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Under the Empty Sky

Fear Sucks!

(Chronicle of March Gameplay)

As Wilhelm learns more about the Saga of the Tristen Sword, he goes into a daze, recalling the day’s events, and marveling at their events.

It all started as they left the Palisades. The Heirs had just defeated the last vestige of Dick Half-Wit, and were in a self-congratulatory mood, as they moseyed back to the Manor. However, it soon became obvious that more issues were at stake. They came upon a group of terrified villagers, being protected by a lady that seemed to move as fast as lightning, literally moving from one area to another in a blink of an eye. (Bodie should totally learn how to do that, Wilhelm muses.) They were being attacked by Doom Birds, and seem terrified of something. In his haste to get people out of harm’s way, Wilhelm had used the House’s gift, the Ocarina of Horror to scatter people and enemies alike.

Coming to the aid of the lady, named Twig, who we later discovered was a Gypsy, the Heirs quickly dispatched the doom birds, and discovered that they seemed to suck “something” into some void, which caused time to accelerate in the surrounding area, causing preternatural aging of people and materials. The birds had to be totally destroyed for this to happen. Luckily, the Candlesong Blade was able to do that. However, Wilhelm felt huge remorse over taking away the freedom of the villagers through their fear, and tried to reverse the curse. He handed the blade to Bairmond, who swung a mighty blow at the pinned doom-bird. He swung so hard, he twirled around in a circle, ninja-like, and flashed the dagger in the face of the horse, who was taken aback, reared and lost its footing, falling down, but un-injured. Wilhelm figured it was a new maneuver, and decided to name it, “The Bodie”, who was likely the only person that could get it to actually hit something.

After much trial and error, while Bodie and Bairmond finished off the doom-birds with Twig, Wilhelm finally learned the cancellation song, after taking the “stage”, the rock where Barimond had lit up to provide a beacon for the townsfolk. After herding them together, Bodie (!) made an impassioned speech, calling upon duty, honor, and the return of glory of Grimsveldt, that practically talked the birds out of the trees. The populace followed him blindly, and they would talk of that day for years to come, when the Heirs of Grimsveldt, Bodie, RETURNED. Wilhelm and Bairmond followed along behind, trying to understand the properties of the Ocarina. It seemed the essence of Bree, the Godess of Time and Crossroads, had a residual calming effect in the town. (Wilhelm makes a mental note to read up on her, in the manor library.)

As they tried to determine who would want to keep the realms separate, they came up with a list of things that needed to be done.

To-Do (In no particular order): - Re-unite the Tristen Blade (Figure out how to do that…) - Start Olive Oil Production and Cash Flow - Open the Gypsy Paths and the Realm Paths - Make Road Safe and Advertise the fact the Heirs are responsible - Strengthen House - Find and create Spring Court Connection to Manor - Find invading army over NE passage - Find Prince Helzing - (who happened to be cursed by his mother, and is CedarWind’s grandson!) - Destroy RootBall of Evil - Learn how Twig “blinks” - Learn more about Bree

While plans were being laid, Wilhelm began to whittle and sculpt some of the wood debris, almost absent-mindedly. We he was finished, he had several beautifully carved road signs, declaring the road between Palisades and StreamHead safe for travelers, and under the protection of the Heirs of Grimsveldt. Wilhelm resolved to give them to Effrem, their patrol leader to put up.

Eventually, the Heirs headed back to Grimsveldt, the day bright, and the sun well high in the sky. Bairmond mused aloud that what he knew of Bree was that her temples were crossroads, major ones. The heirs assumed that since the road in front of Grimsveldt was a crossroad, as well as a “crossing over” point, due to the nature of Grimsveldt, that Bree could be listening, should the conversation of someone doing bad things with Time came up.

So, stopping at the cross-roads, Bairmond mused aloud about how Bree probably wouldn’t like what was going on with the doom birds, and wondering aloud, if a group of intrepid (and handsome, Wilhelm interjected) adventurers wanted to stop such dastardly deeds, if the would be something Bree would be interested in? Bodie also wanted to get his two copper pieces in, and mentioned that structural damage may be a unavoidable side effect of such assistance.

A flock of geese flew to the south. The came from nowhere, and Bairmond was sure it was a sign. The Heirs followed the geese, and came upon a strange cut in the hills, where it seemed there once may have been a road or bridge across the stream. Across the stream, Bodie and Bairmond spotted some kind of armor and went to investigate with Twig.

Wilhelm dips his feet in the water is distracted by the beautiful play of water amongst the stones, until he feels something roundish and strange against his feet. He picked up what appears to be a bowling sixpin, made of some strange yellowish stone. He puts it in his pack, and catches up with the Heirs and Twig.

They are looking at the full plate armor of a Bald Mountain Clan orc, and hear a small sucking noise nearby. As Bairmond prepares to stab at it with Sally’s dagger, which Wilhelm nicknames “Mack the Knife”, Bodie and Wilhelm find a Doom-bird, underneath the armor as it is rolled over. Wilhelm immediately stabs it the Candlesong Blade (Gotta lean more about that thing, and attune to it more). The blade rips through the bird from shoulder to navel, shudders and dissolves into a glob of fear. Bairmond returns from his vision trace, after stabbing the dead orc, and sees a familiar face directing hordes of goblins and clay golems to kill the enclave of orcs at Bald Mountain. She is the same woman, associated with the Bleeding Vein.

