Paycence Evermoor's "The Lesson of the Nine Rules"

As I have time and the situations arise, I'll be teaching the Dragonclaw Fire Hoard the Nine Rules. I'll also include commentary from my Uncle Max, who taught me the rules. So far:

Rule 1 - Rule of Shadows

Walk within the Shadows other men cast.

Uncle Max's commentary: Don't attract attention to yourself.

Paycence's annotation: Don't be too cute, don't wear armor when everyone else is not, don't juggle, don't ride a horse, don't destroy a temple.

Maemi's annotation: This is not one of Maemi's rules. Future goddesses require lots of attention.

Rule 2 - The Gift Rule

A Gift is only as good as the silver it tenders.

Uncle Max's commentary: Every talent or ability one has should be used to its fullest extent to earn coin.

Paycence's annotation: We are obligated to use the gifts we are given.

Rule 3 - The Rule of the Soul

A vow is a promise inscribed on the Soul.

Uncle Max's commentary: Don't break a promise or else.

Paycence's annotation: The path we follow is defined by our past obligations.

Maemi's annotation: Break a promise or lie to me and you will be cursed… sometime.

Rule 4 - The Hair and Face Rule

Always begin the day with your Hair up and Face clean.

Uncle Max's commentary: It is easier to disguise oneself socially downward the socially upward.

Paycence's annotation: A skilled ghost can eat breakfast on silver plates, lunch on tin plates, and dinner from the palm of their hand.

Maemi's annotation: You can wear your hair down as long as it is clean, combed, and brushed.

Rule 5 - Rule of Sanctuary

Sanctuary is never given without some price.

Uncle Max's commentary: There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Paycence's annotations: Charity is contractual agreement for future services, there is always payback.

Maemi's annotation: The act of charity may comprise the payback if the charitable seeks justice and revenge.

Rule 6 - Rule of the Mark

Never take everything from a Mark unless the Mark is dead.

Uncle Max's commentary: If you take everything from someone, they will be desperate and is likely to seek you out for revenge, so take lightly.

Paycence's annotation: Take only what is needed to survive.

Maemi's annotation: It is dishonorable to rob the honorable dead but acceptable to reap the chaff left behind by the wicked.

Rule 7 - The Rule of Escape

Always plan your Escape.

Uncle Max's commentary: Have a backup plan to save you butt.

Paycence's annotation: Nothing you are getting paid to do is worth dying for.

Maemi's annotation: Avoid a physical fight at all costs. Use your talents and magic to accomplish your goals. She who fights then runs away lives to fight another day.

Rule 8 - The Trap Rule

If the way is Trapped, take another way.

Uncle Max's commentary: If a door is trapped, they are expecting you.

Paycence's annotation: It's trapped for a reason.

Maemi's annotation: If there is no other way, let Anklam and Paycence try to get around it. If that fails let Bandulu try to bang it down and hide behind Gentrick

Rule 9 - The Animal Rule

Animals are not human, don't trust their reactions.

Uncle Max's commentary: People can be duped, animals cannot.

Paycence's annotation: Animals can smell fear, the ability of disappear still cannot hide the scent of fear.

Maemi's annotation: Horses and cats make good friends so long as they know who is boss. Cats think they own you but you can still be the boss.

Potential New Rule 10 - The Prisoner Rule

You cannot rob a dead man twice.

Uncle Max's commentary: Don't go around killing people.

Paycence's annotation: pending

Maemi's annotation: Some curses are worse than death and hence better punishment.

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