar's soul, ain't that what friends are for.
  • Zakar + 0 points, Still dead.

Standing on the welcome mat before the bright light with the ancestors making fun of you.

  • Zakar + 1000 points for dealing with your ancestors

Using a coordinated assault from multiple fronts, whiling taking advantage of both terrain and internal strife, we should be able to…..where the f*ck is Zakar?….squooommuck (sound of something hitting a fan).

  • For the assault on the Temple formerly used by the Followers of Boris
  • Everyone + 3500 points
  • Argent + 1200 for planning
  • Zakar - 1200 for not following the plan, but +1200 for having to fight the elemental miniature dobermans

So this is what a temple of death looks like? For the battle with Hepphonio and the demon he had become

  • Everyone + 3000 points
  • Argent and Field + 1200
  • Tholis, JQ, Reena & Zakar + 1000


Return to the Temple formerly known as the Temple to Boris (or where Field Rainbowitch Dancinglights-Deathgrip recovers his sword)

  • Party: +3800

Assault on the Manor House (or where Zakar disarms a trap, sort of)

  • Party: +3600
  • Zakar: +1500 for hogging the glory of disarmament
  • Assault: +1000 for dealings with the military

Crossing Paths with Jericho (or where the party says good-bye to the pychosword Milton)

  • Party: +2000

Talking at the new Temple of Boris (Wolfsbane CSI)

  • Party: +2500
  • JQ: +1500 for religious things

Crossing to the Island (or why are we doing this?)

  • Party: +1800

Meeting with the Princess's Men (or where the party got answers, again sort of)

  • Party: +3500
  • Assualt: +1200 for once again communicating with the military

GM Note: at this point in the story, Assault was called away to a meeting the palace, some sort of military thing so he left the party to a night's rest and returned to the palace to meet with members of the White Guard.

A Night at the Guest Cottage (or Why can't we have at least one night of rest!)

  • Party (except Assault): +3400
  • Tholis: +1200 for taking charge
  • Reena: +1000 for combat readiness

Doing Time beneath the Tower (or where the party out-witted their enemy by purposefully walking into a trap…confused the heck out of their enemies)

  • Party (except Assault): +3000
  • Field: +2400 for pretending to be a human White Guard

The Great Escape (including the rescue of the Red Mage, Mollie, contacting the Trow, digging a new exit and not touching the glowing yellow guardian rune warrior until the very end)

  • Party (except Assault): 5600
  • Tholis: +3300
  • Field: + 2400
  • Zakar: +2000
  • Reena: +1800
  • JQ: + 1500

Racing Across the Fields of Wolfsbane Island (or how we made it from the sheltered cove to the prison wall)

  • Party (except Assault): 1500

Breaking In to Prison (or wow, like that was almost a flawless operation, are you sure this party represents Grimmsveldt, because if it was a Grimmsveldt operation, their should have been more explosions, injured innocents and one or two party members with their clothes blown off)

  • Party (except Assault): +4000
  • Tholis: +1000 for equipment rental
  • Field: +1000 for wings
  • Zakar: +1000 for following orders

Battle in the Cells (again a good clean operation if you disregard the gallons of creature blood covering the floor)

  • Party (except Assault): +4000

That should get everyone up to date. I still need to tell Assault what happen on his adventure and provide the party with more info on the Bloodletting Moon. That'll come in the next couple days.


Empress Caledonia “Callie” Athena Gabrielle Wolfsbane-White Eagle (a.k.a., The False Brodnick, alien frog creature, but NOT JILL) is dead, thanks primarily to the agents of Grimmsveldt. A document of appreciation including a substantial reward, additional landholdings and other official privileges have already been sent to the Lords (and Lady) of Grimmsveldt. I am sure the Lords (and Lady) of Grimmsveldt will place an official letter of recognition in each of your permanent files at the next Grimmsveldt staff meeting. So the best I can offer you is experience points.

The Great Escape from Stalag Wolfsbane

Look, it's just the soul-eating Huntress of the Night sitting on the roof of the throne room on Bloodletters Eve, let's party like there's no tomorrow:

  • Field Deathgrip: +1000 & 2 ranks of Fairy Lore
  • Everyone else: +500 & 1 rank of Fairy Lore

The taking of the NW Tower

  • Zakar: +2500
  • Tholis: +1500
  • Everyone else: +1000

The Silencing of the NE Tower

  • Everyone: +1000

Stopping the bell-ringer:

  • Whoever stopped the bell-ringer (I forgot to write down the name of the brave little soldier): +1500

The Gatehouse

  • Everyone: +2800

Joining the Party

Dodging bad, hungry fey creatures:

  • Field: +500
  • Everyone: +500

Coming up with a plan:

  • Argent: +500
  • JQ: +500
  • Everyone: +1000

Mingling with the suits

  • Argent: +1000
  • Reena:+500
  • Everyone: +1000

Passing the word

  • Argent: +1000
  • Everyone: +1000

The Grand Procession

Bullsh*tting the gatekeeper:

  • Everyone: +3000

Working the crowd:

  • Argent the Agitator: +750
  • Everyone: +1250

The Massacre on Bloodletters Eve

Attacking the fake White Guard doormen:

* Everyone: +3200

Driving forward into the throne room:

  • Tholis: +3000
  • Argent: +3000
  • Zakar: +3000

Swooping down, surprising the anticipating seer after finding a way around the force wall:

  • Field: +3000

The breaking of glass and the arrival of really bad fey:

  • Everyone: +1200

Being a target for the anticipating seer:

  • Tholis: +2000
  • Zakar: +2000

Drawing the enemies fire, as directed by Master Garrison, the seer:

  • Zakar: +2500
  • Tholis: + 2500
  • Argent: +1000

Cleaning up the Entry room:

  • Reena: +1000
  • JQ: +1000

Running through fire:

  • Reena: +2000
  • JQ: +2000

The Thing is Dead, Long Live the Thing

Whacking the False Empress:

  • Argent: +3000
  • Everyone: +2000

Letting the Huntress of the Night feed (very wise decision) and mobbing up

  • Everyone: +5000

And so, we find the agents of the Lords and Lady of Grimmsveldt standing in the blood-soaked, charred, glass-strewed royal throne room. False Brodnik, Master Garrison and the naga-mage lay dead, as well as several notes Wolfsbanian leaders. Two of the three White Guard generals, and Mollie the red mage are with you. The Bloodletters moon has passed back into the darkness of the sky and only the moon Ellamere now shines through the shattered windows. Outside the crowd can be heard but it seems muffled and distant.


It was like Yule, but the weather was warmer and no one had to sacrifice a reindeer to the goddess of red and green balls. The agents of Grimmsveldt now had to figure out what all their new toys did.

I Never Knew Just What it was and I Guess I Never Will

For figuring out what some of the items recovered from the False Brodnick and his cohorts:

  • Everyone +2500

Winterfall Says Hi

For meeting with the delegation from Winterfall

  • Everyone +1000

Living & Dying on Lake Time

For summoning and slaying the elf-demons near the lake

  • Everyone +5000
  • Field -1000 for causing the whole thing
Field says: “The last time anyone from this group actually lost points was when Zakar went off the plan and he got them right back for fighting and defeating some stupid dogs (see far below). I took a risk–and not an unreasonable risk in light of everyone else attuning to whatever they could get their hands on– and am being punished for it. Granted, risks sometimes bring rewards and sometimes bring dire consequences, but to that end, experience points are overwhelmingly issued and rarely taken away like this. I think, with this as a precedent, we should be penalized much more often for stupid moves, missteps, bad rolls of the dice, errors in judgment, libel and slander of those in higher social stations, and accidental beheadings/explosions/impalements/implosions and mayhem that does not shine a blinding light of virtue on our group or the Lords of Grimmsveldt. I also claim the Fey Right of Appeal. ”
Argent says, “Never let a faerie be your accountant. Would it have been better had it been listed like this: Field +4000 points, everyone else +5000? For that matter I don't think they should be lawyers either, it's scary to contemplate a fey judicial system *shudder*. They should stick to being saviors… quiet ones.”
Field responds: What's an accountant? For that matter, what's a lawyer or a judicial system? And I thought we agreed not to argue with Field anymore, right Tholis?
Well, I certainly have that attitude. “Do not argue with Deathgrip – it hurts”. Of course, it might be a matter of which persona Field is showing off: Deathgrip, or Field, or… — Tholis 31-Jul-2006 11:15
  • Zakar +1500 for bleeding to death, again
Zakar-Abdul: I have no shame - I'll happily take the extra 1500 XP. But I think they should be awarded for my martial prowess and valor in chasing down and slaying the last of the elf-demons before they could infect a new world. So what if I had to limp slowly back to the rest of the party arriving at -120 and bleeding at 3 / rd. It's not like the elf-demon got away to cause future mayhem?! Is it my fault I run faster than elf-demons?! None of those other pansies could catch him!!!

Thank You, Here's a New House, By the Way

For meeting with the leaders of the major houses of Wolfsbane and accepting their request for going on a suicide mission, did I say “suicide” to Kirin.

  • Everyone +1500
Zakar-Abdul (Lord of Grimsveldt): I say, dear boy, aren't I one of the Lords of Major House?! Luckily, *they* were so easily persuaded to do things *my* way. I guess the cream rises to the top.
Field says: I think a septic tank metaphor might be more appropriate, where the large chunks float to the top.


As a child on the farm I was warned of the wiles of the city, Of that demon disguise, There's the dirt in the skies of the city

And so the Agents of Grimmsveldt left the city and went forth into the wilds, leaving the turmoil of the past weeks behind them.

