Game this Saturday! Whooohoooo!

Haven't heard a peep out of my peeps, and I need this game like I need my right ventricle.

So all I remember is whacking plastic man, meeting with Clip, and our meeting the next day with the councilman. Someone with a good memory should update the group. Seems like 2 months since we played last.

I do remember a slight hint that XPs would be posted before the next game. Not that I need them, mind you, but I've got some attuning to do.

The Priest Speaks

I'm right there with you. I'm about a month away from the end of the Semester and there are a few things that I have to wrap up early next week. It will be a good time to have a little break before things fling out of control.

Your memory is right and is on par with mine. There are finite details that I give great thanks to others in the group to writing down. I'm downright panicky while in school.

The Urchin Speaks

That's what I recall as well. Don't we have plastic man's body under the bed upstairs in the inn? Tied up too - just in case.

I also heard the tantalizing tidbit about XP's. I need to update Anklam's firearm skill anyway, so it's a good time. Maybe now he'll be able to hit something that is tied down and five feet away.

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