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 +===== January 2016 =====
 +//Religious zealot'​s long to be within the company of their deities here upon the mortal world and work feverishly to call them forth their manifestations. Religious scholar, though, warn that these mortal world manifestations,​ no matter their true nature, all eventually grow hungry; insatiably, unquenchably,​ inhumanly hungry.//
 +  * Everyone +2,000
 +  * Bodie and Barimont +6,000
 +**The Story of Forestwynd and Peresphone of Tristen**
 +//Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue.//
 +Starting in 2248 the Ten-Year Offerings were a truce between the Wood Elves and the great worm Arrow. Every ten years the Wood Elves would bring the great fell beast tribute. In return Arrow refrained from destroying the four human kingdoms. ​
 +In 2338 Forestwynd the Wood Elf was chosen to deliver the Offering. ​
 +Forestwynd had secretly been visiting his beloved Princess Persephone of Tristen and on his way to delivering the Offering, he was met by Persephone. She broke off the relation, to fulfill her duty to the kingdom. Forestwynd'​s heart was crushed, and he hid the Offering before meeting Arrow. The great dragon slew Forestwynd in a fiery blast that brought daylight to the night sky, and then laid waste to the four kingdoms. Sadness consumed Persephone and her spirit eventually left her as the ruler of the wastelands. Even today Persephone and her "​sister"​ reign over the Fellstone Fields.
 +**The Story of Cicely Thyrus**
 +//If I die young, bury me in satin
 +Lay me down on a bed of roses
 +Sink me in the river at dawn
 +Send me away with the words of a love song.//
 +Princess Cicely Thyrus is the daughter of Romos Thyrus of the Thyrus Family. He was heir to the Duchy of Thyrus crown. She was lost at the Coronation of Emperor Rohan White'​Eagle III, after being sucked through a gate.
 +She died at the hands the Family Lazerus along the Seven Bridges Road and is now an undead spirit. She was later captured by Wayfaring and imprisoned at Stonefeather Keep. Her only desire is to return home.
 +  * Bodie and Barimont +3,000
 ===== April 2015 to November 2015 ===== ===== April 2015 to November 2015 =====
 //To him who is in fear everything rustles.// - Sophocles //To him who is in fear everything rustles.// - Sophocles
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