The Year

There are four hundred-day seasons making up 400 day year. Each season is made up of twenty five-day weeks.

The Day – The day is divided up into segments based on the tolling of bells. First Bell is at midnight, Second Bell is at sunrise, Third Bell is at noon, and Fourth Bell is at sunset.

The Calendar – Two calendars are used to record time. One is Pryex Time, based on the beginning of time. It records time in the format p1000. The other calendar is Empire Time, and it records time since the Throne Empire first started. It records time in the format et100.

The Universe – The known universe is made up one world known as Aysa. Aysa is connected through gates and passing through the Other Worlds. The Other Worlds include Vaalea Enkeli Koti (Elf-land), Nu (phone cleaner land), The Crossings and the The Crossroads Where the Rainbow Goddess Bree dwells.

The Moons

There are two primary moons for Aysa:

Ellsamere – Ellsamere is a large white/green moon. It is full every mid season, on a 100 day cycle.

Chloe – Chloe is a small red moon. It is full at the middle and end of every season, on a 50-day cycle. Once every 40 years, only the large moon appears full, blocking the smaller one. This is when the Throne Empire changes hands.

The Darkmoon – In late p3020 a large black moon dominated the sky over the three worlds. During that time all of Aysa experienced great turmoil. It exploded in p3024.

Bloodletters Eve - On the 25th day of each season, Chloe is new and vanishes from the sky except for a one hour period when it reflects the light of Ellsamere and appears bright red. This is known as the Bloodletting Moon, or just Bloodletters Eve. This night is significant to certain cults and the followers of certain dieties. :blood_moon.jpg

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