Sleeping Under the Stars

The first night was uneventful, no fey wars, no elementals, no assassins, no goat-headed demons of limitless power: the agents felt strangely uncomfortable about the peacefulness. For surviving their first night out:

  • Everyone (sans Reyna) +1000

It's Raining Cats and, well, Cats

:tabbygriff.jpg The second night in the wilderness started with the same peacefulness (two nights in a row left the agents increasingly wary). Luckily, the calmness was interrupted by a clutter of tabbygriffs, winged cats with glowing eyes and a curious demeanor. Tholis discovered the magical nature of these beasts and dispatched several. For battling the tabbygriffs:

  • Everyone (sans Reyna) +2400
  • Tholis “Try flying without magic, kitty” +1600
  • Argent “Catbasher” Salt +1000

High on a Hill

The third Night 3 on the plateau, nice view, some herbs. For doing something I forgot to document:

  • Everyone (sans Reyna) +1000
  • Field “Is that an herb? Is that an herb?” Deathgrip +1000
  • Field rescues group from battalion of Shoggoth +15,000
  • Field writes epic poem about epic battle and accompanies himself on the assflute +14,000
  • Field convinces Tholis to smoke hash, Argent to smoke opium and Zakkar to smoke himself +27,000
  • Field beds Brie and retrieves the coveted rainbow thong for Jonathon +327,000
  • Reyna flays Field alive for fun, though she justifies it later as a response to his blasphemy +12,000
  • Field grows back skin over the course of 3 years, and 27 days +347

Nice Lightshow, Dude!

The fourth night finds the agents of Grimmsveldt still alive, at the Three-Day Rest, and a absolutely enthralled by the captivating lightshow presented by Zephyrus, the proprietor of the inn. It is the 30th day of Summer. Mingling with the crowd; a shady character; a quick exit out the backdoor; a Sand Seas horse in the distance; an unsettling night; more tabbygriffs. For all that and so much more:

  • Everyone (sans Reyna): +3500
  • Zakar and Tholis: +1000

The Next Day, Since the Agents May not Live to see the Fifth Night

The Shoggoth necromancer's right hand exploded with a ball of black fire and the ball leapt forth striking the ranger. Instantly all components of the material world were stripped from him leaving nothing more than a shadowy undead presence. The shadow hung in the air, wavering, but not because of the evening breeze. The necromancer turned and walked off. Or at least that is what JQ told the agents he saw in his vision. That's the thing about visions.

For tracking down the Sand Seas horse, the battle with Nessil, former ranger, now an undead power sucking lamprey, the discovery of the the turtle symbols, the journal, the analysis of the situation, and up to, but not including the encounter with the multi-headed snake and all the terrible things that will result from the encounter with the snake:

  • Everyone (sans Reyna): +6500
  • JQ “I'll let it feed on me, you all just kill it”: +2000


And only the Master shall praise us, and only the Master shall blame;


One Night in the Kirin Bazaar

Tholis, Field and Zakar now find themselves along in the crowded bazaar outside of Kirin gates. Trailing behind them, nine Crimeon Sand Seas warhorse with full gear. In a wooden guard shack nearby, ten dead guards. The tents and streets of the bazaar are buzzing with gossip. And spiders are everywhere. The Agents of Grimmsveldt are looking for some fast money, speedy information and a quick exit.

  • Tholis, Field & Zakar: +2000 for planning under pressure and finding the spider balls
  • Zakar: +1000 for his child labor practices

Jasmine, Rats and Werecreatures

Tholis, Field and Zakar venture into the dump south of the bazaar to find Jasmine waiting for them. The also found very large rats and werecreatures hiding in the mounds of trash. Jasmine's alliances are exposed.

  • Tholis, Field & Zakar: +1000

Vulgaar, Shoggoth Master

Thunder rolled somewhere north of the small desert refuge where the Agents of Grimmsveldt and their recent acquisitions rested for the night…Yada, yada, yada, then manifestation of the Shoggoth Lord, Vulgaar rose out of the Kittyhelm has a writhing pillar of tentacles. Tentacles lashed out at the agents. As the tentacles landed upon the agents they would break away from the manifestation and appear to crawl into the victims bodies. Tholis and Field, armed with the Fangs of Baal Nadu could see the Vulgaar, the nine-foot tall goated-headed necromancer flailing two cat-o-nine-tails, Zakar could only see the pillar of tentacles. Tholis was thrown back and stunned, still not quite comfortable with the power of the sword Zoi, Field suffered a strike to his Achilles Tendon (who the hell is Achilles?) and had fallen. Zakar remained standing and became the target for Master Vulgaars Void Ball. The cold emptiness of the blast slowed Zakar, but it inspired Tholis (with a little help from Zoi) to rise up again Zoi's sworn enemy. Tholis's next strike landed true, removing the manifestation's head, splitting open the beast's side and snapping the tip off the sword. The desert was quiet once more.

  • Tholis, Zakar & Field: +7500
  • Tholis, Zakar & Field: +3 ranks of Shoggoth Culture Lore
  • Tholis: +2500 (mana warriors all over the planes bow to you)

The Horsethieves of Grimmsveldt

With the defeat of Vulgaar the Agents of Grimmsveldt felt empowered, ready to take on the dreaded shady horse merchants of Kirin; and so they did.

  • Tholis, Zakar & Field: +2000

Field and Forest

The agents then headed north to meet up with another group of horsemen. When nightfall arrived the party found a well used campsite. Zoi sensed Shoggoth activity and Field found a badly burned date tree. He healed the tree, interrogated the tree and received a small bag of silver from the tree…all and all it was a fairy kind of thing

  • Field: +1000

The Valley of Nu

The Valley of Nu is a high treeless narrow valley located north of Kirin. It is also known Grimmsveldt West (as recorded in triplicate in the office of the recorder of the Throne Empire). The valley was now the campsite for an army of Kirin and an army of the Sands Seas Aababbu Clan, a combined army now known as the Army of the New Sun. Tholis-Zoi is unsettled and the writing is on the wall.

  • Tholis, Field & Zakar: +1500


A scent of jasmine and a rasp of sand


The Fangs of Baal Nadu

For defeating the phantasmal snake, pinging more tabbygriffs and finding the Fangs of Baal Nadu:

  • Everyone: +3000


Spending the night at Pilgrim House and spending much of the next day in the Valley of the Elder Kings, listening to an old guy spew history:

  • Everyone: +1000

Crossing the Vastness

More tabbygriffs, horsemen, the kittyhelm, creative interrogation, etc…

  • Everyone: +3300
  • Field: +1200 for horsewhispering
  • Reyna: -1500 for messing with the kittyhelm and changing the storyline

Caravans and Chardonnay

Staying at the Borderland House

  • Everyone: +1000

Midnight at Oasis

Two nights were spent at the oases on the way to Kirin. One night was shared with traveling merchants the other with a pack of dogs, hiding in the shadows. The merchants gave the agents some useful information.

  • Everyone: +1500
  • Zakar: +1000

The Bazaar

And finally the Agents of Grimmsveldt reached the sprawling bazaar that surrounds the gates to the city of domes known as Kirin. A contact was made with local guards and a perfumer. Horsemen arrived. A prisoner was rescued. An ambushed planned and executed.

  • Everyone: +5800
  • Zakar: +2000 for rescuing the prisoner
  • Tholis: +1200 for greasing the ground
  • Argent: +1200 for being the center of all combat
  • Field and Reyna: +1000 for bravery under fire


Whence we see spiders, flies, or ants entombed and preserved forever in amber, a more than royal tomb

The Blue Glow

The party has proven themselves to the combined armies of Kirin and the Sand Seas (known collectively as the Army of the New Sun), so the commanders lead the party to a trapdoor that dropped into an underground complex. The party discovers a couple of old books, the corpse of a self-eviscerated Shoggoth and a really cool blue glow deep within a shiny cavern. Field, Reyna and JQ raced through the hull-like complex until they came face to the face with blue glow.

  • Tholis, JQ, Reyna: +1500
  • Field: +2000

A Blackness of Nightwings

In the blackness of the night, a strange wind blows over the Valley of Nu, and Tholis is awakened by an excited Zoi. There is a sense of Shoggoth in the air, followed by shouting in the night, a fallen guard, a devoured soul and an air of doom.

  • Field, JQ and Renya: +1200
  • Tholis: +2000

Chasing Autumn

The party determines that the red-headed girl was taken for a ride on a giant centipede. They follow the tracks for a while but then decide that they should return to Kirin to find Leeland. Remember Leeland, the paladin you were sent here to find? JQ ask for guidance from the blessed goddess of crossroads and subplots.

  • Reyna, Field and Tholis: +1000
  • JQ: + 1500

And the Cat Came Back

And so the Agents of Grimmsveldt return toward Kirin. They spend the night at an oasis, but they are not alone. They are attacked once again by the horsemen of Crimeon Clan, only this time, the clansmen are dead (the walking corpses previously killed by Agents and dumped in the dump), and they are riding crudely constructed skeletal horses. The Agents do a good job of avoiding combat.

  • Tholis and Field: +1200
  • JQ and Reyna: +1600

The Undercity

The Agents of Grimmsveldt return the Kirin Bazaar. There is a feeling of discomfort surrounding the party, and spiders everywhere. They have second thoughts about using the Kiringuard to get through the gates. Jasmine cannot be found. The party spends a splendid day in the dump with the rats (the most hospitable and friendly hosts we have seen in a long time) before being led into Kirin through the sewers.

