Experience Awards

“The reward of a thing well done is to have done it lived.” - annot. Paycence

November 20, 2008

This award covers the gaming session in August, September and October of 2008.

A new job Find the boat with the tainted goods and make new contacts at the Makassar Institute. Learn about White Paralt.

  • Everyone: +5000
  • Gentrick: +750 For interesting flashbacks, noticing the tail and learning new and intersting things about Grunmar (zero G).
  • Paycence: +500 for expert tailing of the tail.

Off to market Find the vendor for the Delicacies but lose something dear.

  • Everyone: +1000
  • Anklam: +500 for the Jaminy misunderstanding with the vendor.
  • Maemi: +500 for the new addition to your family, er, familiary.

A good sale The longboat fetches a good price at the Freland shipyards. And I'm grateful the shipyards are still standing.

  • Everyone: +1000
  • Bandulu: +500 for expert drumming that gets the workers on your side.

Being polite helps Make friends with Chef Panobla at the Topaz Eel and learn about Liam Blackhammer's taste for fine seafood delicacies.

  • Everyone: +2000

Boys Charred to Death Outwit a guard, find the warehouse and recover the lost item. Oh, and exact a little revenge on Jaminy.

  • Everyone: +2000
  • Maemi, JacQeb and Gentirck: +500 for the kind gift to the orphanage.
  • Maemi: +500 for the creative neurosis for Jaminy.
  • JacQeb: +500 for successful attunement to Orb and sword.

Back to the scene of the crime Head back to the warehouse area to double check on Jaminy and the warehouse, of course. Defeat an Earth Elemental.

  • Everyone: +1500
  • Maemi: +500 for the disagreeable, but useful conversation with Cricket at the Orphanage.

New friends and information Meet up with the Wizard's Guild, and learn of a Mezin ship, the “Sea Froth”. Also some tantalizing bits about House Grymes. Befriending of Poul Reiner, Lobsterman.

  • Everyone: +1000
  • Anklam: +500

Of things seen but not heard – and heard but not seen A wolf in the night, a sound of spurs in the day.

  • Gentrick and Bandulu: +750

Into the halls of power Meet with Liam Blackhammer's staff. Learn of his eating habits and more. A nice bit of roleplaying here by everyone.

  • Everyone: +1400
  • Paycence: +500

The Teamsters are always dangerous A nice evening at the Diamond Hitch. And a strange visit from an even stranger plastic man.

  • Everyone: +2500
  • Anklam and JacQeb: +500 for new knots

August 15, 2008

This award covers the gaming sessions in June and July of 2008. You may have already taken experience points for June (6000), but here are a few more details.

June 2008

Return to Makassar For not killing anyone in the caravan and returning to town in one piece.

  • Everyone: +2000
  • Maemi: +500 for timely information on avoiding bloodflies (ick!)

Let's go to school Mighty entertaining chat with Professor Whitmire of the Makassar institute.

  • Everyone: +1500

And I see in your future… Readings with Gramut the Decrepit and a useful discussion with Wizios, Sage Extraordinaire.

  • Everyone: +2500
  • Bandulu: +1000 for making contact with Madame Misty and paying her handsomely.
  • Anklam: +1000 for committing to memory (flawlessly) the prophecy of Asper Cadshell.

July 2008

Make some money A good haul from selling the loot from the tower.

  • Everyone: +1000

My baby! Dispatching the floating black orbs and noting the presence of a couple of Joy Boys.

  • Everyone: +1500
  • Paycence: +500 for noting the watchers in the crowd

Let's see if we can turn off the monster magnet Removing the curse on the Pearl.

  • Everyone: +1500
  • JacQeb: +500 for getting Mishra to try and remove the curse

Ah, one more bar Find Shingle at the Dead Pelican

  • Everyone: +1000

More information Where we discover that the Watch isn't the only police force in town. There is the Sea Lord's Guards.

  • Paycence: +1000 for info on the Creeping/Crawling Chaos/Order of Starry Wisdom and interactions with Officer Orion regarding the disappearance of Schadae
  • Anklam: +500 Getting information about Officer Orion

June 20,2008

This award covers the session in April and May of 2008. Basically amounting to some time spent in Addershelm, some time lost in the woods, a visit with Van Petha. Oh, and I almost forgot, the whole tower, water, pearl shark thing.

  • Everyone: +11,000
  • JacQeb: +1000 for excellence in Astronomy that led to exquisite timing in the exploration of the tower.
  • Gentrick: +750 for empathizing with Van Petha

April 16, 2008

This covers from the latter half of the session on January 19th, 2008 through the session on March 22nd, 2008.

Because of my hurried award of experience last month via email, please adjust your experience point totals by replacing whatever you took with the amount below.

The Bakery Affair For Discovering Rippus' office and getting some loot. Oh, and managing to get back out again. Also for recovering the swords and getting paid for that job.

  • Everyone: +2400
  • Paycence: +750 for keeping the theft of Rippus' office to a reasonable level.
  • Gentrick: +600 for getting Rippus onto a rickshaw and off to be healed.
  • JacQeb: +450 for keeping the troops alive.
  • Bandulu +300 for attempting to break down the door to Rippus' office.

Fun at Anklam's House For dispatching Larry the Forvalaka.