While pondering that, and heading down to the bank again, more of that void noise is heard, and upon investigating, there is a doom bird stuck in a rock that is speckled with the same material as the bowling pin that Wilhelm found. (Must figure out what that stuff is…) Bairmond stuns it with a StarLight spell, and the rock around it seems to glow brightly, and suddenly the pin in Wilhelms pack bursts forth with light as well! The bird flops to the ground, and Wilhelm stabs it, but it bleeds fear like blood, and Wilhelm is suddenly apprehensive, as is Bairmond, after hitting it another time. Finally, Bodie steps in and crushes it to dust, and the fear subsides.

After making a mental picture of this location in their minds, to investigate later, the Heirs pick up the three sets of full plate armor (needing new leathers), and three warhammer heads (the shafts long since dust). Upon re-crossing the river, the heirs take a little time to see if there anything else in there, like the cool bowling pin, Wilhelm found. Bairmond and Bodie don’t find anything, but Wilhelm comes up with an ornate goblet, inlay with gold and black onyx, with a motif of vines and roses (which isn’t recognizable, or identifiable). The goblet is made of some kind of smoky quartz, and since it was full when he pulled it out of the water, and was completely clean, Wilhelm drank from it.

As he drinks, his face turns grey and it tastes like he drinking blood, which turns to ash in his mouth, suddenly a vision of a tall tower appears in his mind, and he hears a scream he does not recognize, as doom birds fly out from the tower. Wilhem tosses the goblet to side of the stream where Bodie picks it up. On all fours, Wilhelm relates what he saw, as he drinks straight from the stream.

Back at the manor, in discussions with CedarWind and Twig, the Heirs learn that Dick’s mom is a sad ghost, somewhere in the woods, and that Cedarwind is the ghost’s mom. She tells the heirs about how the gate to Elfhome used to be guarded by a dragon, Ezerak, and every ten years the humans of the Kingdom of Tristen would make a sacrifice to the dragon, and the elves were their friends and gifted the humans the Tristan Blade, to “preserve and protect”. Eventually, the humans stopped paying tribute, and then a 44-year meteor shower occurred, turning the Kingdom of Tristen, into the Fellstone Fields, which is where all the essence of fear and the Bleeding Vein goo, drains off to, after the doom birds die. Before Wilhelm drifts off, he goes over the expanded to-do list (Research Amber, Attune with Candlesong Blade, learn about rose and vine motif), while CedarWind talks about how Dick found the broken pieces of the sword, and only an elven smith could re-unite the pieces.

While Wilhelm’s eyes glaze over, Bairmond and Bodie listen attentively to CedarWind’s and Twig’s knowledge.

Frogs and Houses and Lightning, Oh My!

*(A chronicle of 28 Feb 2015 gameplay.)*

As Wilhelm, Bodie, and Bairmont slowly wind their way Grimsveldt, Wilhelm muses about the series of events that brought him to this point, and the incredible bond that has forged with these young men.

While he had forged some friendships on the river, even the common purpose of commerce and river rafting, he had never trusted anyone as deeply as he had these two men, now heading back to their home.

Back to their home… The phase resonated like a song, an ancient song of connection. But I get ahead of myself. These connections weren’t forged overnight, but like all great sagas, this verse begins at the beginning… They had just finished saving a priestess of the Circle of the White Moon, Cedarwind. After stowing the chain which controlled the dark elemental, Bairmont walked me through some very complex medical procedures. I had read about them, after Dad left, but it wasn’t the same someone who had devoted their life to it. We created a split that was a thing of beauty of both form and function, and then a litter that would allow us to get him back to Grimsveldt, in one piece. We were followed, for a while, but as we continued on to the manor, those following us continued on to the east to where there were green flashes in the sky. We all didn’t feel up to dealing with that at that particular moment, what with the bone sticking out of Bairmont’s leg and all, no matter how pretty the cast looked.

As we trudged back to the house, part of my mind reached out to those flashes, and to the darkness beyond. I went down to the stream next to road, and tried to understand what was happening. What I saw and felt, still haunts me. It felt as the whole world was being eaten aby a void, and all that I knew about the fey realm seemed to be sucked into it.

When we came to the manor we found Hyrum feeding wood from the Ancient Olive grove into the fire, to help give the house power. He cried, as he feed his children into the blazing maw, and I swore to find a way to help the house, as was all our duties. That night we decided that something bad was happening in the east, and that we would soon need to deal with it. There was still debate as to whether that was more or less important than the threat over the passage. Bairmont decided to sleep on it, and hopefully dream delve an answer, and we all tried to better attune ourselves to our weapons and gifts. Turns out Dad’s knife is from the Channeling Realm (whatever that means), and is one of the Candlesong blades (whatever those are). I had some more research to do, when time was available. We set a watch, Bodie got some well-deserved sleep, and I tried to connect the house to the Fey Realm through the medium of the pond, as I had done my first night here. This time though, I asked for a spell from the Priestess to keep me warm. Still not understanding what I was doing and more than a little afraid of what might happen, I knew that I had to “fight fear with fear” and that a “little fear never hurt anyone…”

Apparently, from conversations later with Bodie and Bairmont, the song I sung, and the power I gave the house was doing its trick, but a spell of sleep stole over the whole house, someone came to the pond, forced me to change my tune (literally!), and I began to freeze. Then things really got interesting. Bodie woke up, found the whole house asleep, woke up Bairmont, who spoke of a dream of gears. They brought me inside to warm me up, but couldn’t get me to stop singing. Finally, Bairmont had the great idea of shoving a pot on my head, so I stopped singing, but now I couldn’t see (To-Do list: Get a helmet…). Bodie and Bairmont rushed out to follow whoever had made the tracks that had come up to me, and then left, while I tried to figure out what was going on with my geas.