  • Tholis, JQ, Field and Reyna: +1000

The Shoggoth Sage

The streets of Kirin are quiet, except for an occasional Kiringuard. The Agents of Grimmsveldt move through the shadows led by Field in the guise of a guard. As they approach the Great Library of Pryex, home of the Tellsingers, they are stopped by two Kiringuard. “The area is off limits because of a strange dark, soul sucking cloud swirling around the library.”

Argent is charmed, void servants appear, Gnomi inspires, battle on the rooftops of Kirin, a wall of soul sucking nightwings, a fairy screams like a goat, the sky is ripped open by a rainbow blast, a midwife gets smacked, a void servant explodes, the sage dies and Zakar searches the body.

  • Argent: +4000 for getting to know Gnomi, slaying the sage and a void servant and shaking off the entrancing sage story
  • Zakar & Reyna: +2500 for battling the crowd
  • Field: +3000 for doing what a fey does best, distraction
  • JQ: +3000 for blasting the nightwings

The Undercity, Part 2

After being magicked into the library and given lifetime library passes for saving the library, the Agents make their way through the web-entangled sewers to a large underground lake (the water supply for Kirin), and make their way along the edge to the base of the dungeon. Boy, would a canoe have been handy

  • Field: +1500 for point
  • Zakar, Argent, Reyna & JQ: +1000

The Taking of the Dungeon

And so we find the Agents of Grimmsveldt, pressed against a 10-foot high way, thigh deep in water, preparing to make an ASSAULT on a handful of metal cages and guards. Boy would a ladder or a grappling hook have been handy, 'cause climbing a sheer wall in armor sucks.

One prisoner is led away by two guards, the Agents strike, some faster than others, a guard falls with a jolt, the prisoners yell, blood flows, flesh burns, Argent's shield takes a pointblank heavy crossbow bolt, he bashes a head, Leeland is found.

  • Argent, Field, JQ, Reyna and Zakar: +3000


The prisoners are released and the Agents set up an ambush for the two guard that took the prisoner for his bleeding. A battle takes place on the wooden bridge, the guards defeated, Field goes swimming and discovers pottery at the bottom of the lake.

  • Zakar: +1600
  • Field: +1500
  • Argent, JQ & Reyna: +1200

Miranda the Bleeder

The Agents of Grimmsveldt, urged on by the prisoners' tales of the atrocities taking place just beyond the bridge, decide to confront Miranda the Bleeder. The prisoners meanwhile (except for Leeland), flee for the Library. The Agents quickly find the female bleeder and her three assistants; one is bled, one is burned, and one is briefly forgotten as the Agents rush the evil alchemist, who looks remarkably like Jasmine, another alchemist that they had once known. Miranda was badly beaten before a shadow black spider crawled from her unconscious body. About this time, the forgotten assistant jumped Zakar. Zakar battled the assistant, the shadowy spider thing launched cold bolts at the Agents, and Argent and JQ defeated the shadow.

Miranda's lab was trashed and burned, and the Agents returned to the library, bloody and drained but successful in rescuing Leeland, so far.

  • Argent & JQ: +2700
  • Zakar: +2300
  • Field & Stream (Reyna): +2000


Save for the son that she did litter here, A freckled whelp hag-born—not honour’d with A human shape.

Leaving Kirin is Never Easy

Within the stacks of the Great Library of Pryex in Kirin, the Agents of Grimmsveldt meet with the librarians. The rescued have been debriefed, Miranda the Bleeder has been diagnoised and (with the help of some rainbowesque divine intervention) plans are being laid. The prisoners would be escorted out of the city, Leeland, Argent and the Vizier would head north to meet up with the Army of the New Sun. The rest of Agents would seek out Jasmine, Miranda's twin sister and her only hope of escape the possession of the spiders.

Upon leaving Kirin's sewers, the Agents discover Jasmine is somewhere out in the desert.

  • Everyone: +3200
  • Field: +1000 for escaping Kirin safety

Saving Jasmine, Part I (the Body)

On the first night out of the Kirin Bazaar, the Agents camp near the First Oasis. The First Oasis is crowded with refugees fleeing Kirin and slavers, including the Zargaf,slaver of reknown. The Agents also found a soulless Jasmine caged and passive (except for her attempt to create acid out of her own saliva). The Agents purchase Jasmine and the Barbarian thief Sara(h).

  • Everyone: +2000 (very good roleplaying)
  • Zakar: +1000 for respecting Zargaf and “training” Sara(h)
  • Tholis: +1000 for dealing with Jasmine

Touching the Tendrils Black

The Agents of Grimmsveldt, with Jasmine and Sara(h) in tow headed south into the deserts known as the Koboldi Steppes. At nightfall the Agents made first contact with the kobolds.

  • Everyone: +2000

The Green Whelp

Kobolds!!! The Giant Black Root. The Green Whelp. The Wall of Thorns. More Kobolds. So much blood. Divine rainbows. Hellfire. Screams. Oh, and by the way where did Jasmine and Sara(h) go?

  • Everyone: +5000
  • Tholis: +1000 for cutting the root
  • Renya: -500 for flaming and bleeding at the same time (not good)

Saving Jasmine, Part II (the Soul)

Field searches and find Jasmine's soul in a black kettle in a kobold warren.

  • Field: +750


There are two things that are more difficult than making an after-dinner speech: climbing a wall which is leaning toward you and kissing a girl who is leaning away from you.

Crossing the Ruins of Kirin Bazaar

The Kirin Bazaar was razed, smothering ashes and jagged skeletons of semi-permanent stands. Skirmishes raged along the fringes or the former marketplace, but little life existed within. The Agents of Grimmsveldt made their way beneath the ruins towards the gate.

  • Everyone: +2000

And the Walls Come Tumbling Down

The rats and jackals ignite the fires within the city wall. Eventually the wall collapses and the Agents of Grimmsveldt sneak into the city of Kirin.

  • Everyone: +2000

Jasmine & Miranda

Within the walls of the Great Library, Jasmine the alchemist is reunited with her possessed sister, Miranda. By reuniting the two, Miranda is no longer a doorway for the Eight Sisters.

  • Everyone: +8500

Through the Breach and into the Void

Leaving Kirin through the breached wall, the Agents of Grimmsveldt meet up with Mizo, an elemental giant and his army of elemental ghouls. Mizo demands the Shadowbox. Having a previously bad experience with Shadowbox, the agents give it to Mizo. He immediately opens it and the area become engulfed in an elemental void. Tholis is engulfed and the storm climaxes. Field rushes in just before the storm, the giant, the ghouls - and Tholis vanish.

  • Everyone: +4500
  • Field: +2500


Save the alchemist. Save the world.

The Long Road Back to Kirin

Having retrieved Jasmine's soul and returning it to her, the Agents of Grimmsveldt now escort the alchemist back to the library at Kirin to reunite her with her “aflicted” twin sister, Miranda.

It did not take long before the Agents noticed strange elemental happenings surrounding them. They eventually reached the “oasis formerly known as West Oasis” by evening. That evening, the Shipwrecker's Rain began to fall, Enemies of Bree were identified. People were killed. Zakar learned of the Nox Arachnea. And JQ gave an awe-inspiring-worship-me-or-die moment.

  • Everyone: +1500
  • Zakar: +1000 for learnin' stuff
  • JQ: +3000 communing with the goddess

Traveling down the road, the Agents searched for a more isolated spot to monkey around with the Nox Arachnea (to minimized collateral damage to the rest of civilization). Events went badly. The Agents sort rest with the increasing number of refugees fleeing the Kirin Bazaar. Field went out looking for firewood and herbs, but found only spiders, nasty nasty spiders. While the Agents battled the spiders, Jasmine and Sara(h) were attacked by shapeshifting spiders. Tholis declares a holy war against all enemies of Bree (namely spiders).

  • Everyone: +3000 for providing the GM such great pleasure by messing with the Nox Arachnea
  • Tholis and JQ: +1000 for surviving the battle
  • Reyna: +1500 for making yourself a target

And still the intrepid Agents charged forward, back to Kirin, back to the library, escorting Jasmine to her sister. But first they had to recover the blood taken from Jasmine by the spiders. Before a steady stream of refugees, the Agents battled the spiders…and a couple refugees as well.

  • Everyone: +1250
  • Field: +1000 for something, but the GM cannot read his own writing

Field note: I think it was for talking to the horses and learning how to mobilize them into the warhorses they were born to be. The idea was to trample the spiders instead of fighting them, but they proved a bit too nimble.

All Hell Shall Stir for This

The Kirin Bazaar has become battlefield. Sections of the markets are burning. Refugees and looters lurk in the smoky corners. Rats, spiders and the walking dead roam freely and openly. After encountering their first deathwalker, killing more spiders and finally grabbing a much needed rest, the Agents have reached the dump and their most trusted allies: the werejackals and giant rats who dwell within the waste of the vile Kirin.

  • Everyone: +1250 for reaching the checkpoint mostly alive


He had never before seen the black rabbit of death.

The Battle at Warren Seven

Guided by Gomez the ratboy to a high mound at the eastern edge of the dump, far from the warrens of the rats and jackals, the Agents of Grimmsveldt prepared to meet the advancing rotting corpses that the Black Templar use to walk the world. The only way to the mound, known as Warren Seven, was through a long narrow street between the two slaver fortresses. It was not long before the Agents were aware that the rotting corpses were accompanied by a Shoggoth Lord and a Shoggoth Shaman. The battle raged for minutes, though it seemed like hours. Rotting corpses fell like, well like rotting corpses. The Shaman, in the guise of a Nightwing swooped in. The Shoggoth Lord battle some bad-ass mana warriors. Zakar, the manabolt magnet he is, falls to a mana blast. Then Elan, the Hollow Man, showed up, a mercenary from Dusk, hired to retrieve the Fangs of Baal Nadu for the Black Templar. Renya rushes him and her spine is severed. Elan is catched, but negociates a deal with Agents and is freed. He disappears with the wind.

