Because I have trouble with names in the game, I'm proposing this project of collecting the names of important people in the game we have met. This will be essentially a cast of characters, so I don't have to strain my aged brain to think of the name of whomever I am talking to (because a lot of them look just like Rob). I'll start:

Creatures, Gods, and Goddesses

Ascendents – Mortal that have achieved or ascended to an incredible state of power to the point where they are worshiped as gods.

Creeping Chaos – An “Ascendent”. Thought to be an embodiment of chaos. Believed to like magic and have a great capacity for travel. It is also possible that a cult worships it. May have been traveling in a box of some sort in a liquid or semi-liquid state. Is thought to have been traveling to Makassar. It is possible that is was the thing Jaqueb expelled from the well in Addershelm and that it snuck into a cartfull of tribute sent from Addershelm to the Temple of the Sea at Makassar. It is also possible that it was involved with and/or destroyed by the event causing the destruction of the Temple of the Sea. Paycence's aunt sent her to the bridge where the Rain Dogs first met to investigate and possibly thwart an attempt by Creeping Chaos to enter Makassar.

Eight-ton Crazy – Gentrick's horse, one with a bit of a warhorse complex though he is nowhere near big enough. He is fine for carrying Gentrick into mounted battle, but must be constantly reigned in lest he take on foes way beyond his capabilities. (G)

Forvalaka – About fifty years ago the forvalaka first showed up in Teraja. It is said that upon their arrival entire villages were wiped out. The Forvalaka cannot be killed so they were captured and sealed up in a vault. Forvalaka do not eat, do not sleep. Several years later a Forvalaka reportedly appeared on a pirate ship. Everyone was killed except for one person. The harbormaster brought the ship into the harbor, despite objections from suspicious sailors and mariners. (PE)

So far, besides the Rain Dogs, Jonathan Wizyso, Mandeross Whitmeyr, Van Pathas and Marlise know of our killing of the forvalaka. Should Mr. Eleven find out, it would through one of them. (PE)

Llakka – Maemi's new kitty. Friendly, fuzzy, cute, and cuddly. Kept in a small cage on Rikku's back. (M)

Mesarumpulus – Little brown-skinned fuckers with tusks. (M)

Oponns - Someone help me here I have a note related to Crishop the priest but I am not sure if this is a god, person, or place (M).

Rikku – A beautiful black mare with silver threads woven into its mane and tail. Maemi's horse. (M)

Rocky the Miracle DogRocky is a Tibetan Terrier known throughout the land as a fearless defender of his tribe. Experienced evil motorcyclists, cement truck operators, and boat-towing pickup truck drivers take the longer road around Rocky's tribal lands. Rocky is also famous for his abilities as a forager and his sneaking abilities approach those of a grand master thief. (M)

Wyval – A large gargoyle like dragon. Also the name of the unaligned cards in the fortunetellers deck. (PE)


Anklam – A 14 year old street urchin with an incredible knack for picking locks, memorization, disappearing in a crowd, and hitting things with rocks. 5'8“ tall, 122 lbs (scrawny), usually dirty, has some acne, dark, raggedly cut hair. Wears a homespun shirt and trousers, with a thick leather jerkin/vest, but now wears good boots with nice buttons. Typically carries a cloth sack with 8-10 stones well suited for throwing (weapon of choice), along with other minor odds and ends. Weapon for brawling is still a shillaleigh, although has acquired a pistol and is learning to use that. Sky Path.

Arnik – Council member. (PE)

Asper Cadshell – A drunken “prophet” who is famous for spouting gibberish but has recently caught some sort of strange fever that enhanced the possible importance of his preaching. Asper Cadshell is also the proprietor of Relics and Holy Goods in Prophets Court. We sold him some of the items collected in the temple below the sea. He knows me as Shiloh and may be able to get me some religious robes if I need a religious alias. (PE alias: Shilo)

Bandulu – A handsome, dark skinned, heavily muscled martial artist. He is very good in a fight, a skilled acrobat, and facile at navigating the rabble, but not too bright. His lack of intelligence is often counterbalanced by an incredible stroke of wisdom or deceptively simple question. Known at the One Ring as Barney the Carny, warrior of the carny style of fighting. (M)

Note - possible husband material (M).

Beverly Pantons – Fervent warrior, impatient interrogator. One of Paycence's aliases. Name taken from the one who the sword she carries was forged for. (PE)

Cad Zerlan – Harbormaster. (PE)

Calabaster – Baker at Rippus' bakery. Aware of Rippus fencing activities, he actually does the baking and is, due to Rippus near-death experience, more or less in charge of the bakery right now. Calabaster was charmed by Maemi then convinced to help an injured Rippus make it safely to a temple of healing.

