The current house staff at Grimmsveldt Manor

Aospek, Male Human Doorman

:doorman.jpgAospek is the very old doorman at Grimmsveldt. He has lit the lamps on the mantle for 65 years. He never seems to sleep, but is always quick to respond to his lords'/ladys' wishes. He is guant with long gray hair, neatly arranged in a ponytail. He wears a long dark brown coat and now walks with a gnarled cane.

Terra, Female Human Assistant Cook

:assistantcook.jpgTerra is the slightly plump assistant to the cook. She is also a fine gardener. She is about 17 years old, short brown hair and big blue eyes. She typically wears a long tan dress and dirty apron with several pockets. She is shy, but Purity is teaching her how to find a good man.

Purity, Female Human Maid

:maid.jpgPurity is the 16 year old downstairs maid and serving girl. She has long blond hair and dark blue eyes. She claims to be just the right age to wed and enjoys the company of bookish foreign diplomats.

Bevin, Female Human Maid

:old_20maid2_20copy.jpgBevin is the upstairs maid and laundress. she looks older than the manor house and keeps to herself. She walks with a limb and is often seen with her pet squirrel, Archimedes.

Gustoff, Male Human Stableboy

:stableboy.jpgGustoff is the 43 year-old stable “boy”. He runs the stables like a dictator and cannot seem to keep an assistant. He is a perfectionist and keeps the stables immaculate. He takes very good care of the horses, though everyone thinks most of the horses fear him. Gustoff lives above the stables.

Marta, Female Human Cook

Marta is a large manly woman with long graying braids. She has been the cook at Grimmsveldt for several years, ever since the inn she ran with her husband burned down. She is very superstitious and spends much of her time telling Terra, Purity and other young people scary stories of evil fairies, demons and dragons.

Hiram, Male Fey Overseer

:hirem.jpgHiram is you overseer who lives at the far edge of one of the olive groves. He seldom visits the manor house, claiming it still holds residual bad karma from the previous occupants. He is typically seen walking the groves with one or two of your serfs. Hiram is a large bearded man with a deep booming voice. He also makes pretty good ale.

Mephit, Male Human Handyman

:tm200207_sawsatout.jpgMephit is a young man responsible for minor repairs around the manor house and for hunting small game so Marta can has fresh meat for dinner. He is lean, about 19 years-old and is constantly moving. He typically wears ragged clothes with dishevelled hair and always has a wild look in his eyes. Most people consider him to strange to talk to, but “he sure can chase down a rabbit”.

?, The Stone Bridge Guy Always interested in keeping out what should be out, and general protecting the grounds and manor house.

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