  • Everyone: +9999

Fairyland Field and Temple of Malice

The surviving Agents return to the main warren complex in the dump. Field sneaks into the City of Kirin to find an herb to save Renya. He meets Michelin, Priestess of Malice, and she guides him to the home of a powerful mage. In the darkness Field meets one of the Eight Sisters. He retrieves the herb, lives and returns to the warrens.

  • Field: +1400


When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Standing at the Circle of Ash

JQ, Zakar, Renya, Shrub, Jasmine and Sarah are standing before the gray lifeless circle that only moments earlier was occupied by their companions, an elemental giant, an army of elemental ghouls, the Shadowbox and its contents, the Nox Arachnea. Everything is gone. But it is not the time to grieve for behind them amassed an small cadre of bowmen and bow-spiders and their enraged commander. In disjointed negotiations, the commander flips out, some of cadre disbands, others shoot, others help the injured party members. It all had to do with the Commander's desire to attain the Nox Arachnea. In the end, several of the bowmen and bow-spider were dead, as was Zakar.

Ballista training also occurred.

  • JQ, Reyna, Zakar, Shrub, Jasmine, Sara(h): +4,000
  • Zakar: +2,000
  • Sara(h): +2,000

Jonathan's Dreamquest

JQ dreamt and dreamt well. As if he tapped into a direct channel to the goddess Bree, he found himself at the Crossroads of Infinite Possibilities where he met two priestesses of the Road Not Taken, Celeste and Sloane. He not only received great insight on the cataclysmic events currently unfold, but he also shared the dreams and visions of all the Agents of Grimmsveldt. He was also told that Tholis and Field could be found beyond the Echoes of Pryex.

  • JQ: +9,000
  • Zakar, Reyna: +1,500
  • Shrub, Jasmine, Sara(h): +500

The Skin Taker

Always kill the horse that stands alone. - Useful Barbarian saying

Before seeking out the Echoes of Pryex, the Agents of Grimmsveldt (Aysa Division) went off into the desert to find their horses. The horses were soon found, but something did not feel right to the young Sara. She could not quite put her finger on it until Zakar's large warhorse rose up on its hind hooves and attacked Bush with two of its four falchions. It was a Skin Taker, a demon of Barbarian campfire stories of revenge.

  • JQ, Renya, Shrub, Jasmine, Sara(h): +4,500

Strangers in a Strange Land

Meanwhile, the Agents of Grimmsveldt (Ajax Division) found themselves engulfed in an elemental battle in a desert world. The forces of Mizo, the elemental giant were growing in strength and besieging a fortified castle. The elemental forces seemed the permeate Tholis. Amidst the battle Tholis and Field find a cave and a group of treasure hunters. Boyd gathers up the Nox Arachnea and Field finds a silvery thread with the name.

Very shortly afterwards, a small army of Gratars and Ogres arrive with seemingly great clarity about the silvery thread. Tholis seals the cave and the Agents escape into the desert.

  • Tholis, Field, Boyd, Long Pockets, Wart & Girl: +2,400

The White Man in the Desert

Only solitary men know the full joys of friendship. Others have their family; but to a solitary and an exile, his friends are everything.

As the Agents of Grimmsveldt (Ajax Division) cross the waterless flats of the strange land they come across Metrics, the White Man in the Desert. Metrics has been changed to this place for an untold number of years as punishment by the Black Templar. He spends all of his mystical energies keeping alive. He provides great insight into the Black Templar, the Shoggoth, the silvery thread and the Auction of Names.

The Agents break Metric's chains and they head for the Auction of Names.

  • Tholis, Field, Boyd, Long Pockets, Wart & Girl: +3,300


Humor can be dissected as a frog can, but the thing dies in the process and the innards are discouraging to any but the pure scientific mind. - E.B. White

Let not the Sands of Time get in your Lunch

With the chain that held the White Man broken, the ravages of thousands of years of imprisonment take their toll. The White Man falls, but at the very moment his soul left his body, a Black Templar Deathwalker entered it. With the very sands of the desert at his command, the Agents of Grimmsveldt (Ajax Division) felt the full force of the Templar. The desert rose up and struck the agents, nearly burying Tholis, until he summoned a mount and rising out of his sandy grave.

  • Tholis: +2,500 for rising from from the grave
  • Boyd: +1,500 for taming the desert sands
  • Tholis, Field, Boyd, Wart: +8,000

Cold Springs

Having survived the desert, the Agents of Grimmsveldt (Ajax Division) made their way up to the walled settlement of Cold Springs. After seeking shelter in a box canyon, Field set out to scout out the road. Gliding down upon a wagon, Field is mistaken as a djinn.

  • Tholis, Field, Boyd, Wart: +3,000
  • Field: +3,000 for being a fey, a djinn, a scout, a spy and a dog

The Battle at the Gates to Helena

The Agents of Grimmsveldt (Ajax Division) accompany Klutch the Troll and his company of Black Gratars to the Auction of Names. As they neared the ancient gates to Helena, they are ambushed by six Shoggoth raiders and a Shoggoth shaman.

As the combined forces of the Agents and Klutch approached the old stone archway, Zoi/Tholis sense trouble. Six raiders, three on each side of the gate laid in wait, hidden from view.

  • Tholis, Field, Boyd, Wart: +6,000

The Echoes of Pryex

Following JQ's vision and the belief that he can see both Peris and Deevs, the Agents of Grimmsveldt (Aysa Division) entered the Echoes of Pryex, the ghostly world of a city lost eons ago. As they passed through the echoes the agents encountered Zakar's ancestors. It was Zakar's time to join his ancestors and fight the demon armies advancing the Helsgate and he departed the Agents.

Now only JQ remained as an Agent of Grimmsveldt. He guided Reyna, Jasmine and Saraya to where the Peris and Deevs led. For the four of them, they arrived in a strange and different world. To the rest of the world, they were lost. To the peris and deevs, their role in the upcoming war was yet to be written.

  • JQ, Zakar, Renya, Jasmine, Sara(h): +2,500


The land of fairy, where nobody gets old and godly and grave, where nobody gets old and crafty and wise, where nobody gets old and bitter of tongue. - William Butler Yeats

Lore Corrections and Clarifications

Regarding the Baroness of Xanzibar (aka as The Huntress in the Night):

It is said that She is truly not a fey but a demon only in fey guise. Though she possesses many of the “qualities” or “feeding habits” of the darker fey of the Autumn and Winter Courts. She exhibits these qualities not on individuals, but on whole human armies at a time and only on Bloodletters Eve (the 25th day of year season). Whatever the Huntress in the Night is, she is a creature of the night sky. So long as the the sky is above her, she is at her most powerful. It is only when she is enclosed that she shows any vulnerabilities. It is only recently that she has returned to feeding and terrorizing after being lured into and sealed inside an enclosed tomb by the promise of an exceptionally powerful harvest. And finally it is believed she now dwells in the land of Fey where she has greater opportunity to cross time and space and feed more often.

Regarding the names on the silvery cords:

  • Princess Ariel Mareah at’Stormwatcher, a princess
  • Mulwug au Torrow, a great warrior
  • Kolkotta Diamond Eyes, a serpent woman
  • Zwellnig Silverthirst, a corrupt priest of Malice


Don't ask questions of fairy tales. -Jewish Folk Saying

Chasing Acorns

With the loss of the Agents of Grimmsveldt (Echoes of Pryex Division), the remaining agents arrived at the mysterious, but well attended Auction of Names. It was a tent city built upon the fertile plains near the Fourth Wellspring in the Kingdom of Helena. The impromptu streets of the tent city were a beehive of activity, all things/all beings were being bought and sold. The agents quickly found themselves at the center of a domestic situation. Based on the agents' assessment of the situation, an angry nymph/bar wench named Acorn, whose home was a large oaken table, had attacked a visiting patron and stolen his wand and his harvested-under-a-full-moon-with-a-blessed-silver-sickle-Greater Mistletoe. Filled with bitterness and rage, Acorn was transforming everyone in to bar into small furry animals. Even Field was turned into a hedgehog for a while. After the agents calmed the situation, they were visited by the Auctioneer of Names.

  • Tholis, Field, D'Hab: +3,200
  • Field: +2,400 for actions above an beyond the normal hedgehog
  • Tholis: +1,000 for continuing your anti-slavery ways

Witnessing End Times at the Auction of Names

Relying on a distrust of all things Shoggoth, built up over time, the agents felt great discomfort with the arrival of Shoggoth at the Auction of Names. Deciding the best conflicts are the ones self-initiated, the agents approached the Shoggoth and engaged them in what would naturally lead to an all-out bloodbath, and it did. Unfortunately, greater things were at play and the sky soon rained with falling fire. Tents burned, people screamed, things died, the Auctioneer vanished. And in the mayhem, Klutch the Civilized found the agents and gave them the mithril name strands and told them to flee.

With the ragnarokian burning of the Auction of Names as a backdrop, the agents and their entourage of a night troll and a table nymph and her two charmed handlers departed into the unknown.

