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TRON Returns

Rob and I were talking on the way to the cabin about Tron making the way back to the big screen. Here seems to be some of the mock-ups with the new graphics they're doing so far.


Additionally there is a new trailer that has come out more recently that is equally as b-a:


Daft Punk is in charge of the soundtrack for this go-around. Their on-stange persona is known to be a little tech-driven:

It sounds pretty b-a so far.

27-Jul-2009 14:54 · Rich Kooyer

Extreme sheep LED art

OK so maybe it is not all real. It doesn't matter because it is still pretty darned funny.

Silly sheep video

20-Mar-2009 20:06 · Tom Hoffend

Next Game(s)

November 12th, 2:00PM at Rob's house. — Rob Brott 28-Oct-2011 16:52

And a reminder that we've slated the second Saturday of the month for gaming day.

Personal Areas

Each of us has our own personal area (namespace). The access to the personal areas is limited to the owner. Each area can be accessed by using a prefix like user:pagename. For example, Rob's personal are for his character's information might be: tholis.

This is not mean to imply that you cannot populate other parts of the wiki. On the contrary, please do populate other parts of the wiki.

I took a stab at organizing the PC pages a bit. I put the characters in wiki:namespaces named after the owner. For example, Rob's are in rob_s_characters:. I'm not sure this is best, perhaps just one namespace calle PCs or the like would work better? — Rob Brott 22-Jun-2006 19:21

Cool character sheet

Amber, or Brian's Campaign Notes

Rolemaster Resources

Here is the experience_table showing necessary experience points to acheive a given level.

Spell Lists are now available. Not the descriptions, but at least the tables.

Equipment List

A gazillion years ago, there was this cool thread on one of the Rolemaster boards about how to choose what profession to play. Brian Potter came up with a test that would pick your profession based on character preferences.


A little mayhem never hurts when there are pictures. The bottles are now included.


  • Syntax, the basics of editing and creating pages.
  • The dokuwiki documentation, etc. In parituclar, check out wiki:namespaces.
  • If you'd like to just play around and get your feet wet, try the playground.
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