Rob's Line: The Integral Gyres

June 2008

The Revelation of the mendicant who called himself Asper Cadshell.

The Names List

April 2008

A Recommended Name Change

Recap right before April Gaming

Ok, I'm going to try to recap for the game on Saturday, but I'm leaving blanks for younger, more intellectually fit people to fill in.

We find ourselves for no particular reason out in the hills and plains. We're not sure why, but we get attacked. That was the penultimate game that we failed to summarize.

In our last outing, we are sleeping in the copse. Our horses are attacked by some griffon/wolf hybrid. They kill one horse, and eat the hell out of it while we kill them. The mother escapes, though Gentrick tries to lure it back into the field for a rematch. No luck.

But we do get an interesting botany lesson when the Horsedeathflowers bloom the next morning. Gentrick sees them, doesn't like the look of them, and moves on. Jacqueb sees them, doesn't like the look of them, and gets an arm full buckshot from the little buggers, who must have had blood thinner in the venom because our healer bled like…well never mind.

He finally clotted and we moved on. Jacqueb and Anklam took us on a wild goose chase through the fields to a magic black hole of some kind. We move on to the town of Addarshelm.

We find out quickly that Larry the Forvalaka started his journey here. At first it sounded like something undead crawled out of the crypt in the temple, but after a search, where Gentrick was damn near naked throughout the investigation, we only discovered a charming sub-basement in this temple owned and operated by Jacqueb's cult sect religion.

More bar scenes and we find the pirates. They forced Larry onto a ship and ran him out to the sea. So now we know how he got the boat. The pirate captain Foamfollower (Vespira Bario) is depressed because he sentenced his comrades to death at the hands of Larry. He gets ice cream from Maemi, Patience and Anklam, but he still can't shake his depression. Also meet his first mate, Marlise Casiro(female) and another mate Fletcher Wilf.

Bob (not Gentrick, Knight of the Long Curses)

February 2008

Paychence's well-thought-out plan saturday_1_.pdf

February Events–WTF Anklam?!

How can we best put this: “Anklam, what the h*ll did you do to p*ss off Mr. Eleven?” and why would he send a creature renown for razing villages to fetch you? Now we are playing hide-n-seek with fanatical bowmen on painted ponies out on the prairie because the city was getting a bit 'tense“. Have you ever tried pickpocketing a crazed charging horsemen? Not fun!!!

The Leftover Days - The Third Night After killing the cat-like thing (from here on out to be known as the forvalaka) in Anklam's & Sade's apartment, most the party spent the night there. Maemi slept at the Emerald Eel.

The Leftover Days - The Fourth Day (the Feast Day) The next morning we discovered that when sunlight hit the corpse of the forvalaka it changed from a shimmery cat thing to a human (Very Cat Peoplesque). We also found a strange medallion around the next of the corpse. Bandulu attempted to remove the medallion and burned his hand. Gentrick and Paycence were able to remove the medallion without suffering Bandulu's fate. The medallion and chain is made of aluminum…yes, aluminum (a very rare material worked by a very very few smiths). The medallion has a cat symbol on it and Tarajan runes on it. To keep it safe we are carrying it in one of Anklam's old socks.

Lore Note: Taraja is located in the mountains far to the north beyond the plains where the horsefolk battle for dominance. The Tarajan live in boat-like long houses and are said to have fell from the sky.

We spent the Feasting Day of Leftover Days eating free food, cashing out some gems, buying some equipment and learning more about the forvalaka. We scored very well with the coral encrusted cornerstone of the new Sea Temple belched forth by the sea during the darker earlier Leftover Days….ended up donating all 4000 gp to the sea temple.

We met with a very wise teacher at the locale Makassar Institute of Mundane Knowledge (different from the magical schools). Based on his knowledge and abilities we learned the following:

1. The Forvalaka Medallion was potentially created a long time ago by a group of twelve who sacrificed many large cats.

2. The Forvalaka Medallion says “Move Swiftly, Kill Silently”

3. For all practical reasons, Anklam should be dead or at least buried up to his neck in kitty litter.

4. The “first” forvalaka appeared in Taraja some 50 years ago. Shortly after their appearance, villages were razed and the forvalaka where eventually herded up and sealed in a vault. A few years back, mariner lore has it that a pirate ship was attacked by forvalaka as it entered Makassar harbor. When the harbormaster reached the ship, the crew was dead but one survivor. The ship was brought into the harbor anyway. Apparently forvalaka don't eat, don't sleep and don't die.