Bodie and Bairmont raced off and soon found track from a three legged animal, and in the distance they saw what looked like a black unicorn, which then changed into a man with the head of an ass! (While they were telling me this, later, light dawned in the swamp and I realize what Hyrum was telling me about a “three-legged ass”, I thought he was making a racial slur about the winter court.) In any case, the ass-headed man had a stick, and through Bairmont’s outstanding powers of mentalism, convinced him to stop, and too take no aggressive action against them. The man set aside his stick, which became an animated master of martial arts, and waited…

Meanwhile, I suddenly realized that the song I had been singing was a simpler version of a much more ancient song, which connected the Winter Court to Grimsveldt. As an analogy, I was cutting the grass of the Winter Court’s outhouse, and now I had the ability to siphon power from the stone of the house of Seven Falls itself (that being the seat of the winter court). I realized that the only person who could make that happen (on purpose) was Baron Ambrose, the leader of the Winter Court in this realm.

At the same time, Bairmont and Bodie were talking with the Baron, and Bodie came a hairbreadth from annihilating the animated stick. They convinced (go Bairmont!) the Baron to remove the geas, and to tell us what was going on. He obliged, and by that time, I had caught up to them, and breathlessly told the boys not to hurt the Baron. They weren’t. The Baron then told us a great threat to all our realms coming from the void, and that the Fey realm was under attack, by the last essence of the idjit we called Dick Half-Wit (Richard Half-White). We had the power to hold it back, and should make all haste to do so.

Returning to the house, we geared up for battle, and I further attuned to my Ocarina of Horror, and realizing that it had the power to instill fear, like an 8th level fear spell, and that it gave me the spell mastery skill for such a spell. Using my whistling skill (+25), I was able to target who was affected by the spell. I also challenged the Carver to come up with a system that would use the pond and the lauralwood we had collected to continually replenish the house (even when we were not here), through some kind of water pump, power channeling device. I scratched out the notes of the ancient song (which I had learned and understood during my geas), and suggested he use those notations with the lauralwood, to create a conduit between the house and the winter court. While we geared up, suddenly, a little blue sprite flittered into our lives, and she spun a tale of woe to the Fey realm, and where it met the edges of this realm, as was lost. She spoke of green flashes animating everything in site, and undead horrors terrorizing our villages, and harming our tax base!

On Grimsveldt horses, we rode like the wind to the village, and there we saw the last essence animating anything it could to wreak havoc and destruction. While Bodie rushed in, Bairmont tried to weed them out, and I stabbed at one with my father’s blade, with an awesome burst of holy energy the undead frog exploded and froglegs went flying. Meanwhile, Bodie had crashed through a group of the frogs, and stood in front of the building that suddenly became ALIVE! With a knowledge of structural engineering, or just pure awesome strength, he punched through the load bearing members of the that house front, and the whole thing collapsed, bringing the essence of the Half-Wit with it, and more importantly the gnarled staff that was causing the issue. The boys and I went for the staff at the same time as the frogs. While Bodie and Bairmont held them off, I unslung Bessie, but favorite ax, and chopped that staff in half, exposing the slimy blue goo, and green tinted tip of the Tristen Blade.

With the power of the staff broken, the undead and animated monsters dropped. The rest of aberrations hopped off into the surrounding countryside to eventually be captured for bounty by our forces. We were in a congratulatory mood as we sauntered down the road, back to Grimsveldt.

Bodie is on point, and seems to have spotted something….

Grmisveldt Manifesto

As Wilhelm approaches the wood that smells like a festering malignancy, and screams the discordant notes of “wrong” in his mind, he takes comfort from the presence of his friends and fellow heirs by his side. He knows that these young men, no more than boys like himself, will stand against this abomination with him, and ensure the safety, security, and prosperity of Grimsveldt.

That surety did not come easily, only yesterday in fact, there was doubt. Strife, discord, and fear tore at the very foundation of the Heirs relationship. Wilhelm had seen in many times before, in the streets of Roggenwolf. As the Children’s Army grew beyond the few street gangs, and as more and more flocked to the cause, there was despair, discomfort, and small frictions that grew (like a gnarled oak) until the brambles and thorns of discord were in every branch.

There was a lesson learned that day, the Lords arrived. Direction. Direction and focus, clear and concise. Most mobs, and even small groups, though they may have similar goals, beliefs, and desires, cannot stand the heat of the friction that comes from lack of unity of purpose. The day that the Lords came, the Army was galvanized by their leadership, and example, even though, they were ultimately disbanded, it was a purpose they could all agree on. They would go back, and tell of the Lords, and some day rise to their challenge to join them among the multiverse.