  • Tholis, Field, Boyd, D'Hab: +4,500

Leaving Ajax is Never Easy

Somewhere between the ever shifting shards of Amber, in the timeless and measureless places where few wander, the agents wandered. Pushed on by a gathering storm at their heels, the agents eventually crossed paths with an army of red caps, under the command of Cutter the Red Cap. The calling of the harvested-under-a-full-moon-with-a-blessed-silver-sickle-Greater Mistletoe had brought out the army. In a shrewed negociation, Field and Tholis promised Cutter half of much desired herb if Cutter would lead the agents to somewhere, anywhere, out of wherever they currently were. He let them to an inn and the gateway to the Land of Saffron Skies, one of the eight fey kingdoms along the Brandywine River. Here Tholis sent forth a single mana servant with the Nox Arachnea into the timeless and measureless places that lay between the ever shifting shards of Amber.

  • Tholis, Field, Boyd, D'Hab Text: +2,000
  • Tholis: +3,000 for disposing of the Nox Arachnea

Paying the Faerie Man

Escorted by Cutter the Red Cap, the Greater Mistletoe Crew (GMC, aka. the agents) passed through Dark Xanzibar. On more than one occasion, various darker fey were seen, sensed, felt. But eventually the GMC reached the banks of the Brandywine. There they negociated passed on a small barge. As they crossed, Field was issued a faerie challenge he could not resist, a race to the distance stone and back. The dark winged fey, believed to be aligned with the Baroness of Dark Xanzibar, She-Whose-Name-Shan't-Be-Mentioned, that evil soul-eating, roof-sitting Wolfsbane bitch, appeared to have the advantage over the more leisurely gliding Field, but at the start of the race conditions for the the dark winged fey changed dramatically. Field won, keeping the Greater Mistletoe and keeping his life, and he also gained major fey points.

  • Tholis, Field, Boyd, Shrub: +1,500
  • Field: +4,000 for his victory
  • Tholis: +2,000 for his subtle assistance in Field's victory

Pausing in the Gardens of Despair

Upon reaching the far shores of the Brandywine, the GMC found theselves in the melancholy, brow-beaten realm of the Baron of Light Xanzibar. Apparently the recent arrival and rise to power of the Baroness of Dark Xanzibar, She-Whose-Name-Shan't-Be-Mentioned has sucked the carefree gaiety out of the Seelie side of the Kingdom. Everything was tainted. The GMC met with Baron in this corrupted gardens, fought a hedge and left Light Xanzibar to its fate. In the Best Faerie Kingdoms Annual Guide, Light Xanzibar fell by two moonbeams and a rainbow.

  • Tholis, Field, Boyd, Shrub: +1,500

Hearing the Sirens in the Sea of Leaves

The GMC left the Land of Saffron Skies hoping to reach Jack's Kingdom, a fey kingdom reputely near Kirin. Following the Brandywine they quickly found themwelves in a deep new but ancient forest. A forest which felt alive, and not in a normal forest way but in a sentient dangerous way. The forest was calling to them. The Sea of Leaves wanted them and at the same time it was hiding something.

Tholis' red fragment started to regenerate and three tin miners attacked. Tholis' bad day was just beginning.

  • Tholis, Field, Boyd, Shrub: +2,000
  • Boyd & Shrub: +1,000 for acting to save someone else's life

Visiting Red Hole (Tholis's Bad Day)

Deep within the Sea of Leaves, where the trees grew largest and the most thick was the mining village of Red Hole, a settlement somewhere between the fey kingdoms, somewhere between worlds, someplace all alone. Tholis, Boyd and Shrub entered the village. Field stayed behind with Klutch and Acorn.

Boyd and Shrub approached the old mine while Tholis explored the village. In one yard Tholis found a tree decorated origami birds. Quickly the birds took wing and chased Tholis towards the old inn. Their thin wings paper cutting through his magical shields and they exploded into small fireballs upon impact. In the inn Tholis finds a young girl and an elderly woman. The young girl was sitting at a table tying together stick figures. Tholis' presence in the great room seemed to cause the stick figures to come to life. Tholis attempted to sleep everything in the room, only affecting the girl and old woman. The stick figure army moved towards Tholis. Then even the red hot fireplace irons came to life and joined the chase. With flaming logs rolling across the inn's floor, advancing fireplace irons and a stick army, and exploding paper cranes, Tholis dashed blinding out of Red Hole back towards where he had left Field and the rest.

Meanwhile, Boyd and Shrub attempted to descend into the old mining shaft. Deep within the mine something was “alive”. As they neared what has been described as an orb with several hardpoints for attachments, the support beams straining to hold up the mine seemed to take life. The shaft rumbled and boulders fell. Boyd and Shrub made it out only to find a walking farm accident waiting for them. The ammagamation of farm utensils, haybales, tree stumps and wire challanged the two short adventurers then headed down the road. A running battle ensued with the walking farm accident catching fire.

Somewhere along the line, a flock of paper cranes chased Field. In the end, the GMC ended up back in the tainted Land of Saffron Skies, staring cautiously back at the road to Red Hole through the Sea of Leaves.

  • Tholis, Field, Boyd, Shrub: +3,000
  • Tholis: +4,000; for having a really bad day
  • Field: +1,500 for dealing with Acorn and taking flight through the woods
  • Shrub & Boyd: +3,500 for entering the mine and battle the walking farm accident


I have been out again on the river, rowing. I find nothing new.

Bright Xanzibar to Hob Market

Having survived the Red Hole and the Sea of Leaves the Agents of Grimmsveldt returned to Bright Xanzibar where they boarded a boat on to sail down the Brandywine to Jack's Kingdom. Along the way the boat passed near a copper lode and the powers of Red Hole attempted to sieze control of the ship. Tholis discovered some of the powers of the eye fragment. Boyd joined the dark fey captain, Buckthorn, as he ventured into the Hob Market to trade in some odd wares.

  • Tholis, Field, Boyd: +3,000
  • Tholis: +1,500 for discovering clues on the eye's power
  • Boyd: +1,000 for leaving the Hob Market much how it was when you all first arrived

Hob Market to Jack's Kingdom

The continuation to Jack's Kingdom was uneventful. At Jack's Kingdom the Agents with Acorn and her table in tow thumped their way to The Ripening Vine, home of the Summer Court of Jack's Kingdom. A long evening was spent until Grandfather Thunder arrived. The Agents of Grimmsveldt (OK, actually only Field) offered Grandfather Thunder the Greater Mistletoe, harvested by a silver sickle under a full harvest moon. Grandfather Thunder welcomed the fey into his court, provided he and the agents a boat and safe passage to Avalonlea, and most importantly gave Acorn the nymph a new home.

  • Tholis: +1,500, though his only memories of Jack's Kingdom are the hours of simulating conversation with a blue fey “do you like trees, I like trees, trees are nice, do you like trees, I like trees, I like nice trees, trees are nice…”
  • Field: +4,000 for willing handing over the source of all fey power to Grandfather Thunder what he does with Acorn, I mean the mistletoe is yet to be determined, but pity be the Huntress in the Night.
  • Boyd: +1,500 for breaking even in Ten Brownie Draw
  • D'Hab: +1,500 for dancing and prancing and letting her inner fey be free in a brief djinn-free moment

Jack's Kingdom to Avalonlea

With Grandfather Thunder's bless, and a nice sailing boat, the Agents of Grimmsveldt continued down the Brandywine towards Avalonlea. There was a brief moment and anxiety when the boat passed through a very narrow canyon, when very shadows of the canyon walls seemed alive, but the passage was uneventful. Field pondered ever going back to the realm of mortals.

Avalonlea is the fey world overlaid upon the mortal city-kingdom of Avalon. It did not take long for the Agents to realize that the two worlds were merging, much like the vision Field had when he last “walked” with JQ. The Agents when to see the queen. After meeting with the Market Queen in the now blending mortal/fey marketplace, the Agents, still in Avalonlea headed to meet the Queen of Avalonlea in her tower above all of Avalonlea. While passing through the fortress at the base of the tower, the fortress that coincides with the fortress of Avalon, Tholis picked up some evil vibes. The Agents met and dined with, and heard the Queen's lament. From the top of the tower they noticed the rising strife consuming both Avalon and Avalonlea; they also noticed three points of Black Templar evil. They fled the tower and found themselves at the very point of colliding worlds, crashing amber shards, the uniting, a total crapstorm.

  • Everyone: +2,000
  • Tholis: +1,500 for picking up bad vibes.

Don't Throw Mages in Glass Houses

As the Agents of Grimmsveldt reach the main hall of the grand fortress of Avalonlea/Avalon, they find themselves at a crossroad between plans. They also find themselves confront by a court mentalist and guards. A battle commences, two guards are injured, and the Agents end up in a narrow hallway with Klutch holding an unconscious mentalist above his head, a line of bowmen poised for a TPK (total party kill) and Tholis spewing out mana walls. In the end the Agents end up back in the mortal world and on their way to meet Prince Arundal and the royal court of Avalon.

  • Tholis: +4,500
  • Field: +4,200
  • Klutch: +4,000
  • D'hab: +3,000

In the Court of Youthful Princes

The city-kingdom of Avalon is on the brink of war with its rival, Landfell. The young prince and his equally youth advisors hunger for war. The people of Avalon hunger for war, for Landfell is linked directly to the missing princess, Ariel. But Prince Arundal did listen to the Agents and seemed to believe them. Tholis/Zoey has a bad feeling about a member of the court. As the Agents leave the grand fortess, an elderly woman passes Tholis a two-metalled coin, warned them and told him to find the Bilge Rats Hungry. Aided by an unseen scream, the Agents make a mad dash through the court guard. There's some bashing, swinging, jumping and the disolving of a gate.

After only a few hours back in the mortal world the Agents find themselves running for their lives, being chased through the streets of Avalon by the royal horse guard.