Clip – Agent for the Shemalia Family and contact for the Rain Dogs. Has habit of clicking a chain. (PE)

Coralott Shemalia – Matriarch of the Shemalia Family. (PE)

Corwyn – Teamster with boat. Involved in transporting poisoned food from the Mazin ship to the shore. Working with Hank the Teamster. Branded by Paycence for role in assassination attempt. (PE)

Crishop – A humble priest ministering to the poor people living in the slums of Makassar. (PE alias: Indigo)

Cyril Berryhill – Paycence's contact at the Benevolent Society. (PE)

Enemies of Reality – A group of free lance adventurers and mercenaries known for seeking and gathering knowledge and treasure, avenging the weak, cleaning the land and sea of bandits, and dispensing justice. (M)

Foamfollower – A non-trustworthy traitorous pirate captain of dubious and unknown history and abilities other than being a good shot. Foam follower also goes by the name of Vesperia Farviale. (M)

Fletcher Wolfe – The gunner on the Lobster Tail, Foamfollower's ship–deceased.

Gentrick “The Hammer of Justice” Rumored to ride a horse. (PE)

Gimbros or Zumis (Gemi) – This is a wealthy woman and family from the Gaslight District. They have already provided the temple of the sea with a large gift to rebuild. (PE)

Gordon – Council member. (PE)

Gramit the Decrepit – Gramit the Decrepit is a Fateed reader who living at #17 Prophets Court. She knows me as Shiloh of Addershelm. (PE)

Gwendolyn – Council member. (PE)

Gynise – Someone help me (M)

Hank the Teamster – Mystery man, has flat in the Eastside. responsible for sneaking the box of food off the wagon in Addershelm and to the Mazin ship. Framed Marvin the Sad. (PE)

Halapur – Council member. (PE)

Jaminy - Someone that the gourmet food merchant really despises. We should follow up with some chefs regarding who this person is, as it might relate to the food poisoning.

Jonathan Wizeous – “Sage Extraordinaire” Master Wizyos is a historian and a sage living below Gramit the Decrepit. He is ancient and has books about everything. He knows me as Shiloh. He is an expert on the forvalaka. He knows we killed the were-cat. (PE)

The Joy Boys – The Joy Boys were a bunch of bored rich boys from the better areas of Makassar. They would cause general chaos such as vandalism and robbery, reportedly even robbing from their own parents. Eventually they became more organized and challenged the “authority” of other gangs. Their colors were a red bandana. The Joy Boys were reputedly wiped out during riots of four years ago. Mr. Eleven took advantage of the general chaos to eliminate a thorn in its side. The Joy Boys, as well as several blocks of the city were razed. The leader of the Joy Boys may have escaped back to the richer areas of the city. On the fourth night of the Leftover Days, the Joy Boys faced off with Finn’s forces on Dream Street. It was overheard that the Joy Boys kept repeating the word “Rakeshames”. (PE)

Liam Blackham – Council member. Champion of the poor and downtrodden. Target of an assassination attempt. Enjoys a good fight at the One Ring. (PE) Has contacts with Cyril Berryhill, but didn't intend to let us know that. (A)

Lindyn – Council member. (PE)

Maemi – “The Smile of Truth”. An astonishingly beautiful and delicate young woman and future goddess with long dark hair, intense blue eyes, and a dark but caucasian-like complexion. She wears a black flowing dress and silver jewelry, silver-trimmed sandals, and a large hat when sunny. She carries a small jeweled silver dagger in a sheath attached to a silver chain about her waist. (M)

Mandarass Whitmer, Professor – Academic Mandeross Whitmeyr – Mandeross Whitmeyr is a professor at the university. He knows we killed the forvalaka. He knows we have had the Orb. (PE)

Marlise Casiro Pirate from The Lobster's Tale who has now joined the group. Good shot with a pistol.