When the schism within the Heirs began to form on that lonely mountaintop, Wilhelm knew it was up to him to find unity of purpose that they could all agree upon. As they came upon the house, later the next day. He knew what it was, they were the Heirs of Grimmveldt! The house, grounds, and it’s environs sang through their veins, there is nothing the Heirs would not do to protect the manse. Wilhelm had nearly frozen to death, feeding the house his power. Bairmont had opened his mind to unknowable horror, on the off chance it would help defend the manor. And Bodie had nearly sacrificed himself to be the willing vessel of the defense of the bounds. Wilhelm knew he needed to tap into that well of common purpose, and state boldly and plainly what they needed to do as heirs.

That night, he spent in feverish composition, blatantly stealing some of the best words on the subject of purpose that he could find. And before he sought his bed that night, he tacked a parchment on each of his fellow heirs doors. On top of the parchment, he affixed a bright yellow square of paper, saying, “Gents, it’s a bit rough, but have a read, and let me know what you think. - Willy”

The rough draft of a manifesto lay below the note, on a small bit of parchment. It was obvious that these were only the beginnings of the thoughts that needed to be expressed, and that the Heirs would need to decide on more details, to ensure their success.

Heres Prodigiosi ad Sententia

When in the course of unnatural events it becomes necessary to form a more perfect union, we, the Heirs of Grimmsveldt, will hold these truths to be self-evident:

  • That one being can make a difference,
  • That security is the key to acquisition and expansion, and
  • That no group, however large or small, can survive without family, whether that family be by blood, nature, or purpose.

By the Mission of the Key: We Heirs will use the resources of our trust to proclaim and establish Grimmsveldt as the defenders of truth, justice, and liberty of the people of this land.

From the Vision of the Olive: We Heirs will establish a safe haven upon which Grimmsveldt can expand, ensuring prosperity and security for the Heirs’ people, leading, ultimately, to a healing of all worlds and planes.

Through the Goals of the Manor:

  • To guarantee prosperity through security, expansion, and solidarity.
  • To ensure the survival of the Grimmsveldt name by keeping ourselves physically fit, mentally awake, and morally straight.
  • To ensure, through harmony, strength, and cooperation, the Heirs of Grimmsveldt are never forgotten.

For liberty and justice for all…

Looking at the broadside, he knew it was a bit over the top, and future versions would need some more polish, but it was a start. The next morning, over breakfast, the Heirs discussed the issue some, and some grumbling apologies for stubbornness and ego were exchanged by all. For now, they were in agreement, Dick Half-Wit and his minions were definitely an issue, and whatever was happening in that wood above the waterfall had to be stopped at all cost. They could figure out details later.

Now, looking at the darkness of purpose in front of him, Wilhelm knew that their bonds of friendship, purpose, and trust, were about to be tested…

The Heirs of Grimmsveldt

If asked where does the old road go; the locals would just say “I don't know,” or “It simply ends.” They knew more; they just did not share it. Nobody wandered up the old road anymore; at least nobody every wandered up it and returned. Once in a great while a stranger or two would show up, make inquiries, scoff at local superstitions, and supposedly head up the old road. The locals didn't talk about the strangers once they started up the old road.

Grimmsveldt manor sits atop a low hill across a blackwater pool. The old road ends where a bridge once stood. Ancient vines and untrimmed trees of all sizes mask much of the manor house. Empty dark windows reflect daylight back and casts outward the sense of being watched by a great beast. To peer across the blackwater pool at the watchful manor meant it was too late to turn back; your fate had been sealed; as the old road back vanishes behind you.

“My Dearest Heir of Grimmsveldt,”

The letter started. It was written by a perfect hand in ink that made the lettering appear more as a window into an empty void, than writing on paper.

“For too long has Grimmsveldt been without her masters; sleeping and waiting on the brink of the world.”

It was written on parchment the color of clouds at sunset; warm to the touch; radiating a sense of well-being.

“With this letter you will find your key to the manor that only a true heir can use.”

Accompanying the letter, wrapped in a fine woven cloth of corn-silk is a olive wood key intricately carved with minute visages of grinning Fey Creatures. To touch the key is to be overwhelmed by a sense of urgency.

“You are needed, please come home,
With the greatest respect,
Keeper Hiram Kettles of the Ever Ancient Grove”

You have aged eight years since the news of the “Empire” was in present tense. These days, if mentioned at all, it only refers to a history of failed hopes. Even the White Guardians who once swore to protect this Empire do not speak openly of it; they are but liaisons, traveling between feudalistic kingdoms and city-state on ancient trade routes that are now the domain of Wayfaring, the Dark Goddess of the Forlorn Road. The veil of isolationism grows heavier. One leaves their home only at great risk; knowing that it is best not to caught outside on the open road after darkness falls. But the letter from Master Kettles begged you come.

Shadows of a Pale Sun

Warriors Of The Separation

(Formerly the Agents of Grimsveld)

“We Fix Bad”

This is a truncated synopsis (more details http://rpg.brottski.net/brians_experience) of what's been going on since the W of N joined together on Ajax

  1. Field and Tholis survived elemental attack of the castle at the cliffs of the black sea.
  2. Field and Tholis chucked Nox Arachniae; picked up by dwarf/halfling named Boyd
  3. Field and Tholis got mithril thread of Ariel Stormwatcher, went looking for Auction of Names
  4. Found Old guy chained in dessert, freed him, he died.
  5. Found Dhab
  6. Found Auction of names; all hell breaks loose. Very bad Shoggoth shows his face. We recruit Klutch, and get three more mithril threads
  7. Exit Auction through Fairy Central (bribe Boyd to drop Nox Arachniae). Travel the Fairy realms for what seems like a few weeks
  8. Exit Fairy Central through Avonlea and end up in Avon. Cue civil and intradimensional war.
  9. Return thread to Ariel; Kill Duke (novice of Black Templars); Exile Prince to Fairy Central to face justice over regicide and matricide.
  10. Team up with Pirate Kings to find next NOBT; Discover there's probably one on a black former pirate ship full of zombies.
  11. - Find wrecked ship, rescue Mien's sister
  12. - Visit Pirate island, retrieve captain of ship in question.