  • Everyone: +5000 for defeating – outright – Larry the Forvalaka.
  • Paycence: +300 for safely recovering the Forvalaka medallion.
  • Gentrick: +1200 for safely recovering the Forvalaka medallion and for the stunning death blow on the Forvalaka.
  • Bandulu: +1400 for the nearly miraculous strike that laid Larry the Forvalaka low.

Redressing the Temple of the Sea's Destruction Wow, I know you felt bad, but giving up 4000gp? Truly magnanimous!

  • Everyone except Anklam: +4500

Gathering of Knowledge at the Makassar Institute Where much was learned. In addition, the sage/professor took a shine to you! Well played.

  • Everyone except Anklam: +1000
  • Bandulu: +300 for discovering the Joy Boys or are they Joy Boy wannabes?

Bandits on the Plains Let's go out to the plains, maybe we can find some bandits. Or, maybe they can find us! And just what is dropping from the sky? Ooh, look! Pretty flowers!

  • Everyone: +900
  • Maemi: +1000 for disposing on a bandit in proper plains fashion.
  • Gentrick: +150 Properly avoiding and warning others of the nasty Blood Blossoms.
  • JacQeb: +150 for surviving a nasty attack by said Blood Blossoms and for discovering the cool (weird) magic flow thingy.
  • Anklam: +150 for discovering the cool (weird) magic flow thingy.

Pirates in Addershelm Morose pirates, creepy temples and a nice little fishing village. Finding the pirate to Forvalaka link and exhibiting restraint in not killing them just because they're pirates.

  • Everyone: +900

January 25th, 2008

Get a Job: The attempt to make some money by recovery the Shemalyen family sword.

  • Everyone: +700
  • Anklam: +700 for aiding Paycence and paying the ultimate price
  • Paycence: +200 for getting the job

Save Anklam: In the middle of a dark alley, in a seedy part of town, a young boy lays dying… Successfully getting Crishop to help, expedient transport to the Abbey of Swords and dealing with the rather byzantine ways of the Abbey.

  • Everyone: +3300
  • Paycence: +750 for giving until it hurts
  • Bandulu: +750 for giving until it hurts
  • Maemi: +300 for giving a little but keeping up appearances
  • Gentrick: +1100 for a successful duel and an “in” at the Abbey of Swords
  • Anklam: +300 for playing a dead guy

Okay, we're all alive: Let's go get the sword for real this time.

  • Everyone: +1000
  • Paycence: +1400 for stunning success in getting to the goods and coming up with a “plan” to hide things in plain sight.
  • Bandulu: +900 for excellence in propping doors and buying bread and making friends at Durrigan's Bar.
  • Maemi: +250 for not getting shit all over you.
  • Anklam: +250 for the excellent impersonation of a poor waif in search of a crust of bread.
  • JacQeb: +750 for “The Three Points of the Trident” and gaining a new , uh, acolyte.

December 14, 2007

This covers the first two gaming sessions starting at the bridge and ending just before the group decides to head up to Rippus' Bakery to check on the sword.

Part the First: Our intrepid PCs meet up at the suspension bridge over the Sanrobone river. Check out the arrival of a caravan. Survive and thrive amidst a strange ambush, and help the caravan across the river. Helping aid the group of travelers from their ambushers. Agreeing to take the injured Bugis to Makassar to be healed.

  • Everyone: +2000
  • Gentrick: +1500
  • JacQeb: +1300
  • Paycence: +1100
  • Anklam: +800
  • Bandulu: +1600
  • Maemi: +500

Part the Second: Now that the ambush is over. Our heroes band together to travel to Makassar because of a coming storm from the sea. Eventually the group heads out towards Makassar. The wind starts to build and camp is set up. Two travelers join in to “share the shelter”: Historeah and Graether. For dealing with the two travelers (especially not killing them) and the succesful fending off of the dust bunny, er, whirlwind. Further travel to Makassar and getting to the Temple of the Sea.

  • Everyone: +2200

Part the Third: In which we learn that magic is nothing to be trifled with. The Temple of the Sea is destroyed. The Bugis in the temple (the one you rescued) is no more. A harbor wave has washed the ground “clean” and yet, you all survive. More or less.

  • Everyone: +3000
  • JacQeb: +10,000 for surviving an awe-inspiring “maneuver”.
  • JacQeb: -9000 for making the awe-inspiring “maneuver”.
  • Anklam: +500 for not completely disappearing into the void from a thrown rock.

Part the Fourth: Damage control at The Temple of the Sea. The hunt for Mishra. TLC for Vina. The selling of fish and an old friend makes an appearance from across the sea.

  • Everyone: +1000
  • JacQeb: +1200 for serious atonement
  • Maemi: +1000 Deeply in character and willing to challenge the groups' direction
  • Anklam: +800 daring to visit the old abode
  • Gentrick: +850 for being in charge of things and seriously ingratiating himself into the Watch.
  • Paycence: +1000 Contacts, breakfast, lunch and visiting old ladies.

Part the Fifth: Sure, it's hard to find people, but there's always a party at the Shy Mermaid.

  • Everyone: +1500
  • JacQeb: +500 healing those you don't even know
  • Paycence: +1500 For finding hidden things and subduing saboteurs.
  • Anklam: +1250 for making your way through the crowd, lightening its load
  • Maemi: +850 for aiding those in need on the dock.
  • Gentrick: +1900 for being ahead of the crowd, subduing saboteurs and ingratiating himself to the bartender.
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