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Channeling represents the power of the deities of a given world as channeled through their followers or other spell users. It is spiritual and religious in nature. A spell user of this realm may draw his strength from his respective deity, and often does not require active cooperation of the deity; this is especially true where the spell user is employing relatively weak or subtle spells (e.g., healing spells, detecting spells, etc.). Thus, spells of this realm do not necessarily reflect the nature of specific deities. More powerful and significant spells, however, such as death spells and the revival of the dead, might require the active cooperation of a deity.

Inorganic substances, notably metal, interfere with the drawing of power from the deities. Wearing metal helmets or armor, or carrying lots of metal results in riskier spell casting of Channeling spells.


The Essence is that which is common to all things, living and dead, organic and inorganic. It has been characterized by many names – the Tao, Magic, the Unified Field, etc., and represents a force and order that defines the ways of the world. Changes in the patterns of the Essence dictate the flow of events, and the course of life itself. It is a power beyond the grasp of any begin.

Nonetheless, some who become one with the Essence find ways of manipulating its patterns on a temporary basis. This fleeting strength allows them to redefine the real power. Thus, the spell of those who are of the realm of Essence can be both beautiful and lethal, affecting one or many. In the end, however, the normal patterns will always prevail, and only the effects will remain to tell the tale.

Those things unliving interfere with the manipulation of the patterns of the essence. Being essentially inert, they inhibit the usual extension of one's own Essence, creating difficulty for the spell user seeking to alter patterns outside the body's immediate sphere. This ability to mold the Essence is a prerequisite to successful casting of spells. It is because of this principle, that users of the Essence will rarely wear armor or helms while utilizing spells. Inorganic substances, particularly metal, create even greater difficulties (and provides stronger protection against the powers of Essence).


The mind is an amazing tool, especially for those who use it. Yet, no one uses it to its full capacity. Mentalism is that realm of power in which the masters of spells strive to use their mind in ways few even contemplate. By using the very personal power locked within themselves, Mentalism users are able to channel the power of the Essence through their own mental corridors; thus, manipulating and bending the reality that surrounds them. In a sense, they act as very minute imitations of the deities directing its manipulation. Mentalism users are masters of the Essence within themselves.

Because Mentalism users are not deities, however, they work within the limitations of their worldly bodies, their own senses, and perceptions. Rarely are they able to direct their spells beyond themselves or one target. Manipulation of one's own Essence does not yield the wide-reaching power of the other realms. Additionally, the physical freedom of the Mentalism user's head is prerequisite to the use of this inner strength (any head covering inhibits casting of spells from this realm).

Nonetheless, the power of the Mentalism user can reach great heights. They are masters of thought, gatherers of presence and inner strength. Even though their focus is generally limited to singular targets, their abilities regarding personal confrontation are considerable indeed…for, it is the Mentalism user who seeks to fulfill the destiny of his own mind.

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