As per our last conversation: T-shirts or should we paint this on our shields/armor?

Hello Shoggoth!

Prelude to Year 5 (Tholis & Field)

GM: At the walls of Kirin, the elemental giant and his army of elementals ghouls opened the ShadowBox, A void consumed the area, including Tholis. Field dove at Tholis to knock him out of the void. Then the void vanished with the elemental army, a corner of the walls of Kirin, Tholis and Field. The fate of Zakar, Reyna, JQ, Jasmine and the rest is unknown.

GM: For a moment, everything was dark, then it was light again. A storm is whirling around you. Not a normal storm, but an elemental storm. Your exposed flesh feels hot and cold at the same time. The air is popping with static electricity. Around you an army of elemental ghouls are transforming into one great storm. They appear to be ignoring the two of you as they roll towards a large gray castle upon a nearby ridge. The vanguard of the storm has already reached the outer walls of the castle. With a sound that is best described as live cats being gutted, the vanguard is being deflected from off the walls. In the middle of the storm, the shadowy shape of a giant is marching forward. Swirling about his feet are fragments of the Shadowbox. As a lightning elemental flashes, you check sight of shiny black disk laying upon the whitish sand.

If you have Power Perception roll it. Actions?

Tholis: Power Perception roll = 170 — Rob Brott 17-Feb-2009 20:24

Field: Power Perception roll= 83

GM: Tholis, Though the shapes are remain shadowy they are all giving off a very powerful aura of Elementalism. You clearly see that this streaming aura is sticking to both you and Field. You also notice that a Channeling-colored spider-shaped aura hovers near the Nox Arachnea. Field, all you see is streaming vibrant colors.

Prelude to Year 5 (remaining Agents of Grimmsveldt)

Date: late Summer et485

Location: outside the walls of Kirin

GM: Tholis and Field are gone. A fair portion of the city wall is gone. The elemental army is gone. As is the ShadowBox and apparently what was inside it, the Nox Arachnea.

Around the Agents of Grimmsveldt a war still wages: the Spider Army of Mishu and Kirin still battle the Army of the New Sun.


====== Year 4 Recap =======We Come In Peace

The Lords of Grimsveld

We Come In Peace

The Agents of Grimsveld

We Fix Bad

November, part 2 2006

By Field Rainbowitch

Bummer. Not so sure this Grimsveld gig is fun anymore. We found out our “Lords” have a house or a boat or something buried deep in the ground way out by Kirin. So of course, as agents, we were sure that we were allowed to go in and look around.

I think they abandoned this thing underground. Maybe they buried it themselves. There's this very cool blue glowing hallway in the underground structure, just the kind of thing someone like me could not resist. Apparently whatever's in that hallway is just bad news, because I started forgetting spells, my magic sword didn't work anymore, and Reenya is afraid to do her spells anymore.

After that, things went from bad to worse. Apparently someone working for the Lords got in a fight with Shaggoth and was finally captured by them. I wanted to go rescue her, but we decided to go to Kirin instead.

The really bad men we killed in the bazaar came back as undead and we had to kill them again, or at least five of them. One of them hit me and I don't feel so good, and it seems like it's permanent.

Also, some sort of flying Shaggoth sage is attacking the library in Kirin, trying to get in. Great.

All things considered, the most pleasant moments were spent with the rats in the dump. They were cordial, hospitable and showed us into the city.

Ok, Kirin sucks. It really sucks. Spider webs everywhere. Spiders and disagreeable soldiers everywhere. I thought Wolvesbane was the worst place on the planet, but Kirin makes me nostalgic for the good old days when you could go to a dinner party and watch nobles getting slaughtered while the eater of souls was swooping down to gobble them up. Paradise compared to this hell hole.

This Leyland guy better be worth it. I don't even remember why we are trying to get to him. With Shaggoth and spiders running around the city, I think this is not a good place to be.

Notes etc, from past playing sessions in Brian's line.


On a recent All Games Considered podcast, the “women” rpgers took over and spent 90 minutes talking about how, why, when they all got into gaming (it was because of who they were dating at the time, but that's besides the point). They also talked about what they look for in a gaming event, what makes a good GM and what makes good players. It made me realize just what we have. They talked about how dungeon slayfests lead into complex storylines, how bags of chips lead into battles over who would cook dinner and how slamming Mountain Dews lead to choosing the right bottle of wine for defeating a vampire clan… It was interesting to hear about their adventures, because it also reminded me of all of ours. Thank you…brian

November 2006

A letter from Jonathan Quicksilver

Care of Argent, who I trust will pass my message on to rest of our group.