5. Sailors and mariners are very superstitious and do not like even hearing the word “forvalaka”

Later on Feast Day, Gentrick and Paycence visited Paycence's aunt. She was a bit concerned after hearing that Mr. Eleven was desperately looking for something. This something may be the forvalaka, the forvalaka medallion, or Anklam. Nonetheless, crossing Mr. Eleven is not a good thing on so many levels.

Meanwhile, on a less gentile side of town, Bandulu was down on Dream Street when his attention was diverted from a roan-haired beauty named Strawberry by a battle in the streets. From his vantage point on the roof of the brothel, Bandulu watched the Joy Boys battle another local gang until the city watch arrived.

Lore Note: The Joy Boys were originally a bunch of bored and spoiled rich kids from a better part of town. It is said that they'd ocassionally steal from their own families. They grew more powerful. During the riots about four years ago Mr. Eleven took advantage of the chaos and purged Makassar of the Joy Boys (several blocks of the city were also razed in the effort). Some say the leader of the Joy Boys fled back to his family's home.

What we don't know whether the Joy Boys have returned or if it was a bunch of Joy Boy Wanabes.

(Gentrick note: I'd bet my leg greaves those two nancy boys we ran into during the whirlwind storm out on the plains were once Joy Boys.)

The Leftover Days - The Fifth Day (the Clean up Day)

January 2008

“A plan which succeeds is bold, one which fails is reckless.”

- General Karl von Clauswitz

So guys and girls let's go save our healer's hind quarter section!

December 2007

Up on the Roof

“A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.” –George S. Patton

**Gentrick's playbook**


October/November 2007

The story so far for the Rain Dogs.

How we ever got this group together is beyond me. We seemed knitted together by disaster and strife rather than by common goals or some larger purpose. We all met during the assassination of the leaders of some of the hill tribes. The assassination killed about 8 leaders, and the ramifications for organization and justice outside of Makassar will be felt for years. I and some of the then-bystanders did what we could to protect them, but the ambush was long-planned and executed with discipline. I and the dark man, Bandulu, did what we could to dispatch the villians, but it was more punishment than actual prevention. He and I will fight well together in future battles: he is all muscle and agility while I am all armor and weapons. He is quite handy with a couple of knives he uses and I am glad to have met such a warrior. The rest of our group is populated by 2 women, 1 very young man, and Jaqeb the Healer.

My handling of the prisoners will cause me some pennance.

We then travelled to Makassar and ran into some wind and some theives.

The Leftover Days celebration was taking shape as we got into the city to deliver Jaqeb's tribute to his temple. We delivered the theives up to their families due to complications with the authorities and their own standing in the community.

Then things got complicated.

Hanging out at the Temple square, most of us encountered some sort of magical anomaly that became quite dangerous. It sucked the metal out of our wagon, rolled around destroying things and ultimately disintegrated the whole Temple. We got everyone out in time save the tribesman who had survived the earler assassination. I hesistate to editorialize about whether he had been marked by Death somehow and could not escape his fate, but I do wonder.

I also wonder that none of the members of the temple jumped to the conclusion that this was a massive attack by a rival temple. I certainly did. They must know something I don't, because no one has even suggested such a thing. If their god actually visited this destruction on their temple, I cannot imagine the magnitude of their sins to create such a reaction. Perhaps the sea god is more hands-on than other deities I have knowledge of.

The destruction of one of Makassar's great buildings was followed by a tidal wave of water and diverse sea creatures, hitting the empty space where the temple once was with some force.

The rest of the day was taken up with crowd control and trying to get Jaqeb's mother out of her traumatic trance. We finally got her tucked in for the night at a hotel and went down to the docks to have a subdued celebration of Leftover Day. I had a nice time at the bar helping out and standing guard over my comrades.

While in the bar, I got a premonition of danger unlike anything I've ever had before. I knew where it was going to happen, so I rushed out to the docks. Two steps and the entire fireworks ship burst into an explosion and fire. I spotted two suspects and alerted the authorities. They charged me with retrieving them, which I could not do save for the magic and ingenuity of Paycence.

She delivered the sleeping villians up to the authorities.

Finally, we took a job from some guy to rescue some sword from a underworld pawn broker. This took us into the bad area of town where, due to my failure to strategize and protect our group, we got attacked by cuthroats and villians. We defeated them but not before one of them stuck a dagger in the throat of Anklem, our young charge.

We are now trying to figure out if we can save his life. If we cannot, there will be hell to pay.



JacQeb's backround and history are located here. It will continue to evolve over the next few days.

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