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He Dreams of Bree

A castle; a kingdom; a world; burns in Rainbow flames beneath an ashen sky.

While upon an endless road a weary Warrior walks away; Too tired to hold back Her own demons.

She seeks a dark tower which cries a river of ghastly birds.

Where dwells both barrier and guide to the a Crossroads.

The first of many Crossroads that await Bree's return.

30-Mar-2015 20:34 · Brian Gage

The Manifesto

As Wilhelm approaches the wood that smells like a festering malignancy, and screams the discordant notes of “wrong” in his mind, he takes comfort from the presence of his friends and fellow heirs by his side. He knows that these young men, no more than boys like himself, will stand against this abomination with him, and ensure the safety, security, and prosperity of Grimsveldt.

That surety did not come easily, only yesterday in fact, there was doubt. Strife, discord, and fear tore at the very foundation of the Heirs relationship. Wilhelm had seen in many times before, in the streets of Roggenwolf. As the Children’s Army grew beyond the few street gangs, and as more and more flocked to the cause, there was despair, discomfort, and small frictions that grew (like a gnarled oak) until the brambles and thorns of discord were in every branch.

There was a lesson learned that day, the Lords arrived. Direction. Direction and focus, clear and concise. Most mobs, and even small groups, though they may have similar goals, beliefs, and desires, cannot stand the heat of the friction that comes from lack of unity of purpose. The day that the Lords came, the Army was galvanized by their leadership, and example, even though, they were ultimately disbanded, it was a purpose they could all agree on. They would go back, and tell of the Lords, and some day rise to their challenge to join them among the multiverse.

When the schism within the Heirs began to form on that lonely mountaintop, Wilhelm knew it was up to him to find unity of purpose that they could all agree upon. As they came upon the house, later the next day. He knew what it was, they were the Heirs of Grimmveldt! The house, grounds, and it’s environs sang through their veins, there is nothing the Heirs would not do to protect the manse. Wilhelm had nearly frozen to death, feeding the house his power. Bairmont had opened his mind to unknowable horror, on the off chance it would help defend the manor. And Bodie had nearly sacrificed himself to be the willing vessel of the defense of the bounds. Wilhelm knew he needed to tap into that well of common purpose, and state boldly and plainly what they needed to do as heirs.

That night, he spent in feverish composition, blatantly stealing some of the best words on the subject of purpose that he could find. And before he sought his bed that night, he tacked a parchment on each of his fellow heirs doors. On top of the parchment, he affixed a bright yellow square of paper, saying, “Gents, it’s a bit rough, but have a read, and let me know what you think. - Willy”

The rough draft of a manifesto lay below the note, on a small bit of parchment. It was obvious that these were only the beginnings of the thoughts that needed to be expressed, and that the Heirs would need to decide on more details, to ensure their success.

→

27-Nov-2014 16:47 · Jeff Riegle

Site Updated

Well, that was fun. I've cleaned out the spam and spam-users that have been created while we did other things for roleplaying. But, I think I've got it running again, with the latest version and a cleaned up template. Enjoy.

14-Aug-2014 21:54 · Rob Brott

Next Game(s)

November 12th, 2:00PM at Rob's house. — Rob Brott 28-Oct-2011 16:52

And a reminder that we've slated the second Saturday of the month for gaming day.

Personal Areas

Each of us has our own personal area (namespace). The access to the personal areas is limited to the owner. Each area can be accessed by using a prefix like user:pagename. For example, Rob's personal are for his character's information might be: tholis.

This is not mean to imply that you cannot populate other parts of the wiki. On the contrary, please do populate other parts of the wiki.

I took a stab at organizing the PC pages a bit. I put the characters in wiki:namespaces named after the owner. For example, Rob's are in rob_s_characters:. I'm not sure this is best, perhaps just one namespace calle PCs or the like would work better? — Rob Brott 22-Jun-2006 19:21

Cool character sheet

Amber, or Brian's Campaign Notes

Rolemaster Resources

Here is the experience_table showing necessary experience points to acheive a given level.

Spell Lists are now available. Not the descriptions, but at least the tables.

Equipment List

A gazillion years ago, there was this cool thread on one of the Rolemaster boards about how to choose what profession to play. Brian Potter came up with a test that would pick your profession based on character preferences.


A little mayhem never hurts when there are pictures. The bottles are now included.


  • Syntax, the basics of editing and creating pages.
  • The dokuwiki documentation, etc. In parituclar, check out wiki:namespaces.
  • If you'd like to just play around and get your feet wet, try the playground.
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