Dear friends,

I am sorry that Bree has called me away to care for some of her stray flock among the peasants of the country side. I must say that while I miss you and our adventures very much I have enjoyed my time on the road. My journey has been peaceful and restful. I have camped at and blessed many crossroads, annointed the hearths at several small inns, and bolstered the faith of our flock of worshipers among the good folk who travel our roads and live and and work in small villages and on farms. Our fight to destroy things evil and that which is considered vile in the eyes of Bree must include strengthening that which is good and sacred.

I had a dream that my missionary service will be ending soon. I saw the rainbow path of Bree guiding me to a crossroads where we shall once again meet and join forces in our struggle against the evil goat men and other forces attempting to darken our land. Until then, please keep the faith and remember that Bree and my prayers are with you.

Bree be with you,

Jonathan Quicksilver Priest of Bree

September/October 2006

By Field Rainbowitch

Hey Gang, I have this theory about Jasmine (and a couple of aromafantasies). She created this neat antidote. I first noticed her when her perfume bomb went off in her booth at the bazaar–and we saw the result. I think she is trying to weaponize her antitode, i.e. create an airborne antidote that some naive rube (me) will take into the city and set off so everyone can see the spiders once they stop vomitting. Assuming I'm right, and I usually am, how do we help her? I can help her grow the appropriate flowers quite quickly. What else should we do? Who's with me? Then what are we waiting for? Let's Go!

July 2006

By Field Rainbowitch

Feeling much better since we left the Wolf city and stopped hobknobbing with all the military goons. Feel much less homicidal.

And I've got a horse. A good horse, not that poor tired old nag they gave us at this last big meeting.

I also found some great herbs. I forgot how much I know about herbs, and tracking, and foraging, and gliding when I was in the city with all the mortals. I thought I was ready to handle that many mortals at once, but I was nowhere near ready. And now we are going to another one–something called KiRinn or something. Maybe I'll just wait for this Grimsveld Agentry group outside the city limits.

We got cats. Lots of cats. Glowing, flying cats following us around. Tholis thinks they are spies and they are showing everything they see to some mentalist somewhere far away. Anyway, Tholis crashed a lot of them and we killed one more.

Oh, there was Shaggoth. He did bad magic to a friend of ours and we had to kill that friend. Nissel was his name. That's how I got this great horse. Thanks Nissel. Sorry you got turned into something dark and evil. I will take good care of your horse.

The Shaggoth is out there somewhere. Seems like we should do something about that.

And now there's a snake on pile of dirt. Argent is adamant–now there's an unnecessary adjective–that we find out what's under the dirt, but I think the big multi-headed snake might send us into the void. And I would miss my horse, especially as I'm only getting to know him now. Not real talkative, but he has a good heart and I look good riding him.

Hey, does anyone think all this mentalist magic gear I'm carrying is attracting “someone's” attention?

June 2006

From Master Garrison –

  • matallic eye (“eye of Vecna”) – Mentalism → Field
  • Jewelry → Tholis
  • Bag w/ Coins: 2 Au, several Ag, 1 large round disc (Essence)

Hessian search yields:

  • A very nice spear. The shaft of the spear has a snake-like relief along its length. (Mentalism) → Reyna
  • Medallion of greenish metal (Arcane). → Tholis

Fake Kalli search:

  • Robes (Essence) → Zakar
  • Very large ring (Mentalism) → Zakar
  • Small gem glued to her face (Mentalism) → Field

Zakar removes robes from Fake Kalli – seems to be a robe of AT16 (red robe). Zakar puts it into his pack. Zakar has ring.

Reyna takes the spear.

Field pops gem off of Kalli's face. Bluish-black gem. Field pops out eyball of Garrison (ewww!) and has a vision.

Move onto Garrison's room. There is an interesting carpet that attacks! Holds Zakar and Field (I think).

  • There is a box in the desk: key (long)
  • another large round disk (like the one from Garrison's bag).
  • Some coins: 6 Aug and 12 Ag.
  • Chest. Has fourleather bound satchels.

Meanwhile, back at the desk, two pieces of parchment with long lists of names.

In the Naga's room (Hessian's). Smells swampy. IT is dank and musty. Not as finely appointed as Garrison's room. Rough desk and a rough chair. Pretty bare. In the desk

  • two skin pouches with ties held bound with greenish beads.

The parchment:

  1. List of house names which are familiar in two columns
  2. House names, unfamiliar for the most part. Kingdom names.
  3. Fewer names. We do recongize House Drakewort… there are related names. Two columns.

In the chest in Garrison's room are 4 leather bound satchels each containing a very old book (large).

Retrive Molly's sword.

Field takes mentalism wand…

THe covers of the book are scaly. The books are:

  1. Small writing very complexly detailed.
  2. Very similar to above.
  3. Very similar to agove.
  4. A little different. A spell book! Rituals. A page is bookmarked: A ritual about blood. The book is “keyed” to Gatemasters of Ajax.

The books are about 1-1/2 inches thick. The author is “Reddik”. THe books are at least 300 years old and are keyed to him. The first three books appear to be a narrative history of some demise of Ajax.

More info on the books. THe first volume is a story of the end-times of the city of “Helena”. Something about tentacles (my notes are largely illegible here). Also, lots of characters, names, etc.

Reddik is the author. Yet more info:

  • Sky princes are involved.
  • Blood opens gates – the more royal the blood the better.
  • War between Helenda and City of Brass was taking a huge toll on Ajax. Reddick muses about “is there another way”.
  • City of Brass sent armies of fire elementals to Helenda. Destroying everything between the worlds.