  • Tholis, Field, Klutch, D'hab: +2,500
  • Klutch: +1,000 for inventing guard-jumping
  • Tholis: +1,000 for solving the issue of the closing gate

Go on and Kiss 'da Girl

The Agents of Grimmsveldt leave the main streets and dart into an alley. Standing out in a crowd, the fey, elf, troll and darkly exotic woman ducked into a small rowhovel finding a two small children. D'hab being the least standoutish of the Agents ventured into the back court of the rowhovel looking for more details on where to find the Bilge Rats Hungry. Over the small wall and across the open drainage ditch, D'hab met Smiler. They talked, he propositioned, she kissed him, he scream in agony, she hit him, he fell back with a broken nose. Smiler ends up tied to his bed, hanging upside down against the wall with a poisoned rag in his mouth. The Agents find a trapdoor in Smiler's rowhovel.

  • Tholis, Field, Klutch: + 2,000
  • D'hab: +6,000

Scum Flows to the Sea

Beneath Smiler's lair the Agents find a passageway/underground drainage way. The passageway is part of a simple labyrinth which leads to one of the many canals that criscross Avalon. The Agents find a ladder and trapdoor into a warehouse.

  • Tholis, Klutch, D'hab: + 1,000
  • Field: +1,500


The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.

Ebenezer Cod, Blind Sailor

The Agents of Change continue to make their way through the streets and alleys of Avalon. Their presence has not gone unnoticed by the guards loyal to the Prince. The agents are confronted with a guard and Tholis charms him. The agents continue on to the Crowsea Docks where they meet up with a blind sailor named Ebenezer Cod. He tells them a tale of The Shipwrecker and Field wants to whack him. Ebenezer Cod tells the agents about the world beneath the docks and how to find the Bilge Rats Hungry.

  • Charming the Guard - Tholis: +1,000
  • Meeting Master Cod - Tholis, Field, Boyd, Klutch, D'Hab: +2,000
  • Not Killing Master Cod - Field: +1,500

Nils Rigger, Barkeep at the Bilge Rat's Hungry

Beneath the Crowsea Docks the Agents of Change find their way through the maze of barges, narrow planks, and priestesses to find the Bilge Rats Hungry. The barkeep, Nils Rigger, points them to where the Princess Ariel Mareah at'Stormwatcher is hiding.

  • Finding the Bilge Rat's Hungry - Tholis, Field, Boyd, Klutch, D'Hab: +2,000

Ariel Mareah at'Stormwatcher, Princess in Exile

The Agents of Change find the Princess huddled in a corner of a locked room. With a myriad of options before them, they decide to return to her her true name on the silvery thread. By making this selfless act, the illusion of the princess was broken and she became several fat bilge rats. One white rat, with the silvery chord ran off along a long heavy rope to a large seagoing ship. The agents followed the rat.

  • Giving the Silvery Thread to a Rat - Tholis, Field, Boyd, Klutch, Shrub, D'Hab: +12,000
  • Following the Rat - Tholis, Field, Klutch, D'hab: +1,500

Captain Lord Vollarus, Pirate King

At the end of the heavy rope was the Starkweather and the Pirate Kings. The Agents met the captain and crew and finally returned the silvery chord to Ariel Mareah. The agents learn that the Pirate Kings have decided to use Ariel's gift to open a gate and sail into Dusk. The agents quickly left the ship, but not before receiving magical shells used to communicate with the Pirate Kings.

  • Meeting the Pirate Kings - Tholis, Field, Boyd, Klutch, D'Hab: +2,500

Phineas Shadevenom, Harbinger

The Agents of Change leave Crowsea Docks and are ambushed by Phineas Shadevenom, a harbinger hired by the Prince to rid Avalon of fey. Field gets marked.

  • Encounter with Black Fey - Tholis, Field, Boyd, Klutch, D'Hab: +3,000

Peariwhelk , Mistress of Eels

The Agents of Change do some recon at the old temple now being used by the followers of Rheyah and Gheeral the Elder. The recon was not overly successful so they visit the temple to Boris next door then return to Crowsea Docks to plot. On the way back to the Bilge Rats Hungry, they find a priest of Rheyah. He is charmed by Tholis and later fed to the eels by a priestess of The Shipwrecker.

Field chases down a human into a bar, slays hims and then flees.

  • Home Invasion, Part 1 - Tholis, Field, Boyd, Klutch, D'Hab: +3,500
  • Visiting the Brotherhood of Boris - Tholis, Field, Boyd, Klutch, D'Hab: +1,000
  • Sending a Priest of Rheyah to Meet Her (Feeding the Eels) - Tholis, Field, Boyd, Klutch, D'Hab: +1,500
  • Chasing Humans - Field: +2,000

Gheeral the Elder, Black Templar Novitias

The Agents of Change returned to the old temple and current home of Gheeral the Elder. They are met in the gardens by followers of Rheyah but eventually reach the door. Inside the door the agents faced haunted suits of arm and frog-like torch spirits. Inside they find the inner doorway and eventually remove the door. Inside the inner chamber they find Gheeral and the head and crown of dead King Marcos. Boyd jump through the magically animated chains and faced a room full of skeletons. Field and Tholis worked on the head and on Gheeral. Tholis cast a spell on the head and the resulting back blast threw Tholis back against the wall and in flames. Field split the head. In the end, Gheeral was punished for his failure by the Black Templar.

  • Home Invasion, Part 2 - Everyone: +8,000
  • Boyd “the Questionably Bold”: +3,000
  • Tholis “Keep firing spells while the body melts to the floor”: +3,000
  • Klutch “I just want to kill something”: +2,000
  • D'Hab “You want me to heal what!?!?!”: +2,800
  • Field Death-from-above-grip Slaughter-machine Third-tentacle-of-the-Shipwrecker Rainbowich: +2,800


You can't help that. We're all mad here. - The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland

The Return of the Princess

The Agents of Change carry the body of Boyd back to the Temple of Boris and then continue on to the temple of The Shipwrecker where crowds have gathered to welcome back Princess Ariel Mariah. On the way they come across a crack troop of crossbowmen, an Autumn Court nymph and some hungry fey dogs. The agents interrupt an assassination attempt.

  • Tholis, Field, D'hab, Klutch & Shrub: +5,000

Phineas Shadevenom and his Flea

The Agents of Change accompany the Princess and her followers back to the palace. They are ambushed by Phineas Shadowvenom, his pocket demon and Flea, a fey serpent. In an alleyway in Avalon the Phineas died and the agents befriended Flea and took possession of Phineas's harbinger mount.

The agents also see the Lady of the Grey taking the Queen of Avalon away, having been killed by her son.

  • Tholis, Field, D'hab & Klutch: +4,500

The Bloody Tower

Upon reaching the great palace of Avalon, the Agents of Change find the Prince and his youthful court barricaded in the White Tower. Klutch scaled the tower as a rain of blood, knives and redcaps fell around him, only to find Queen Tatyana the Fair of Avalonlea waiting on top. Within the tower, a mercenary force of redcaps mercilessly cleaned house. Many guards and youthful advisers fell. The prince and at least two advisers were carried off to face Faerie Justice.

And so the Agents of Change find themselves atop the White Tower above all of the mortal city of Avalon and fey kingdom of Avalonlea. Their actions have significantly reduced the growing tension between Avalon and its neighbor, Landfell, as well between Avalon and Avalonlea. Unfortunately the Redcaps hired by the Baron Gwynn ap Nudd of the Autumn Court had already arrived. Only a small doorway remained between the world of mortals and the world of fey. The Agents chose to stay in Avalon and wished Queen Tatyana the Fair of the Summer Court farewell. Before departing, Field was given the title of Knight-Errand of Summerlands. The Agents of Change departed the now bloody tower and where treated very well by Princess Ariel and the surviving court.

  • Tholis, Field, D'hab & Klutch: +2,500
  • Klutch: +1,500 for climbing the wall

The Book of Rimes

While resting within the ungated walls of the palace in Avalon, an adviser of the new princess brought to the agents a book reeking of fey magics. Having most recently served the royal family in several fey-related matters, the ad visor eagerly gave the agents the book. This book, titled the Book of Rimes had an elaborate cover showing cats and smoky wisps and stone-like dolls. Only eight of 13 pages remained in the book. The book was easily read by both Field and Tholis. After reading most of the first rime, Tholis got a bit carried away on the second rime and D'hab became a calico cat.

Calico cats started to show up all over the east side of Avalon. Field tried to talk with the cats and was overwhelmed. Eventually the cats changed back into young children and a story began to form. The children were following Bobby as he sang a song he found near a play area. Field led the children back home, confronted a living stone gate and found Bobby, in the form of a calico war cat. Field took Bobby the cat to the Crowsea Docks and fed him fish.

About the same time Boyd and Klutch headed over to the Bilge Rats Hungry. At the Crowsea Docks Klutch found a calico cats and Boyd found an ash-covered silver mug. The cat was a boy named Robby and the silver mug belonged to Ebenezer Cod. Like Ebenezer, the mug was cursed.

Field took Bobby the cat back to the palace. Everyone ended up back at the Bilge Rats Hungry and accompanied Shellie the priestess to the Starkweather.

  • Tholis: +2,000
  • Field: +4,000
  • D'Hab: +1,500
  • Klutch & Boyd: +3,000

Resting on the Stillness of a Vengeful Sea

Three days out of Avalon, the three ships belonging to the Pirates Kings, the Starkweather, the Feral Winds, and the Indigo Fury passed near a Golong Primary warship of massive size. It is said that these warships have giants as oarsmen and dragon-warriors as deckhands. Being much more maneuverable than the warships, the pirates quickly left the area only to come across a debris field. They found only one survivor, a young woman named Dennerey Cooper, from Landfell. Amongst the wreckage of the King Luddermark III they also find the robes and holy symbol of Kelppy, the priestess of the King Luddermark III. While rescuing Dennerey, Klutch was attacked by Hull Demons, creature that leave on the hulls of ships and feed on unlucky souls who fall in the water. The Starkweather becomes infected with Hull Demons.