Marlise Maeorgan – Ruler of Makassar. A “Sea Lord”. Marlise Moaeorgan is the current Sea Lord. She rose to power during the riots four years ago. Her rivals expected the riots would be the end of her, but instead she has done very well, or at least that is what I have heard the Widow, my uncle and even my father has said. But despite her success, she comes from a very dysfunctional family. Thanks to the barkeep at the Dead Pelican, I’ve recently found out that one relation, Mender Maeorgan is apparently leading the Rakeshames gang. The family lives at Maeorgan Manor. (PE)

Marvin the Sad – A teamster accused of losing a case of fancy foods on a caravan between Addershelm and Makassar. Hangs out in the Diamond Hitch. Ally to the Rain Dogs. (PE)

Mazins – Slavers, Pirates, Poisoners. (PE)

Mender Maeorgan – Leader of the “Joy Boys”. (M)

Maeorgans – A rich, dysfunctional family in Makassar. Seem to comprise rulers and criminals (are they different in Makassar?). (M)

Nathan Grymes – Council member of questionable character. Paycence has information that he should be watched. Has a warehouse which receives small packages in the wee hours of the night. May have to die. (PE)

Paycence Evermoor I have been told the best reason to keep a journal is to provide a resource for mourners to talk from as they stand within the light of your funeral pyre. There is some comfort in knowing that the mourners would be professing the truth, or at least reminiscing about truth you personally advocated. So here is the truth about my life, a truth I fully advocate. – I am Paycence Evermoor, the seventh child to reach adolescence of Lady Cwenburg Evermoor-Crowford and Lord Redwald Evermoor. It should be noted that my mother was a seventh child as well. – It was said, or more so, I was told that I was born beneath the Ghost Star. Apparently this coincidence of birth carried with it deep astrological significance, again at least in the stories my uncle, Maximilian would tell. Being an astrologer he probably did know of such things. To the rest of my family – no, to the rest of the Saletan though, it was beyond their interest. Maybe this star did appear that night, maybe it did not. All I know is that I have never seen it. (PE)

Prescott – Council member representing the privateers. (PE)

Quick Ben – Wizards Guild's Past Visions expert. (PE)

Ragnor – Champion bare-knuckle fighter at the One Ring. Seven-feet tall and stands like a monolith of flesh. (PE)

Rakeshames – Name for new “Joy Boys”. The Rakeshames are the new Joy Boys. They work in groups of five (four fingers and a leader “The Thumb”). They are young punks and are angry against the “older” generations. They are led by Mender Morgaine who is related to the current Sea Lord, Marlise Morgaine. Unlike the other gangs in Makassar, these boys are willing to show their colors in public, each wearing a red bandana. (PE)

Rippus – Owner of Rippus' Bakery in Cutthroat Alley. He is also known to be a fence. The bakery he runs is legitimate, as far as it goes.

Recent events have Rippus gravely wounded, but we sent him on his way to be healed and asked Calabaster to look after him.

Roberts – Council member. Ties to Libertyville. (PE)

Rocket – Face man for the Wizards Guild. All transactions start with him. (PE)

Schadae – Schadae is Anklam’s mentor. He has to be pretty good because the kid knows some stuff. Typical m.o. was for Anklam to distract while Schadae made the real heist. Schadae was supposedly arrested in the working class area before the Leftover Days. After talking with watchman Mickey O’Ryan, I am not sure who actually took him. I think Mr. Eleven might have taken him because he also sent the forvalaka after Anklam. (PE)

Shemalia House – A local noble family that suffered the theft of an heirloom sword and hired the Rain Dogs to retrieve it. (M)

Sons of the Red Sand – A tribe of nomads who yearn for the violent and war-like past of the plains riders. They are following a violent leader known as “The Sky is Strong” (M).

(The) Sky is Strong – Chief of the Sons of the Red Sand. (M)

Strawberry – Bandulu's whore. (M)

Tarmin – Council member representing the Wizards Guild. (PE)

(The) Thumb – One of Fingers' main underlings. It is postulated all the main leaders of Fingers' gang are named after appendages of the hand. Also see The Joy Boys. (M)

Torlan –Council member, considered a wing nut.

Van Petha–Guy whose kids were killed by Forvalaka and gave us the heads up on the tower under the waves (plus gave Gentrick a note from Zolnik the Kind).

It is not clear to the Rain Dogs whether the note from Zolnik was written directly to Van Petha or whether Van Petha found the note someplace while on an adventure.

Verellien – Council member. (PE)

Vesperia Farviale – See Foamfollower. (PE)

Zolnick the Kind - A unknown person who wrote a letter that was in the possession of Van Petha and handed to the Rain Dogs. The letter invites those interested in learning path magic to visit Zolnick in his tower. It is not clear whether the letter was written to Van Petha or whether he found the letter sometime during his travels. (M)


Addershelm – A coastal town near Makassar. The town seems to be ruled by anarchy as a form of government and is frequented by pirates and adventurers though the principal trades are fishing and farming.