I seem to remember that Field activated the Greenish Medallion, and nearly destroyed the entirety of existence!

“Hey, existence isn't all it's cracked up to be. In fact, a few cracks in existence is good for it. It lets some of the hot air out and some of the fun, sparkly, irridescent air into this very closed system. Without the cracks in existence, we wouldn't have mushroom sleds or junk bonds or incendiary meercats.”

We leave Wolfsbane. Hey, it's been fun, but it's time to ride. So on to Kirin to check on some goings on there for the group we met with outside of Wolfsbane. Which, if I recall correctly was House Haddock, House Shields, House Grimmsveldt (Hey, that's us!). Maybe some others. This special group has asked us to check on some missing Haddock folks in Kirin. Apparently they haven't heard from them in too long.

May 2006

Jeezus, my notes suck for this month. A little help? — rob 2006/06/06 12:10

April 2006

After sunset on the island of Wolfsbane.

Of the four Tome-e-Knockers, one got sucked into the void, one (Hepphonio) has been destroyed, the thrid got away. The fourth, we have no idea.

We relax on the beach, have dinner. The we head off to sleep. During the night there is an invasion of floating eyeballs (the eyes seem metallic). The eyeball casts a void ball and hits Zackar and Field.

The eyes head out to leave. The one eye goes out the window – the remainder disappear. The one eye goes to a guy standing next to a tree in the distance. He grabs the eye out of the air and puts into his own eye socket. Ewww!

We go to the tree, the guy has disappeared (after taking three steps to the north.

Field talks to the tree, the guy was surveilling our “house”. for some time and readiated power. Evil power.

The tree reveals to Field that a piece of cloth was left behind.

Jonathan touches the cloth and has a vision

  • Throne rooms
  • Commotion
  • Violence
  • dog-headed creatures with tentacles.

The vision is repeated four times, each time with a different throne room.

We go to the castle and end up in a trap! Molly is here, the Red Mage.

Hessian is an arcanist/serpent/naga. Master Garrison is an asshole, which we know.

Tholis summons a fey: A Trow! Happy day! We had a one-in-five shot, woo-hoo!

February 2006

Big cleanup at the disused Temple of Boris (From the old orc wars.). Leftover doberman we take care of. Also mana cage on the statue.

Big battle at the nearby Clayore house. THe White Guard fights and calls down a meteor.

Next day, we have fun in the manor. Bree blows up a lot of stuff.

Find list of names that dealt with Frank Claymore. Among these names are five shields.

After the night we make our way back to Wolfsbane and the Temple of Boris. Lots of bodies – it's been a busy day. A list of relevant dead

  • 5 shields (1 accounted for)
  • 6 Trihold (6 accounted for)

Match names of seven from the list. Total number names on the list is 30.

Speak with acolyte about the boides. He mentions that the old temple has a bunch of restless dead behind seals.

The lone shield fellow turns out to be General “Gill-tee”. Jonathan does a Death's Tale to find out that the General was killed by three White Guard.

Have audience with Priest of Boris. He talkes about the previous night: Water Elementals boil up, other people turn into elementals. White Guard comes out to take out a bunch of the bad juts. A very coordinated attack indeed.


  • Did Yama do this unprovoked?
  • How were the White Guard organized?
  • Are there prophecies amongst the White Guard?
  • What heppened to the elemental dudes?

About 110 bodies came in, 10 is typical for a bad night. Wolfsbane itself is a town of many ten thousands.

January 2006

Treatise (an enchanter) sent to enchant the flies – we tell him to wait… He enchanted it to go and tell “the other guy” who then came back to pick up the rest of the enchanted flies. What do the flies really do? And how are they controlled?

Instructions: Juggler has something we are looking for. –Gilt, Captain, Army of Dusk

This guy killed Zakar! Argent dispatched the assassin.

Save Zakar after much to-do. Flies are enchanted.

Met with Commander Tyrant (Head of White Guard) and an intereim Red Mage, Garrison. The “Calling Glove”, a device that allows

September 2005

Zakar get a talisman from Mins, the dancer.

Making our way west, past Oil of the Grove, to Crossings Inn.

Attack at Crossings Inn. Whatck: Elk fairy and Seal fairy.

Check out there stuff:

  • Seal sword, Mentalism
  • Seal pouch, Essence
  • Seal cloak, Essence
  • Elk club, Essence
  • Seal club, Mentalism
  • Jack-in-Irons, nada.

Sword glow Red/Pink. Give notion of localstion of female fairies (Goldenrod, Kareena plus four extra).

Head out towards WOlfsbane. At the crossroads, Argent hears fighting in the distance. He, Xakar and Field head towards it, while we (Tholis, Jonathan and Kareena) stay behind. Then we hear “Assault”! So, we make our way towards the noise. Come to others fighitng a huge dog-like beast with multiple heads.

Fight the wierd consturct, three-headed dog. Recover a jourrnal, reading it we find it has observations about Wolfsbane. There is a spy ring in the House of Shields. Reports to the White Guard.

House of Shields has split loyalty. One side is to Trihold (organized crime), and the other is the usual (whatever that means).

Most are unaware of Trihold alliance. Small group of Shields are working with Trihold doing “black ops”.

Talk about Captains' in Shields, there is reference to a tatooed guy that gives folks the creeps.

