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Field was a well-known warrior among the Faeries before the War of the Olive Grove. His elvish blood made him a very serious student of combat, and he had a reputation for serious thinking (i.e. sociopathology) among the fey folk. Nevertheless, he mastered throwing daggers and the short sword during his rise to “hero” status among the faeries.

That still did not prepare him for his recent exposure and association with the Agents of Grimsveld. He joined with this band of homicidal dervishes to keep them from killing every living thing during the War of the Olive Grove. Field was only partially successful in reigning them in.

He has now joined the Homicidal Henchpeople for reasons that aren't quite clear. One of them, a notorious fey slavemaster name Tholis, may have used arcane magic to enchant Field in order to harness his formidable powers and martial skills.

In any case, Field has been knee-deep in carnage and blood ever since joining the mortals and semi-mortals from Grimsveld. He is thought to be lost to the fey unless he somehow turns his back on the insane violence that seems to have consumed him.

A tell-tale sign of Field's descent into madness is his recent flute playing (overheard by some fey at a recent campfire). Cheerful dances and jigs have been replaced by ballads in minor keys and ska music.

Do not argue with Deathgrip; it hurts. – Tholis D'Arle

The Order of the Thistle

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