Bilge Rat – A clean dive bar located next to the One Ring. Known for its ale…really good ale…damn good ale. Just ask Gerhart and his brother. (PE)

Cracked Pot – A bar near the Emerald Eel where Dead Francis use to hang out. (PE)

Diamond Hitch – Teamster bar. Site of the Rain Dog's battle with the vile. Where Anklam learned to tie a knot. (PE)

Dead Pelican – A really seedy bar in Makassar. The Dead Pelican is a pirate dive bar on Dreaming Street. The barkeep wears his hair in dreads. It is a dark place with a lot of “Hispanic names” and repetitive pirate yarns. The barkeep provided us with information on the Joy Boys/Rakeshames. We also overheard talk of Moranth Munitions. (PE alias: Hnni)

Emerald Eel – An inn located in Makassar. (PE alias: Aria)

Janazar, Tower of – The Tower of Janazar is the home of a powerful agoraphobic wizard who is never seen. (PE)

Makassar – A harbor city located on a tropical sea. Also the name of the language spoken by the natives of the city. (M)

One Ring – A fighting ring near the marketplace. Draws celebrities from all over the city. Where Barney the Carny will fill his wyval card. (PE)

San Quezar, Tower of – Famous tower that rises from the sea or rather has the sea sink around it once every sheaf. A “sheaf” is a navigator term for 204 years. (M)


Abyss Dust -– “Abyss Dust exists everywhere,” Uncle Maximilian would always remind me. “Use it and you will die. Always remain aware of it.” Apparently it is a very dangerous drug. My first contact with it was in Rippus’ Bakery. (PE)

Makassar has a temple to the sea god.

Anglerfish Livers - One of the poisoned food items, along with Sea Urchin Roe. Anklam purchased two tins of an earlier (untainted?) batch from a grumpy gourmet foods merchant.

Bugis – Language of the nomadic peoples of the plains region around Makassar.

Durhang – Stuff that you smoke like tobacco. (M)

Forvalaka Amulet – The Forvalaka Amulet is an aluminum medallion on an aluminum chain. On one side is a cat-like silhouette and the message “Move Swiftly, Kill Quietly” written in Terajian. The medallion is older than 50 years and based on a true vision, it was created by twelve humans sacrificing many large cats. It is powerful and arcane. The medallion was found on a dead forvalaka. It was hot to Bandulu’s touch. We received another medallion from Van Patha. Anklam picked it up and it was hot to the touch. When we placed the two medallions together, Anklam saw many forvalaka watching us, especially watching me. Based on a feeling Jac’Qeb had when he attuned to the Naharien Orb, the amulet is evil. (PE)

The Lessons of the Nine Rules – See the_rules

The Lobster Tail - One of the two former ships of Captain Foamfollower.

Moranth Munitions – Moranth Munitions are explosive weapons typically used by sappers. There are different kinds. We know of “sharpers” and “flamers”. Pirates, particularly aboard the Undying Gratitude are known to use them. (PE)

The Naharien Orb – Cursed by the Executioner, Has healing powers, import to Paths, some sort of spell adder. Based on information provided by the sword and other sources, the Executioner obtained the Naharien Orb to maintain his temple (the Tower of Sanquizar) beneath the sea. The power of the Orb was corrupted but may be fixed. The Orb has great power of healing, including Organ Regeneration and Perserve Life. The Naharien Orb Cursed by the Executioner, Has healing powers, important to Paths. Jac’Qeb has attuned to the Orb and can now use Organ Repair (1/day and Preservation True 1/day. (PE)

Omtoose, path of – Path of indifference whose elemental attack is related to cold. (M)

Pirates – Sea Bandits (M)

Rain Dogs – A traveling band of increasing skill and popularity, known for providing their own security and having the hottest singers this side of the Siren Shoals.

Running Bandit Count – Maemi keeps a running tally of bandits eliminated by the Rain Dogs(15 so far). Pirates count as “Sea Bandits”. (M)

Rusthang – Stuff that you smoke like tobacco. (M)

Sea Urchin Roe - A poisoned gourment food item, along with Anglerfish livers.

Sharpers – A type of Morath Munition that is launched from a Ballista. (M)

The Undying Gratitude – A pirate ship known to carry Moranth Munitions. (PE)

White Perault – Tasteless, odorless, colorless snake poison from the mountains. “Damn those who use it to a long bloody painful death.” (PE)

Ylang Ylang Flowers – Flowers that bloomed the night before the appearance of the San Quezar Tower in the cemetery in Addershelm. Tree with blooms overlooking Van Petha's dead children. Soon to be Gentrick's holy symbol (G).

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