Dennerey tells the Agents of Change that she traveled to Wolfsbane on a diplomatic mission with the dauphin prince of Landfell (and to find her older brother, Mein), but the dauphin prince was kidnapped by the Medusa and turned to gold. The Medusa now demands a ransom from the aging king of Landfell.

Dennerey also tells the agents that a man by the name of Meanthril with a lot of luggage boarded the King Luddermark III in Juggernaut Run. He spent a lot of time with Kelppy. About two weeks before their ship was attacked by a Golong Primary warship, Dennerey remembers hearing a dull bell ringing in the night. The next day Meanthril was gone.

Dennerey also comes terms with having been chosen by The Shipwrecker to be a priestess.

  • Field, D'hab, Boyd & Klutch: +3,000
  • Klutch: +2,000
  • Boyd: +1,000

Castaway and Bitterwinds

The three ships crossed over to the Missing Sea and arrived at the floating island known as Bitterwinds. The port town of about 1000 people celebrated the return of their three ships. At Bitterwinds the agents met the fourth pirate king, Delamatray, and a prison, Captain Oriana of the Fifth Black Ship. The agents discover that Captian Oriana and the Fifth Black Ship was summoned out of the Missing Sea by a magical bell. They took on a passenger, Meanthril, who quickly took over the ship and its zombie crew.

  • Field, D'hab, Boyd & Klutch: +1,000
  • Field: +1,500 for being the logical one

Templars on Ice

The agents boarded the Feral Winds with Captain Prince Darius SteCroix and priestess Annalise SteCroix to seek out the Fifth Black Ship. They convinced both Captain Prince Darius SteCroix and Captain Lord Delamatray to allow them to take the prisoner, Captain Oriana with them.

While out at sea, the crew of the Feral Winds spot an iceberg in the otherwise tropical sea. Field did a recon glide and was struck by Darkfire. Upon the iceberg stood a spellcasting zombie. As the iceberg drifted closer the the ship, the crew fire ballistas and crossbows. Klutch threw things, then jumped to the iceberg. Boyd and D'hab set out in a small boat and Field glided down. The zombie fell into the water but continued to cast spells. Field fought back with Pyschi and finally the zombie's head was smashed into 30 pieces.

  • Field, D'hab, Boyd & Klutch: +2,500


We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. - H.P. Lovecraft

The Battle of the Missing Sea

The Feral Winds continued to sail into the Missing Sea chasing the Fifth Black Ship. The Fifth Black Ship continued releasing Deathwalkers on icebergs. In the middle of the Missing Sea the Feral Winds discovers a mysterious island rising up at a steep incline out of the still waters. Off the coast of the Tilted Island a final battle took place and the Fifth Black Ship was scuttled. Captain Oriana was set afloat to return to her ship.

  • Everyone: +5,000

Sinking the Tilted Isle

The Agents of Grimmsveldt went ashore on the Tilted Isle to find an abandoned port village. They ransacked a Black Templar forge and discovered the lodgings of a ….

  • Everyone +7,500
  • Tholis (for sacrificing Zoi): + 2,500

Standoff with the Thirteen Black Ships

With the Tilted Isle sunk, the Feral Winds now faced seven of the Thirteen Black Ships.

  • Everyone: +2,500

On Stage at the Grand Illusion Theatre

The Agents of Grimmsveldt return to the lands of the Throne Empire, being set ashore at Juggernaut Run.

  • Everyone: +2,500


What sane person could live in this world and not be crazy. - Ursula K. LeGuin

The Party at Wyverns Keep

  • Lady of Wyverns Keep, Lady Maize Zlatorog
  • Spiritual Advisor to Lady of Wyverns Keep, Ahsor
  • Trystan the fiddler, deceased
  • Court Knights, Mirko and Dmitar (Dmitar fell into the void)
  • Ladies in waiting, Mirna sister of Mirko, Aleksandrine, and Toncka Ravenhook
  • Lady Katross of Juggernaut Run, older noble woman
  • Trefor and Mabyn of Avalon, stranded noblemen
  • Greengrocer, Bayard the Grocer (also “fell” into the void) and wife, Fawne
  • Thosa of Market Street & Ursanne, member of the Market Advisory Board
  • Pryce Adder & Gen, nobles from Old Town
  • Crystin Adder, daughter of Pryce and Gen Adder
  • Tegan Lasko, daughter of Maxem Lasko and Llyn of Gold Town
  • Dinis of Vulgar and Aloisio the Pup (of the meatpacking district), rakish youths
  • Vicor and Netuno, two more rakish youths

The Lodge in Callix Maccaw

  • The Lodge Master of Callix Maccaw is Adeptus Ytara Zlatorog
  • Her Four Initiates: Icon Royal, Aksaloan, Ahsor, and Anarrexie
  • Trystan the fiddler, deceased
  • Trystan the facilitator, blown up, twice
  • The Lodge in Callix Maccaw is one of Eight Lodges linked to the floating cloud cities of the Sky Princes. The Lodge Masters (Adeptus) and their (Initiatus) are so far removed from Dusk that they are not tainted. The Initiatus, Novitias (e.g., Gheerel the Elder) and the Adeptus) make up the Outer Circle of the Black Templar.


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. - Henry David Thoreau

The Party at Wyverns Keep

Based on information received from the vampires at the Grand Illusion Theatre, the Agents of Grimmsveldt head up to Wyverns Keep to join in the nightly festivities. The feast and dance turned dark when the party-goers begin passing around a shape-edged gem. Their blood assisted in opening a gate in the floor. When the agents interrupted the ritual a strange beast arrived. Boyd discovered the beast's spikes exploded. The fiddler was killed. The Agents found the Lemur Key.

  • Everyone: +4,800

Taking Down the Callix Maccaw Lodge

The Callix Maccaw Lodge is one of eight lodges where the Black Templar has so deeply buried their roots that their taint is not detectable by The Shipwrecker and the Fangs of Baal Nadu. It was discovered by the Agents of Grimmsveldt following the party at Wyverns Keep using the Lemur Key.

  • Adeptus (Adept) Ytara Zlatorog - Callix Maccaw Lodge Master and sister of Lady Maize Zlatorog
  • Initiiatus (Initiate) Icon Royal
  • Initiiatus (Initiate) Aksaloan
  • Initiiatus (Initiate) Ahsor
  • Initiiatus (Initiate) Anarrexie

The lodge was well protected by fire elementals and glyphs. The Adeptus and Initiati escaped.

  • Everyone: +6,500

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Boyd forges the Calling Chime. Tholis battles a glyph-master at the Grand Illusion Theatre and pisses off the vampires. Field soars. Shrub slays. D'Hab heals and harms. And The Shipwrecker gets mad. Just another day in Juggernaut Run.

  • Everyone: +11,900

Calling Forth the Kraken

Aboard the Feral Winds, the Agents of Grimmsveldt find themselves in possession of the Glyph Book of Belon II. The book, deemed WTF evil by everyone, except maybe Boyd, must be destroyed. Annalise Ste Croix, the priestess of The Shipwrecker for the Feral Winds called forth the Kraken. All hell breaks loose, the book is taken by the Kraken along with parts of Juggernaut Run, and even the remains of the juggernaut that once rested on the harbor floor.

  • Everyone: +4,000

Taking the Path to Bane

With the ruins of the Free City of Juggernaut Run before them and the massing of a great armada preparing to call forth the sky ship and the Black Templar, the Agents of Grimmsveldt decide to set out on the dangerous quest of finding Bane, the creator of all Shoggoth who resides in Crimson Hall.

  • Tholis, Field, Boyd: +1,500

A Night at the Skinwalker's Village

The Agents of Grimmsveldt are dropped off on the show south of Wolfsbane and make their way up the fjord to the Skinwalker's Village. The party goes on and on. After the party and resting, the Agents are lead over the pass and find themselves looking down upon the village of Woodsgrove and Three Angels Keep.

  • Tholis, Field, Boyd: +2,000
  • Tholis, for finding his inner beast: +1,000


Problems are only opportunities with thorns on them. - Hugh Miller

The Thief and the Thorns

As the Agents of Grimmsveldt make their way down to Three Angels Keep, they cross paths with thorn dogs and spruce harpies.

  • Everyone: +3,500
  • Boyd: +2,000
  • Shrub: +2,000

Dogs in the Fog

Still on the hillside, the Agents meet up with bounty hunters and their fog hounds.

  • Tholis, Field, Boyd, Shrub, Gemma and D'Hab: +3,700
  • Gemma: +2,800


A Victory without danger is a triumph without glory. - Pierre Corneille

A Night with Callie

The Agents explore the hillsides and valley around Grimmsveldt. They find werebruin bounty hunters, a glyph covered monolith to the First Wolf and a slightly feral Empress Callie. They spend the even in Callie's lair, protected by the descendants of the King of the World.

  • Tholis, Field, Boyd, Gemma and D'Hab: +2,500
  • Tholis: +2,300
  • Boyd: +1,200

+ D'Hab: +1,000

Natasha and the Druid

The Agents meet a powerful druid hiring bounty hunters to catch a wolf, the wolf hunter Natasha, and find the Silver Cage.

