Name Index for Ajax

I thought it was about time to get this thing going since it's fresh in my head and the tiddlywiki. Revise as needed.


The Baroness of Xanxibar - This is the term currently being used to describe She Who Must Not Be Named because it's easier to say. One committee wants to shorten it to just “The Baroness.” This fairie queeen/demon basically eats souls. If she senses a battle or a highly volatile skirmish with the potential for a large body count, she shows up and eats the souls before they can ascend to the afterlife. She was imprisoned for quite some time, but someone let her out recently and so the entire race of fairies, who do not sleep much even in the best of times, have entirely new ways to populate their nightmares. In the interest of avoiding these nightmares, the fairies have invited Starbucks to set up franchises throughout the kingdom.

Acorn - Frequently encountered dryad with a table dancing fetish. She is currently carrying her soul mate–a tree that has been made into a bar table–with her wherever she goes. Get too close, and you will be charmed into her teamster's union. She was last seen at the whispering grapes in Jack's next to the Brandywine.

Dahab - Healer and Vizier for a Sheikh. She has healing and recuperative powers.

Wart -

Boyd - A committee has agreed it's best not to talk about (or to) Boyd.

Blark -

Tholis - A paradox wrapped in celophane wrapped in an enigma, covered over in mulch beneath a tent made from a holocaust cloak. Tholis is a half-elf who despises all forms of slavery–with the exception of himself as the overseer. Able to ensorcel fairies to do his bidding, he most often taps into the Union of Mana Servants, Local 341, to fight, dig, transport and shield him from life's setbacks, sieges, ethnic cleansing and apocalytic events. He also has a separate agenda he calls Zoey.

Field - The ultimate half-breed: half elf, half fairie. Not much armor and not much of a sword, but he is convinced he is a mighty warrior who is often easily distracted by local flora and fauna.

Klutch - The polite, well-spoken Night Troll we picked up on Ajax.

Abduwab - Healer who gave Field herbs while he was on Ajax.


Fourth Wellspring - Place of “the auction” for the souls of people.

Fifth Wellspring - New Governor has taken over and some of the current adventurers are refugees.

Helena Wellspring - A place where Dahab's former Harem was closely associated.

City of Salt -

Auction of Names - A traveling carnival dedicated to enslaving certain individuals by selling their souls as represented by their names engraved on a mithril thread. The most recent auction was interrupted by the mother of all Shoggoth and his retinue and mayhem ensued. The next Auction is scheduled to arrive in or near Gary, Indiana (Date yet to be determined).


Ring of Travel - Can be placed on draft animals. It will kill the steed and age the rider if used.

Whistle - Calls Dark Templars to the location and possess bodies within range.

Thread of Ariel Mariah Stormwatcher - The target is a Princess. The thread was made by a member of her own family and she is to be auctioned at the place of the Fourth Wellspring.

Nox Arachinia - Very Bad Thing. The spiders in KiRin used this to take over the city, convert people into avatars for the Sisters of Doom (Seven Sisters including Malice) and poison the populace. Nice. It also kills puppies.

Thread of Big Warrior Whose Name I Can't Remember -

Thread of Anonymous 1 -

Thread of Anonymous 2 -

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