Also, a schedule meeting withe “Jade” at HHH (Hog and Hammer House).

Recent assassination of Head of Jewelers Guild linked to “The New Wolf Empire”.

Bounty hunters are out looking for the empress.

Spy's sword is magical, +10 short sword of Mentalism. The medallion is of Channeling. There are markings, the outline is a border of little trees.

Try to attune to medallion but fail. But the circle of trees (18 of them) has a slightly different pattern. Weird. Zakar tires to attune, no dice, but he learns that it is a key. Jonathan tries – a magical key! Eech of the trees, allows entry to a different place. Allows entry to places only White Guard can go.

On our way, reach Sunset (Red) Gate. Pass caravan. Haddock guards at the gate are suspicious, but only because of the lack of “shields guys”. Shields usually are traveling in good-sized squads.

Make our way through town. LIfe is really messed up. Lots of civil unrest. Rohan's house has a big red “X” on it. Get boat to Yahma's Temple Island.

The mechanical flies are “bugs” that gather information and report back.

There is an anti-empire group calling themselves “1000 Lights”.

Argent backstory: witnessed a group of shields and a “Tatooed Man”. Which is why his squad was set up and massacred.

July 2005

26 stunned for a while when a barrel bounds across the floor and whacks me! Fucker!

Kill the barrel-fey.

Check out tower above.

Fight against a giant armored guy and a fulcan (one-legged ginat maw, beholder-esque).

Search armored guy, find a big bag of coins and gems and a couple pieces of jewelry.

Dagger/sword from armored guy – A Jack-in-Irons.

Field sneaks behind Kareena and grabs her.

Zakar shoots.

Much mayhem!

Make it out to the Grove.

Talk to Tree. Fairy in the tree diverts us to Pallisades to meet Hiram.

Back to the Manor vie Streamhead. Kareena's house. Rose from Ambroise which reaks of Mentalism. Make it back to the Manor.

June 2005

Argent gives me a crash course in operating a crossbow:

  • make sure it's pointing away
  • elbow down
  • squeeze don't pull.

Southerly wind, a bit strong.

Received from Field (via bad Fey) eight crossbow bolts with mushroom poison. The poison causes hallucinations.

Hiram call a war council for noon.

Meeting to determine the attack. Hiram decided upon the frontal assault, while we'll be the clandestine strike team.

Enter the big, bad, black cave.

May 2005

13th Day of Summer. Glyph above bedroom door. Protection.

Apparently a break-in in the kitchen one night that set off the protection wards. The glyphs/wards look like they've been fried. Did they help at all?

Hitchcock is in the corener, barely alive. Apparently Milfoil Greensfeets was behind this, or so says Hitchcock. Jonathan takes pity on Hitchcock and heals him a bit. I store the signature of the cater of wards/glyphs at Grimmsveldt.

Gustave – the satble boy – was ??? with him.

Ambrose has stolen Hiram's wine and GUstave's horse-shoe.

On the way to Hiram's we get close and find a blanket in the ???. We are ambushed!

Scroll from Bein to keep out bad fairies.

April 2005

The 11th Day of Summer. Following Lor McFLy. Seems like he just wants to make sure that I'm not dangerous. Gagged and hands tied. He has my sack of stuff. Traveling down the road we come across what appears to be the site of a massacre!

Puddles all over and bodies all over the place. McFly Stoops to investigate one of the bodies.

A stranger rides up and shoots at McFly. The crossbow bolt flie true, but passes right through him, and goes harmlessly into the mud.

A voice scarems from the dead, “They're back!”, apparently thy're not all dead. The valley is filling with fog.

Argent Salt1) cuts my bonds and I then take of my gag.

In my sack:

  • light crossbow with 11 bolts
  • Elvish blade (dagger, slightly curved)
  • Pouch of coins
  • Rolled up parchment (small)
  • small, broken piece of pink/red glass.

One of Argent's buddies isn't dead – but he's being “healed” via maggots that McFly has applied. Weird.

McFly takes the red shard and escape. Boog, Argent's companoin is dead. But, he is cursed and Jonathan remove the cures – no presnece left. Juest what is McFly up to?

We find a small mechanical fly with a broken wing – an otherwise working construct.

Head up to Hiram's to see Lady Robyne. On the way Argent is affected by the blue lady's bag of leaves. In the bag, five leaves (sticky) and a small blue braid of fabric with a couple of gems on it.

Reach Hiram's place. A cleaning lady is there with a broom.

We get into a fight! There is an attempt to uproot the really old olive tree by a bunch of little fucking bastards with one who is the leader (he has a gold belt).

Save the oldest tree, but about five other old trees are uprooted. The same M.O.: attacks by little bastards and kudzu.

Milfoil Greenfeets is the Bullywog (sp?) leader. A badass.

Blue Ted, pleding support of the Fey from up north.

Receive box from Whispering Hollow as token of allegiance.

House of Shields orders Argent and his boy (now dead or missing) assigned to the Lord's of Grimmsveldt.

Get Kareena's robe from Mauseleum. It was in a strange wooden statue of sorts (evil, ehnchated) that held the robe. Bizarre.

Pond maide is freed. Head up to cemetery to bury Argent's fallen comrades.

Hitchcok from the Birch Thicket meets us. Hes a stick-liek figure. A fey?

Toast the dead comrades. Hitchcock vanishes.

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