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Gentrick, Knight of the Long Curses, Compatriot of the Rain Dogs

“When he runs out of curses, he starts swinging.”

Gentrick makes an impression on people. His primary persuasive technique is called “Grunmar” which means liberty…or justice…or something. It's a morningstar made of Javenite, a substance that he doesn't even begin to understand.

Grunmar has been in Gentrick's family for 10 generations. It first came into the Plantagenet clan when, according to Gramm the Bell, it fell from the sky. Gramm was our most notable forefather and a very skilled blacksmith. He took the stone that fell to earth and forged it into a mighty weapon, apparently finishing the weapon on a forge in one of the Navigator's ships.

It would be hyperbole to say Grunmar has been passed from father to son, and brother to brother. Grunmar decides when the next person receives the weapon.

In each case, Grunmar has “stepped in” to save a family member using extraordinary measures. After these near miraculous salvations, Grunmar moves on to the next family member unless the character of the individual did not have the character to wield the weapon. It skipped, for example, Glenn the Traitor, who tried to betray the city of Makassar 4 generations ago. Glarry the Bard, a lounge singer, was also bypassed, as was Gryynmrywird the Mime.

Grunmar does not discriminate according to gender, and many of the Plantagenet womenfolk have wielded the weapon against foes of the clan, deadbeat ex-husbands, and dishonest gynecologists.

In one case, Gentrick's father, Gleend was being robbed. He had locked the weapon in a chest in the attic of the house because he had disavowed all military leanings and became dedicated to the merchant life. The burglar robbing the place decided to set the house on fire. Gleend got his wife and kids out of the house, but was himself caught inside. A beam dropped across his body. As the smoke built up, he knew it was the end.

The house began to cave in, and the chest in the attic dropped through two floors and landed next to Gleend. The lid popped open, and Grunmar rolled out right next to the doomed man. He swung it true, it demolished the beam, and he escaped.

Grunmar then passed to Gentrick's brother, Finegrund, who went out to find the malicious burglar and deliver justice. The two broken legs the thief received never healed properly, and he has not walked since.

Gentrick found Grunmar laying on his chest when he woke up one morning, about 3 years ago. All he knows about Finegrund is that he must have been in trouble and that Grunmar must have saved him. Gentrick is still trying to find Finegrund to hear the rest of the tale.

Gentrick does not take his helmet off very often. He follows the weighty path of righteousness, justice and law. His shield is decorated with his clan symbol, a set of scales to weigh both the righteous and the unworthy. Besides Grunmar, his most potent weapon is his confidence.

8 Ton Crazy

Gentrick's horse is named 8 Ton Crazy because the equine has deluded himself in the worst possible way. When he was a colt, 8 Ton saw a war horse, a magnificent beast of monumental scale, wrapped in barding and transporting a golden knight and his lady. The colt decided he would grow up to be exactly the same, though he was destined to be only half the size and nowhere near as intimidating. In his own mind, however, 8 Ton thinks he is a war horse. And he's insane.

He thinks he can eat his way to becoming a warhorse, so he is on a pretty strict diet lest he become merely a crazy, fat horse.

Gentrick has taken into account the horse's spirit and his enthusiasm for battle, and he therefore trained him in combat. A few accidents with Grunmar during training has taught 8 Ton Crazy a great deal of respect and awareness when Gentrick begins a battle charge.

The horse must be kept away from jousting matches because he becomes insufferable and demands to be a participant in an event where he is totally overmatched and likely to be hurt.

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