  • Tholis, Field, Boyd, and D'Hab: +2,500
  • Boyd and Shrub: +1,400
  • Tholis, Field, and D'Hab: +1,500

Performance Adequate, Sir

The Agents of Grimmsveldt leave Natasha's camp and head for Peabody's Tavern in Woodsgrove to confront the leader of the Sand Seas troops. They sense they are being watched. Boyd and Field notice movement in the shadows. The moment Tholis mentions that Prince Helsing is a werewolf a volley of crossbow bolts fly at him and the Sand Seas leader. Tholis's mana warrior is slow to react. Another creature crashes through the floor boards, and another comes through the roof. There is a lot of blood. D'Hab does her thing. Inside Peabody's the Agents notice an eclipse of moths take flight. The Agents pursue. Another bolt flies towards Tholis; his mana servant leaps in front and takes the fatal blow.

  • Tholis, Field, Boyd, and D'Hab: +3,500
  • Tholis: +1,200
  • D'Hab: +1,500

The Death of Thistlespit

Thistlespit appears atop Three Angels Keep. The keep is surrounded by a wall of thrones. Boyd gets ripped to shreds. Tholis gets locked out and mass summons fey. D'Hab dances with spruce harpies, then saves Boyd's life. Three willow fey join Field and Boyd in fighting Thistlespit. Tholis utters the “WORD OF DEATH” at Thistlespit. Thistlespit charges Field and the two of them fall to the ground. Thistlespit is dead (again). Field is almost dead. Boyd is back from the dead. D'Hab is comatose.

The Agents leave Woodsgrove on the road to Wolfsbane.

  • Tholis, Field, Boyd, and D'Hab: +9,000
  • Tholis: +7,500
  • Field: +9,000
  • Boyd: +5,000
  • D'Hab: +3,500


It's the same with men as with horses and dogs, nothing wants to die. — Tom Waits

The Promise of a Thousand Kingdoms

The Agents of Grimmsveldt decide to skirt around the City of Wolfsbane only to find Sand Seas troops camped out. While passing close to an encampment of supply wagons and camp followers, the Agents notice a strange dark cloud hanging over the camp. Field attacks, the strange dark cloud takes on the form of a giant skeleton. Field leaps upon the skeleton. Boyd disarms the skeleton. Tholis' horse is vaporized from beneath him. The skeleton then changes into a dragon-like creature, attempts to flee and destroys the encampment. The Agents link the creature to an elemental windchime and a shaman/priest (who is inevitably killed). The Agents of Grimmsveldt and an army from the Sand Seas have a standoff, turn and go their separate ways.

  • Tholis +4000 (for draining the magic from the undead elemental spirit)
  • Field +4500 (for riding the undead elemental spirit)
  • Boyd +4200 (for disarming the undead elemental spirit)

A Sky Ship Passes

The ship of heaven guides itself and will not accept a wooden rudder - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Agents of Grimmsveldt hear the bells of Wolfsbane ring out. Farther away, a more ominious tone rings out as well. The gates of Wolfsbane open and the Armies of a Thousand Kingdoms march out. The Agents, traveling a head of the great army, witness a great rift opening between their world and Dusk, framed by two erupting volcanoes. A sky ship appears and sails over the Agents causing a wake of wicked winds and shadowy shapes along its path. The Agents strategically take refuge beneath an ancient bridge.

  • Tholis +2000
  • Field +2000
  • Boyd +2000

The White Rook

Atop a rocky crag, at the upper landing of a long staircase cut for a race much larger than the men who climb it now is an alabaster tower known to some who have studied history as the “White Rook.” The rook, or tower was once part of the home of the King of the World. From the upper landing the White Rook is separated by a deep ravine and two bridges. Within the Rook, there are three floors. The first floor has two staircases leading to the second floor. The second floor is retrofitted with a bizarre mechanical contraption. A single stair case leads up to the third floor and a bare raised platform in the center of the room. The walls of the third floor have been encrusted with jade. It was the home of a jaded cockatrice.

From the eight windows of second floor the King of the World could see all the lands he controlled as if the existed right out his window. From the third floor the King of the World could travel to visit his two brothers.

The Agents battle a soul whisperer and a couple life leeches. The jaded cockatrice briefly jades Tholis. The party rescues Yvetta of the House of Markovich from the Kingdom of Winterfall.

  • Tholis +4200 (for facing off with the soul whisperer)
  • Field +4600 (for becoming the jaded cockatrice)
  • D'Hab +3800
  • Boyd +4200
  • Gemma +3000
  • Yvetta +2500

The Kingdom of Graves

Sentimental irony is a dog that bays at the moon while pissing on graves. - Karl Kraus

Based on what they saw from the White Rook, the Agents of Grimmsveldt headed into the desert in search of the Crimson Hall and the Kingdom of Graves. Led by D'Hab's knowledge of deserts and Yvetta's scouting ability, the Agents walked to an apocalyptic sand storm. Wandering blindly them stumbled upon an unnatural battlefield and a great golden fell beast. D'Hab falls into an excavation hole and the Agents find themselves in an ancient buried bathhouse surrounded by a rapture of Peri and Deev. Using the map Boyd had acquired they calculated where the Crimson Hall was located. About that time the Agents were attacked by a seduction of Albino Goat Spawn. These wailing, musk-secreting, mana-spitting, clawed beasts tore at the Agents and vaporized most everything on Field. With the defeat of the Albino Goat Spawn, the Agents discovered the Crimson Hall.

  • Tholis +6500
  • Field +7500
  • D'Hab +5500 (for finding the pit during a raging sand storm)
  • Yvetta +3000

The Soulstone of the Amber Turtle

It is said that when the eight cities of heaven fell from the sky the Great Amber Turtle was shattered into many worlds. At that time the Soul of the Great Amber Turtle also shattered into eighteen pieces, nine were dominated by lawfulness and nine were dominated by chaos. These 18 fragments were known as Peri and Deev, and they traveled between the many shattered worlds, but could influence, but not directly intervene. Eventually one of the Deev were captured and transformed into the Mask of Bane, and her chaotic nature was used to sire the Shoggoth. For centuries Bane was used to created a great army of mercenaries, until an immortal warrior stole the mask and hid it within the ruins of the Kingdom of Graves. The transformed Deev remained hidden for several centuries until it was discovered and returned to her siblings. And while the many worlds remain divided, the Soul of the Great Amber Turtle is united, but yet not fully balanced; a small flaw remains, a missing fragment, a hairline crack, a lost keystone…

What lies within Crimson Hall scares Tholis. The mask of Bane sleeps up an ebony column, surrounded by two sarcophagi; the ceiling is crawling with Albino Goat Spawn; and a spectral guardian stands guard. Field, en-scrolled with Ox Strength, Deer Speed, Ferret Focus, and other animalistic spells charged the mask. Tholis created an army of mana warriors. Bane now belonged to House Grimmsveldt. Yvetta acts all possessed like. Field returns Bane to her siblings.

The Peri and Deev reunite into the Soul of the Amber Turtle, calling back all the foul sire of the formally transformed Deev.

All is quiet. The Agents of Grimmsveldt now stand before a eight-cubic foot block of pure amber, buried in an ancient bathhouse within the Kingdom of Graves, while a great golden fell beast rules the desert above.

  • Tholis +5000
  • Field +7000 (bonus for handing over Bane)
  • D'Hab +5000
  • Yvetta +4000


Homeward Bound

Tonight I'll sing my songs again, I'll play the game and pretend But all my words come back to me, in shades of mediocrity Like emptiness and harmony, I need someone to comfort me. - Paul Simon

The Agents of Grimmsveldt return home, retracing their steps along the west front of the mountain range. The pass by the volcanoes that hold open the gates to Dusk and meet up with a children's crusade. the Agents convince the young army to return home. Eventually the agents reach the place where Grimmsveldt one existed.

  • Tholis, Field, and Gemma +3,000

Finding Grimmsveldt

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.- Maya Angelou

The Agents of Grimmsveldt finally find passage to hidden Grimmsveldt. It is a trap and the Agents face some shapechanging plant creatures. Eventually the Agents find Grimmsveldt, meet up with the fey of the Ever Ancient Grove, and deposits several of their treasures deep beneath the manor house.

  • Tholis, Field, Gemma + 3,000

Journey to Dusk/The Return of Bree

Tie me at the crossroads when I die Hang me in the wind 'til I get good and dry. - Bruce Cochburn

The Agents of Grimmsveldt embark along the Seven Bridges Roads. Along the way they discover a universe of Dwarven engineers, and mysteries. They reach the Inn at the Crossroads, now in disrepair, now the home of the younger time dragon Tic-Toc. After much debate the Agents head off to Dusk to rescue the manifestation of the goddess Bree.

Dusk sucks; a hellish world ravaged by war and magic. The last of the army of the Promise of a Thousand Kingdoms was held up in Belon III. Deep beneath the surface of Dusk, crazed necromancers and possessed constructs still pushed for war. Tholis takes control of one of the machines. Field and Gemma head underground and battle the necromancers.

The Promise of a Thousand Kingdoms, the manifestation of Bree is rescued, the remaining army forces lead home. Fieldmaiden Jericho was slain in battle, though her soul and spirit now possesses the sword Milton.

The goddess Bree returns to the Inn at the Crossroads. The Agents of Grimmsveldt return to Grimmsveldt. The sword Jericho attunes to Field.

  • Tholis +10,000
  • Field + 18,000
  • Gemma + 10,000

And so ends In the Light of a Pale Sun, Book II of the Amber Trilogy


Squirming, squirming from the deep

Eating shepherds, eating sheep

Burning worms made of brass

'Til Field and Tholis kicked their ass.

— Grimmsveldt children's rhyme

A Worm Came in the Night

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